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The POS function of Delphi does not support Chinese characters well.

There is a bug in Chinese in the POs function of Delphi. Under normal circumstances: POs ('A', 'abc') returns 1; Bug example: POs ('amine ', 'Packaging Service') = 4 (⊙ B Khan ); Because S: = 'amine '; s [1] = #176, S [2] = #183; S2: = 'Packaging service '; S2 [4] = #176 ('Load the second byte); S2 [5] = #183 ('

The missing Find (POS) feature in the Delphi XE7 array operation

so many methods to solve this traditional problem.That is now the problem, the traditional POS functionality has not been added, resulting in a large number of operations using POS can not be modified.I didn't know it was in xe? Add it inside? Now the temporary way is to do a find (POS) function to solve this problem.In order not to conflict with future

The use of Copy,delete,pos and Leftstr,rightstr in Delphi

CopyFor example: str: = "123456"; str1: = Copy (str,2,3); As a result str1 equals 234. Copy has 3 parameters, the first is the string you want to handle, the second is the start position you want to intercept, and the 3rd is the number of bits to intercept. When your 3rd argument is greater than the character length, the effect is to take all the characters from the start position.STR1: = Copy (str,2,10); The result is that str1 equals 23456.Leftstr and POSSuppose the string is S: = '

POS machine control cash box, guest display, printer, ticket printing in Delphi

1. Control the customer display of the POS machine Procedure tfrmmain. showmoney (money_port: string; money_string: string );// Moneey_port Gu Xian interface COM1 or com2 money_string Gu Xian display contentVaRPrnfilename: textfile;BeginAssignfile (prnfilename, money_port );Printer. Canvas. Font. Name: = ' ';Printer. Canvas. Font. Size: = 8;Printer. Canvas. Font. charset: = gb2312_charset;Rewrite (prnfilename );Write (prnfilename, CHR (12); // clear G

Delphi controls POS printers

Delphi controls POS printers Rprinter is textfile type;Scontent is tstringlist type. // Create a print connection and print dataAssignfile (rprinter, 'lpt1'); // sets the printerRewrite (rprinter); // prepare to write the fileWriteln (rprinter, CHR ($ B) + CHR (27) + 'K' + CHR (40); // pour the paper backwards!... For I: = 0 to scontent. Count-1 doWriteln (rprinter, scontent. Strings [I]); Writ

The difference between POS and Ansipos functions in Delphi

 The main difference between POS and Ansipos is that the POS parameter is used more than one character, while Ansipos is used more than one character: For example: I:=pos (' A ', ' Sssssas '); I:=ansipos (' abc ', ' Sdabcss '); Ansipos is an ANSI character as a POS unit, such as Ansipos (' | ', ' Wang Apoz | ')

Learning and perception of Delphi algorithm and data structure [5]: Why isn't the POs function the fastest when positioning a character?

If the first parameter of the POs function is Char rather than string, the compiler will first convert Char to string; From memory structure to management mechanism, string is far more complex than char. Therefore, there is still room for optimization in the face of this situation (Char to be located) Pos; after optimization, the speed will be increased by about 5 times. Test: unit

Delphi Basic Development Skills (i)

//Integer Turn 16TimetostrDatetostrDatetimetostrfmtstr//output string in specified formatFormatDateTime (' Yyyy-mm-dd,hh-mm-ss ', DATE);◇[delphi] string procedures and functionsInsert (Obj,target,pos);//string target is inserted at the position of the Pos. If the insertion result is greater than the target maximum length, the extra characters will be truncated. I

Delphi Basic Development Skills

16TimetostrDatetostrDatetimetostrfmtstr//output string in specified formatFormatDateTime (' Yyyy-mm-dd,hh-mm-ss ', DATE); procedures and functions of the [DELPHI] string Insert (Obj,target,pos);//string target is inserted at the position of the Pos. If the insertion result is greater than the target maximum length, the extra characters will be truncated. If the

Delphi programming skills collection

type conversion functionsFloattostr // float to stringFloatToStrF // formatted floating point to stringIntToHex // convert integer to hexadecimalTimeToStrDateToStrDateTimeToStrFmtStr // output string in specified formatFormatDateTime ('yyyy-MM-DD, hh-mm-ss', DATE ); ◇ [DELPHI] string process and FunctionInsert (obj, target, pos); // the position where the target string is inserted in the

Delphi programming highlights

. ◇ [Delphi] About type conversion functionsFloattostr // float to stringFloattostrf // formatted floating point to stringInttohex // convert integer to hexadecimalTimetostrDatetostrDatetimetostrFmtstr // output string in specified formatFormatdatetime ('yyyy-MM-DD, HH-mm-ss', date ); ◇ [Delphi] string process and FunctionInsert (OBJ, target, POS); // the posit

Step by step to optimize Delphi string SEARCH

counters in the computer.The counter can be counted in binary or decimal (BDC. The counter generates 1193180 pulses per second. Each pulse reduces the number of the counter by one and the generation frequency is variable. You can use queryperformancefrequency to obtain the result, which is generally 1193180. Queryperformance counter can get the current counter value. So as long as your computerFast enough. Theoretically, the precision can reach 1/1193180 seconds.2. code optimization exampleThe

The syntax of the flow operation of Delphi

is running. The declarations of the two methods are as follows:function TStream.GetPosition:Longint;BeginResult: = Seek (0, 1);EndProcedure Tstream.setposition (Pos:longint);BeginSeek (Pos, 0);EndWhen setting the location, the Delphi compilation mechanism automatically passes the position to Pos.The use of seek is described earlier, the first parameter is the move offset, the second argument is the startin

Delphi DBGrid usage Overview

In Delphi, the grid control (DBGrid) is often used to display data. The grid control only provides the color attribute of each row, however, in practical applications, we often want it to display different colors based on the values of one item in a row, or even display images in the unit table items in the grid, the following is a simple example to show you how to do this. For example, if there is a refund in spring, it is marked in red, and if there

In-depth DLL programming under Delphi

or classes in DLL functions, such as tstringlist, etc.11. Reduce the size of the DLL by reducing references to unnecessary cells in the use list12. DLL debugging: You can debug using ShowMessage (use dialogs), or you can configure the host program in [Run]->[parameters] to step through the execution of the DLL13. Note that all memory requested in the DLL must be disposed correctly, or the DLL may have an address reference error after being called n Times14. When calling the DLL:1) Operating env

DBGrid application skills

.defadrawcolumncell (rect, datacol, column, State );With (sender as TDBGrid). Canvas do // draw the cell borderBeginPen. Color: = $00ff0000; // defines the paint brush color (blue)MoveTo (rect. Left, rect. Bottom); // specifies the paint brush.Lineto (rect. Right, rect. Bottom); // draw a blue horizontal linePen. Color: = $0000ff00; // defines the paint color (green)MoveTo (rect. Right, rect. Top); // specifies the paint brush.Lineto (rect. Right, rect. Bottom); // draw a green vertical lineEnd;

Linux Kernel linked list Transplantation

inline void list_splice_init(struct list_head *list, struct list_head *head){ if (!list_empty(list)) { __list_splice(list, head); INIT_LIST_HEAD(list); }}#define list_entry(ptr, type, member) \ container_of(ptr, type, member)#define list_for_each(pos, head) \ for (pos = (head)->next; prefetch(pos->next),

Delphi Introductory Tutorials

Chapter One introduction of-delphi (i) (1) Chapter One introduction of-delphi (i) (2) Chapter One introduction of-delphi (i) (3) Chapter One Introduction to-delphi (II.) (1) Chapter One Introduction to-delphi (II.) (2) Chapter One Introduction to-

Use Delphi to develop File Upload components for ASP

Using Delphi to upload ASP development files ASP (Active Server Page) is a product of Microsoft. It is easy to program and can quickly develop dynamic websites with powerful functions. Many websites (especially intranet/exclusive intranet) using the NT + IIS + ASP mode, ASP becomes a popular scripting language for website development. In Web Services, file upload is a common feature, while PWS in Win9x does not provide related components. IIS in NT pr

About using BCB6 to compile Windows Services

The previous day, due to system issues, we had to re-open Borland C ++ Builder 6, which had not been used for a long time, and compile a Windows service. The original idea is to write something that can set such as the service name, display name, description, and configuration file path based on the specified parameters, and use a service program as the shell of a variety of different service content, it can be separately controlled in the Windows Service Manager. Because BCB service templates a

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