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The string in Delphi

First, the string before Delphi 2009 (Unicode is not supported):The string before Delphi 2009 is divided into 3 types: shortstring, ansistring, widestring."Shortstring"Shortstring is an older Pascal string format that can hold up to 255 bytes of

Delphi Basic Development Skills (i)

Delphi Basic Development Skills◇[delphi] Network Neighbors copy filesUses SHELLAPI;CopyFile (Pchar (' Newfile.txt '), Pchar ('//computername/direction/targer.txt '), false);◇[delphi] produces a mouse drag effectImplemented through MouseMove events,

Delphi and Windows API topics

Delphi calls WINAPI characters and String functions: Charnext, Charprev Delphi calls WINAPI characters and String functions: Chartooem, Oemtochar Delphi calls WINAPI characters and String functions (13) Delphi Call WINAPI Character and string

Delphi Basic Development Skills

[DELPHI] Network Neighborhood copy filesUses SHELLAPI;CopyFile (Pchar (' Newfile.txt '), Pchar ('//computername/direction/targer.txt '), false); [DELPHI] produces mouse drag effectImplemented through MouseMove events, DragOver events, EndDrag events,

Delphi programming highlights

◇ [Delphi] copying files by network neighbors Uses shellapi; Copyfile(pchar('newfile.txt '), pchar (' // computername/ction/targer.txt '), false ); ◇ [Delphi] results in mouse draggingImplemented through the mousemove event, dragover event, and

The secret in the character and string [3]-string of Delphi

// String pointer address and actual memory address var STR: string; pstr: pstring; PC: pchar; begin {It is declared before STR is assigned a value, the pointer address (@ Str):} showmessage (inttostr (INTEGER (@ Str); {1244652; this is the STR

Chapter II-delphi Object-oriented Programming (iii) (2) String Type The string type is in fact a one-dimensional array of characters. When you describe a variable of a string type, you should indicate the size of the string, and here is an example of the string type: Type MYSTRING:STRING[15];

In-depth DLL programming in Delphi

In-depth DLL programming in DelphiAuthor: CEN Xin Introduction I believe that some friends with computer knowledge should have heard of "dll ". Especially those who have used the Windows operating system should have had the "miserable" experience of

File Types in Delphi

File Types in Delphi By clin003 at 20070528 from: A file is an ordered collection of the same type of elements and a channel for data transmission between memory and peripherals. Some peripherals, such as monitors,

Delphi 7.0 Common functions Quick Check Manual

      functions consist of one or more lines of code that can implement a particular function. Using functions can make your code more readable, easier to understand, faster to program, and less repetitive code. Procedure is similar to a function,

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