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Des encryption and decryption (applicable to Windows and Linux systems) to prevent decryption failures in Linux

Package COM. lasun. util; import Java. io. fileinputstream; import Java. io. fileoutputstream; import Java. io. inputstream; import Java. io. outputstream; import Java. security. key; import Java. security. securerandom; import javax. crypto. cipher;

Simplest DES encryption algorithm implementation, des encryption algorithm

Simplest DES encryption algorithm implementation, des encryption algorithm Package com. mstf. des; import java. io. unsupportedEncodingException;/*** base64 encoding/decoding * @ author ceet **/public class Base64 {public static String

Java encryption and decryption-DES symmetric encryption algorithm

Package COM. jadyer. util. codec; import Java. security. key; import Java. security. nosuchalgorithmexception; import javax. crypto. cipher; import javax. crypto. keygenerator; import javax. crypto. secretkey; import javax. crypto. secretkeyfactory;

Detailed DES encryption algorithm and the use of the Java program Example _java

DES encryption algorithmdes, known as the data encryption Standard, is an encryption standard, a block algorithm using key cryptography, which was identified by the U.S. federal government's national standards office as a federal data Processing

DES-JAVA Encryption

/* Des Java Complied OK with eclipse Create a desencrypt class, copy the following code, and compile it. */Import java. Security. Key;Import java. Security. securerandom;Import javax. crypto. cipher;Import javax. crypto. keygenerator; Import sun.

Java common tool Class des and Base64 encryption and decryption class _java

One, des encryption and decryption Package com.itjh.javaUtil; Import; Import; Import; Import; Import

Discussion on JAVA encryption algorithm Des&aes

The development project needs to cache important data locally so that it is read offline, and if the data is not processed, it can easily cause loss. Therefore, we generally encrypt this kind of data. Here, we mainly introduce two kinds of simple

JAVA-based Encryption Algorithm Implementation example: MD5/SHA1, DSA, DESede/DES, Diffie-Hellman)

Source author Wang HuiChapter 4 Basic Knowledge 1.1. Single-key password systemThe single-key cryptography system is a traditional encryption algorithm, which means that the sender and receiver of the information use the same key for encryption and

Java Common Tools class encapsulates--des encryption and decryption tool class __java

The title, for reference. Import; Import; Import; Import; Import

Go DES, RSA, MD5, SHA, randomly generated encryption and decryption

I. List of data encryption/coding algorithms   common cryptographic or coding algorithms used to ensure security are as follows:  1, common key algorithm   key algorithm is used to encrypt sensitive data, digest, signature and other information,

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