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Computer science in my mind

language predecessor B, one of the inventors of Unix (the other is Dennis M. riche leader, honored as DMR), one of the authors of Belle (a powerful chess Program), the main author of the Operating System Plan 9 (the other is Rob Pike, recently, it was dug by Google ). Grandpa Ken is also a man in the history of computer science. In the prehistoric era of computer

The most cited mathematical books in Computer Science

Negative attention refers to classical papers on computer science. There is also a similar statistics on the Internet, that is, citeseer's function "most cited articles ". Just now, I casually looked at it and suddenly found that felle's theory of probability and its application was the top 15, the highest-ranking mathematics book. The original version of this

Tsinghua Computer Major in the world first? This latest ranking is like this

University (UK) Columbia University (USA) Princeton University (USA) Johns Hopkins University (USA) University of Washington (USA) Yale University (USA)Top 5 of Asian universities ' overall rankings National University of Singapore Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) University of Tokyo (Japan) Tsinghua University (China) Peking University (China) Top Ten global computer majors Tsinghua 1th, University of Texas at Austin 2nd, Nanyang Techn

Favorite websites-authoritative ranking of computer schools of all universities nationwide

The following lists the authoritative ranking of computer colleges in China. **************************************** **************************************** ***********National University of Defense Science and Technology 1 University 2 University 3 of computing techn

Ranking and introduction of computer majors in American universities

Convention: cs = computer science (department ). In general, the first 20 cs can be divided into three waves: One or four of the best CS program: Stanford, UC. Berkeley, MIT, CMU 2. The first 10 of the six others: uiuc, Cornell, U. of Washington, Princeton, U.Texas-Austin and U. of Wisconsin-Madison, among which uiuc, Cornell, U.Washington and UW-Madison almost never made the top 10. 3. Other excellent Cs:

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