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In-depth DLL programming under Delphi

Zen CentThe article has been collected, written too well, back up a copy of theAuthor: that some computer knowledge of friends should have heard of the "DLL." In particular, those

The JSON Library of Delphi

Delphi Source Code: {Copyright (c) 2002 json.orgPermission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copyof this software and associated documentation files (the "software") to dealIn the Software without restriction, including

I learned about Delphi and my notes-user-defined data types (Lecture 3)

An important feature of Pascal is that it can customize data types. With various types of constructors, you can define your own data types, such as subfield type, array type, record type, enumeration type, pointer type, and set type. The most

In-depth DLL programming in Delphi

In-depth DLL programming in DelphiAuthor: CEN Xin Introduction I believe that some friends with computer knowledge should have heard of "dll ". Especially those who have used the Windows operating system should have had the "miserable" experience of

PHP encryption algorithm conversion delphi problems

PHP encryption algorithm conversion delphi problems Function encrypt ($ string, $ operation, $ key = '') {$ key = md5 ($ key); $ key_length = strlen ($ key ); $ string = $ operation = 'D '? Base64_decode ($ string): substr (md5 ($ string. $ key), 0,

The Boolean type in Delphi

There are four kinds of predefined Boolean types in Delphi: Boolean, Bytebool,wordbool,longbool. Where the Boolean type is the preferred Boolean type, the remaining three provide compatibility support for other programming languages and Windows

Delphi File Operations (compare All)

The default in Delphi is input and output two file variables, use can be used without definition, directly.But: input: read-only, output: write only. Take care to avoid causing an exception.A file is a collection of data that is identified by a file

Delphi MD5 algorithm

Delphi XE8 Support MD5(2015-08-14 15:18)reproduced Tags: MD5 Category: DelphiXE8 XE8 A new unit file: System.hash, in fact, implemented three classes, respectively:ThashTHashMD5THashSHA1Native implementation of the

Delphi Operation Unicode Characters

===================================delphi:===================================================The default state in the current version (2007), String is ansistringIn Delphi 2009:string = unicodestring; (same: pstring = punicodestring;)Char = Widechar;

Summary of Delphi socket communication programming

// Add some practical functions first // Hexadecimal to integer, which is often used in Message decoding Function hextoint (stemp: string): integer;VaRV, I: integer;BeginHextoint: = 0;If stemp = ''then exit;If (stemp [1] = '0') and (stemp [2] = 'X')

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