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Desc Description of all tables in the Python build database

after the database design is complete, it is often necessary to keep a desc description of all tables in the database in a wiki or other document, in particular the meaning and purpose of each field. It is not advisable to manually generate the

Lotus Domino and relational database (LEI,DESC,JDBC connection) __ Database

Domino and relational database interaction is a common aspect of day-to-day project development that every Domino developer has written, and this article makes a simple summary of this.One, the tool article1. Use Lei (Lotus Enterprise Integrator)Lei'

MySQL database table field using keywords such as desc error and resolution method

id,mol,ip,port,name,t.desc,maxac,maxi,mini,maxw,status Select from t_sys_thorfd t order by status Desc A simple query statement has been an error in the location of Desc, at first thought it wasORDER BY Status Desc error, check

Numberformatexception:invalid int Type mismatch exception--Use SQL database query statement SELECT * FROM Blacknumber ORDER by _id desc limit?, 20; appears

Exception: Type mismatch05-06 08:12:38.151:e/androidruntime (14904): Java.lang. numberformatexception:invalid int: "18600000099"05-06 08:12:38.151:e/androidruntime (14904): at com.itheima.mobilesafe74.activity.blacknumberactivity$ Myadapter.getview (

MySQL DESC commands

Source: 1. DESC tablename;For example, mysql> DESC jos_modules;+ ------------------ + --------------------- + ------ + ----- + --------------------- + ---------------- +| FIELD

Materialized views, indexed views, function indexes, using DESC when creating indexes

The boss gave a task, search the information, think it is better to summarize. What if I use it later? Around two topics: one is the ability to index on a view, and the other is whether the DESC keyword can be used when creating an index.One, can I

"Database" "The desc of MySQL view table structure details

In MySQL, if you want to see the definition of a table, you have the following options1. Show CREATE TABLE statement:Show CREATE TABLE table_name;2. DESC TABLE_NAME Statement:CREATE TABLE person ( ID int. NOT NULL auto_increment primary key,

ORA-4043 error note reported by oracle desc dba_data_files View

During the test today, I want to query the tablespace information corresponding to the data file. In the desc dba_Data_files view, I found that this object does not exist. At that time, I thought it was normal that my DB could not be queried under

Commands in Oracle with MySQL show databases, show tables, desc table similar command set

1 How to execute a SQL script file, this script file writes a series of sets of SQL statements, such as Sql.sql placed under D:\MyEclipse 8.6\workspaces\oasystem\webroot\sql.sql"CD D:\MyEclipse 8.6\workspaces\oasystem\webroot\>>sqlplus>>@ Sql.sql;2

Methods of Sybase querying table structure (similar to the desc of Oracle)

After many times I have verified. Finally, we found a way to query the database structure in Sybase.Before that, I was very puzzled about how this Sybase database is not as easy as Oracle and MySQL.DESC table name;After the online query, get a

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