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How to use Delphi WebBrowser (v)-difficulties and explanations

. Writeinteger (Str_exename,i_value);EndEndReg. Closekey;Reg. Free;ExceptEndEndFinally, give a link to the previously collected articles about WB:Delphi Webbrowser Delphi Analog Auto Login web WebBrowser Delphi WebBrowser Find Object Implementa

Webbrowser web page JS functions in Delphi call Delphi Functions

part of the ATL knowledge was relatively difficult to grasp, so it went around:Let the HTML elements that need to execute Delphi call a function called triggerexevent. The parameter is the name of the HTML element, followed by several parameters.Triggerexevent is a JavaScript function. There are not many parameters, but the first one must be the name of the element. Triggerexevent is a string prefixed with "# ontriggerexevent:" As the URL and then na

< summary of bugs that occur in the use of >delphi WebBrowser controls

Delphi WebBrowser controls enable thethe bug that appears in use:1, Webbrowser.visible=false;visible property can not make the WebBrowser control is not visible, temporarily replaced with Webbrowser.hide method, webbrowser.hide Hidden Browser, Display browser;Added: WebBrowser's onvisible Event Control window is visible or hidden and used as abov

Webbrowser in Delphi

; For I: = 0 to frames. Length do Memo1.lines.add(framespolici}.doc ument. Body. innerhtml); 6. After borderstyle = bsnone Webbrowser It is a very unexpected issue that will be reinitialized. Delphi has done a very good job in the control of window controls, and seldom encountered such bugs based on analysis, in many cases, formstyle is changed. If Webbrowser C

Delphi webbrowser skills

Initialization finalization) You are executing a method of twebbrowser to perform the expected operation, for example, execwb may encounter errors such as "trying to activate unregistered lost targets" or "OLE object not registered", or no errors but no expected results, for example, you cannot copy the selected webpage content to the clipboard. When I used it for programming, I found that execwb sometimes works but sometimes does not work. I added twebbrowser to the default Project Main Wind

Summary of the use techniques of WebBrowser in Delphi

Summary of the use techniques of WebBrowser in DelphiBlog Category: Delphi Delphiwebbrowser1> calls to known objects in Web pagesSRC: = WebBrowser1.OleObject.document.getElementByIdx (' id1′). srcis actually the getElementById function in JavaScript.2> to get a variable value in a Web pageCode in HTML: This is called in the Delphi program.ID: = Form1

Delphi Force WebBrowser control to display Web pages with a specified version

setting.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE (or HKEY_CURRENT_USER)SoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerMainFeatureControlFeature_block_setcapture_xdomain Contoso.exe = (DWORD) 00000000The feature is enabled while the value is set to (DWORD) and disabled if the 00000001 value is (DWORD) 00000000 .Cross Domain redirectionWhen enabled, the Feature_cross domain_redirect_mitigation FEATURE applies cross-domain security to support files loaded B Y a webpage, including images, JavaScript libraries, cascading Style Sheets

Delphi in WebBrowser

:=WB. OleObject.document.frames;For i:=0 to Frames.length doMEMO1.LINES.ADD (frames[i].document.body.innerhtml);WebBrowser will be re-initialized after 6.borderstyle=bsnoneThis is a very surprising problem, Delphi in the control of the window control is very good, very few such bugsAccording to the analysis, there are many changes in the phenomenon of Formstyle will also appear; If the webbrowser.parent is

Summary of the use techniques of WebBrowser in Delphi

the page changes, text is the current caption.   Onpropertychange = procedure (sender:tobject; const property_: widestring) of object; Occurs when the properties of a page change, Property_ is the property name ondownloadcomplete:tnotifyevent occurs after the download page finishes. Ondownloadbegin:tnotifyevent occurs before the download page begins.7> displaying Dynamic HTML code in a WebBrowser controlAdd the ActiveX var strstream:tstringstream in

Use of webbrowser components and mshtml in Delphi

= $80000000;Begin// Right-click DisabledWith MSG doBeginIf not ischild (Web. Handle, hwnd) Then exit;Handled: = (Message = wm_rbuttondown) or (Message = wm_rbuttonup) or (Message = wm_contextmenu );End;// Disable Ctrl + n// Disable Ctrl + F// Disable Ctrl +If MSG. Message = wm_keydown thenBeginIf (msg. lparam and _ keypressmask) = 0) and(Getkeystate (vk_control) Or (msg. wparam = ord ('F') or (msg. wparam = ord ('A') thenBeginHandled: = true;End;End;End;6. When the page is closed, the VCL form

A tutorial on the image recognition of Web page verification Code on Delphi WebBrowser control (I.)

Step one: Get the URL address of the CAPTCHA picture in the Web pageAdd a bitbtn and a memo to the Delphi and a WebBrowser control to implement the URL address of the verification code picture in the Web page, the following procedures are obtained:Procedure Tform1.bitbtn1click (sender:tobject); var i:integer;begin for I:=0 to Webbrowser1.oleobject.document.images.length-1 do Memo1.Lines.Add (WebBrowser1.Ole

The webbrowser of the parent in Delphi becomes a blank problem resolution (covering Createwnd and Destroywnd)

This time in a Delphi interface to open the function of the Web page, and this page is in the window can be fully displayed, can be reduced to another window on the panel displayHowever, when you change the window of the page, the WebBrowser control becomes blank.Google on the internet for half a day, finally found on the CSDN solution:Original address: http://bbs.csdn.NET/topics/200046109[

Webbrowser usage skills in Delphi

wb.oleobject.doc ument. frames;For I: = 0 to frames. length doMemo1.lines.add(frames[ I }.doc ument. body. innerHTML ); 6. After BorderStyle = bsNone, Webbrowser will be reinitializedThis is a very surprising problem. Delphi has done a very good job in the control of window controls, and few such bugs have occurred.According to the analysis, there are many situations where FormStyle is changed. If

Webbrowser problem collection in Delphi

using DHTML.Frames: Invalid wb.oleobject.doc ument. frames;For I: = 0 to frames. Length doMemo1.lines.add(frames[ I }.doc ument. body. innerhtml); 6. after borderstyle = bsnone, webbrowser will be reinitialized. This is a very unexpected problem. Delphi has done a very good job in the control of window controls, and few such bugs are analyzed, in many cases, formstyle is changed. changing the parent from P

Delphi uses WebBrowser to login QQ Group documents

UnitUnit1;InterfaceusesWindows, Messages, sysutils, variants, Classes, Graphics, Controls, Forms, Dialogs, Stdctrls, Olectrls, Iebrowser, Mshtml;typeTForm1=class(tform) Label1:tlabel; Edit1:tedit; Label2:tlabel; Edit2:tedit; Button1:tbutton; Web:tcppwebbrowser; procedureButton1Click (Sender:tobject); procedureformcreate (Sender:tobject); Private {Private Declarations} Public {Public Declarations} End;varForm1:tform1;Implementation{$R *.DFM}procedureTform1.button1click (se

Questions about clicking any point in webbrowser in Delphi

Sometimes we need Delphi to load webbrowser1 to open the webpage. When we need to click a certain point, the coordinates may be the buttons or other controls.How should we implement it? Here we will briefly describe the process of clicking coordinates.Obviously, we move the mouse to click or send a message to click.The following figure shows how to send a message and click it.The idea of sending a message to click is to send a message by sendmessage (

[Delphi] replacing the original right-click with custom popupmenu in webbrowser

Webbrowser in Delphi is a browser with IE as the kernel. It is too simple, so we recommend that you useEmbedded Web BrowserControl! Official Website: The webbrowser mentioned below refers to this control. To shield webbrowser from the original context menu, it's easy Function

Webbrowser Release Notes (Delphi)

--- This article was not analyzed in depth before it was written. It is now considered to be narrow (due to the bug of emwbbrowser, it is an error of RTL .). Please refer to subsequent articles --- Because webbrowser is an ActiveX control based on the COM technology, and Delphi does not provide satisfactory support for com, there must be one or more exceptions when using twebbrowser and its derived object

Delphi WebBrowser Control opens part of the website "Invalid floating point operation" resolved

Delphi WebBrowser Control opens part of the website "Invalid floating point operation" resolvedEmbeddedwbwebbrowserdelphiRecently use EMBEDDEDWB control to do browser-related applications, found that some Web pages as long as the opening will be a "Invalid floating point Operation" Exception (after the Exception dialog box, the browser is not responding), and the program is just a sentenceWebBrowser1.Naviga

About Delphi Click on any point in the WebBrowser

.handle, Gw_child), Gw_child), Wm_lbuttonup,Mk_lbutton, Makelong (Strtoint (edit2. Text), Strtoint (edit3. Text));Mk_lbutton, Makelong (x, y));PostMessage (GetWindow (GetWindow (Form1. Webbrowser1.handle, Gw_child), Gw_child), Wm_lbuttondown,Mk_lbutton, Makelong (Strtoint (edit2. Text), Strtoint (edit3. Text));Mk_lbutton, Makelong (x, y));Sleep (500);PostMessage (GetWindow (GetWindow (Form1. Webbrowser1.handle, Gw_child), Gw_child), Wm_lbuttonup,Mk_lbutton, Makelong (Strtoint (edit2. Text), Strt

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