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I learned about Delphi and my notes-processes and functions (Lecture 5)

Routine is an important concept of Pascal. A routine is composed of a series of statements and its name is unique. You can call it multiple times through the routine name, in this way, only one routine is required in the program, which avoids

I learned about Delphi and my notes-types, variables and constants (Lecture 2)

1. Variables The Pascal variable must be declared before use, and a data type must be specified when the variable is declared. The following is an example of variable declaration: VarValue: Integer; IsCorrect: Boolean; A, B: Char; the declarative

In-depth DLL programming under Delphi

Zen CentThe article has been collected, written too well, back up a copy of theAuthor: that some computer knowledge of friends should have heard of the "DLL." In particular, those

The JSON Library of Delphi

Delphi Source Code: {Copyright (c) 2002 json.orgPermission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copyof this software and associated documentation files (the "software") to dealIn the Software without restriction, including

I learned about Delphi and my notes-user-defined data types (Lecture 3)

An important feature of Pascal is that it can customize data types. With various types of constructors, you can define your own data types, such as subfield type, array type, record type, enumeration type, pointer type, and set type. The most

In-depth DLL programming in Delphi

In-depth DLL programming in DelphiAuthor: CEN Xin Introduction I believe that some friends with computer knowledge should have heard of "dll ". Especially those who have used the Windows operating system should have had the "miserable" experience of

PHP encryption algorithm conversion delphi problems

PHP encryption algorithm conversion delphi problems Function encrypt ($ string, $ operation, $ key = '') {$ key = md5 ($ key); $ key_length = strlen ($ key ); $ string = $ operation = 'D '? Base64_decode ($ string): substr (md5 ($ string. $ key), 0,

Delphi characters and strings-Char, ansichar, widechar, pchar, pansichar, pwidechar

Delphi characters and strings-Char, ansichar, widechar, pchar, pansichar, pwidechar Delphi has three types of characters: Ansichar is a standard 1-byte ANSI character that programmers are familiar. Widechar is a 2-byte UNICODE character. Char is

Delphi data type conversion)

Different classes have different members. Generally, the Child class members add new members after the members of the parent class. If the child class is converted to the parent class, although these new Members still exist Yes. If the parent

The Boolean type in Delphi

There are four kinds of predefined Boolean types in Delphi: Boolean, Bytebool,wordbool,longbool. Where the Boolean type is the preferred Boolean type, the remaining three provide compatibility support for other programming languages and Windows

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