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Delphi 7.0 Common functions Quick Check Manual

      functions consist of one or more lines of code that can implement a particular function. Using functions can make your code more readable, easier to understand, faster to program, and less repetitive code. Procedure is similar to a function,

Using. Net WebService in Delphi plugin

If you are not familiar with clientadataset, it is worth studying. In this example, A. Net-based WebService is established and used in Delphi. First, a WebService is developed. I use the C # statement under vs2008 to create an ASP. NET web service

Summary of Delphi Common system functions

String handling functionsUnit SystemFunction prototype functions Concat (S1 [, S2,..., sn]: string): string; Description with S: = S1 + S2 + S3 ...; Same. Adds a string.Functional prototype function Copy (s:string; Index, Count:integer): string;

Delphi Binary Conversion

----binary to 16 binaryfunction Binarytohex (strbinary:string): string;VarVd:byte;I:integer;vhextstr:string;Vp:pchar;Vlen:integer;BeginVLen: = Length (strbinary);If VLen mod 4 > 0 ThenBeginSetLength (Vhextstr, VLen Div 4 + 1);VLen: = VLen Div 4 +

Delphi dynamically creates clientdataset table Definitions

Preface Many people are asking how clientdataset can be created with a program without connecting to the database and open the dataset. After studying the tclientdataset dataset, we found that if you want to enable clientdataset (open), one of the

Analysis of the principle of function call stack and Delphi implementation

From: most important two points to understand the call stack are: The structure of

@,^,#,$ Special symbolic meanings in Delphi

Overview: ^: pointer @: FETCH #: Decimal symbol $: Hex symbol @: fetch operator; var Int:integer;  P:^integer;begin new (P);  int:=24;  P:[email protected]; Dispose (P); end;  ^: Reference parsing operator for pointers; var pint:^integer;begin new

Delphi CRC16 Check Algorithm implementation

Cyclic redundancy code Check English name is cyclical redundancy check, referred to as CRC. It uses the principle of division and remainder to make false detection (error detecting). In practical application, the transmitting device calculates the

Common conversions in Delphi

Author: lyboy99E-mail: lyboy99@sina.comURL: http://hnh.126.comWe provide you with several common conversion methods and their conversion functions.Hope to help you 1. hex-> integer2.2.dec to hex3. ASCII to hex/math4. Binary to decimal ===============

Delphi--Binary conversion function table

1.16 to 10********************************************************16 ext. 10, otherwise output-1function Hex (C:char): Integer;VarX:integer;Beginif (ord (c) >= Ord (' 0 ')) and (Ord (c) X:= Ord (c)-ord (' 0 ')else if (Ord (c) >= Ord (' a ')) and

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