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How to deploy a Python Web application: record a complete Heroku deployment process

How to deploy a Python Web application: record a complete Heroku deployment process 0. Select Heroku Cloud Platform With the wave of cloud computing, the domestic cloud services can be described as diverse, although the price is not high, but can truly provide permanent free use, even if there are some restrictions, it does not seem to find. To meet the requireme

Teach you how to deploy the Node. js application on heroku cloud platform, herokunode. js

command to restart the service as needed: $ heroku restart This is basically the basic gameplay of heroku. Is it easy enough? Try it yourself. How to deploy nodejs on heroku Heroku is a cloud Application Deployment platform. You can dep

Deploy the node. JS app on the Heroku cloud Platform

Recently using node. js and WebSocket wrote an online chat room, looking for a support node. js and support WebSocket free platform deployment up, my personal blog site is deployed on Sina SAE, but Sina SAE does not support node. js, but chose to choose only Heroku most It fits. Heroku is a PAAs cloud platform built on top of AWS and now supports Ruby, node. js, Python, Java, and

Heroku Deploying PHP Applications

Heroku Deploying PHP Applications Today in 51cto read an article about technology blog, inadvertently saw Heroku this cloud platform, as to what this platform is wordy. The following is a key to how to deploy PHP applications through He

Move the php website to CentOS 6.7 [2]: deploy the website to the server, centos6.7

Move the php website to CentOS 6.7 [2]: deploy the website to the server, centos6.7 First, make sure that the lamp environment is installed. Prepare the project source code and database backup files. Because VNC is not installed, you can only deploy it using ssh. Decompres

CENTOS7 (2)-the first time to deploy a PHP project under Linux with the Lamp website Architecture (linux+apache+mysql+php)

imported, enter the HTTP://IP address: 8080/project location to access the Web page at any terminal in the LAN.1.mysqlDatabase directory:/var/lib/mysql/ configuration file:/usr/share/MySQL (mysql.server command and configuration file) related commands:/usr// etc/my.cnf startup script:/etc/rc.d/init.d/(startup script file mysql directory) Start command: Service mysql start stop command: service MySQL Stop running status: Service MySQL status2.apacheConfiguration file path:/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.c

How does one install the ffmpeg library for a php application created by ffmpeg-heroku?

Recently I am playing with heroku to deploy the application. now I have a problem. my application needs to use the ffmpeg library. how can I install the ffmpeg library for the php application created by heroku? Recently I am playing with heroku to

How does a small company deploy and implement a Linux cluster website?

-availability architecture of server load balancer, I first introduced the Nginx/HAProxy + Keepalived architecture. at this moment, many friends may wonder why you didn't choose the cluster solution based on LVS + Keepalived? This is because the websites we deploy generally require static/dynamic separation and regular distribution. if we choose LVS + Keepliaved architecture at the beginning, then, we should add at least one layer of server load balan

Teenager, it's time to deploy your PHP code in a more elegant way.

performed on the server, usually a shell command, which can have a return value and return a command print});Smart as you must have found, you can use the run function to make some batch Management Server tasks, such as bulk reload all nginx configuration files, batch execution server scripts and so on after (' Deploy:symlink ',' Php-fpm:restart ');A hook function that performs a php-fpm restart task after

Deploy php projects in linux-associate Apache, php, and mysql-apachemysql

Deploy php projects in linux-associate Apache, php, and mysql-apachemysql There are two types of php project environments deployed in linux: Apache, php, and mysql compressed packages and yum commands. To install the three software packages, you must manually configure the r

How to deploy a PHP project in a Tomcat installation

Java developers know that Tomcat is used to deploy Java Web projects. A few days ago, the old K accidentally learned that Php/java Bridge, through it can be implemented between the JSP and PHP sharing session, see "How to implement JSP and PHP sharing Session" PHP tutorial,

How to deploy WordPress in Windows 7 (IIS7.5 + MySQL + PHP + WordPress)

How to deploy WordPress in Windows 7 (IIS7.5 + MySQL + PHP + WordPress): I plan to install a WordPress locally. I have never touched on PHP and MySQL before. I had a lot of tutorials on the Internet, but none of them were totally trustworthy. I had a lot of detours, but I finally got it. To minimize detours, we feel it is necessary to record this process. I

Get started with PHP: Deploy projects with Phpstrom

downloaded to his website with obvious links. After installing the Wamp, you can start without worrying. The students who have already installed MySQL can delete the wamp/bin/mysql. Wamp with a Mysqladmin database management page, we can find under App/mysqladmin, find$cfg [' Servers '] [$i] [' user '] = ' root '; $cfg [' Servers '] [$i] [' password '] = ' root ';Modify the user and password for your own database. At this point, the

How to deploy WordPress in Windows 7 (iis7.5 + MySQL + PHP + WordPress)

installation and iis7.5 configuration, and restart IIS. G. test whether the installation of iis7.5 + MySQL + PHP is successful. Create info. php. The content is Put this file on the default IIS Site to check whether the file is properly displayed: If the above information is displayed, the deployment is successful. Congratulations! (However, generally, step by step following the previous steps will not

Configuring a good Apache and PHP language environment, how to deploy two projects under the Htdocs/html directory under the Apache directory

Create a virtual directoryOpen apache->conf->httpd.confPaste at the bottomNamevirtualhost DocumentRoot "website Absolute directory" If you build multiple, configure directly ServerName xxx DocumentRoot "XXX" After the configuration is complete, parse it in the host file.You can res

Ubuntu14.04VPS: deploy the PHP environment and WordPress

website to view the latest version: wget Decompress the file: unzip wordpress-*.zip Set file permissions: chmod -R 750 wordpress Delete the installation package: rm wordpress-*.zip Return to root: exitConfigure PHP-FPM Create a process pool for WordPress: vi /etc/php5/fpm/pool.d/wordpress.conf This is a typical configuration file that provides services by lis

Deploy PHP environment and WordPress on Ubuntu 14.04

popular version control tool wget,curl: commonly used file download tool zip,unzip:zip compression and decompression tool Iftop,iptraf, nethogs: Common flow monitoring Tool vim: a common editor htop: a commonProcess monitoring Tools Install WordPress Create a new normal user and switch to that user AddUser Wordpresssu WORDPRESSCD ~ Download WordPress, please go to the official website to view the latest version of: wget Http://

Using Phpstudy to deploy PHP systems under Windows Server

This article mainly introduces the use of Phpstudy in Windows Server Deployment of PHP system, has a certain reference value, now share to everyone, the need for friends can refer to PHP Web site generally run on the Apache server, IIS server can also run, but not recommended, Windows Server is not integrated Apache and PHP operating environment, but with the he

Deploy the PHP development environment in CentOS6

Use CentOS6 to deploy the PHP development environment: CentOS 6.5 32bit Linux + Nginx + Mysql + PHP Version and time: (as of the posting date of this post, all versions are the latest version) Nginx-1.7.6 Mysql-5.6.21 PHP-5.6.1 1. download: Nginx: Mysql: http://dev.mys

Issues that may be resolved after you deploy a PHP Web site to a Linux server

1. Install MoDYum Install php-pdo.x86_64Yum Install php-mysql.x86_64Yum Install php-ldap.x86_642. Create User and Grant privileges of database (admin always has the root User, but he'll not give the user and US Ername)Create user ' stadmin ' @ '% ' identified by ' stadmin ';Grant all privileges on * * to ' stadmin ' @ '% ';3. Create DB and Import db (prepare the

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