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Sort common DB2 scripts

Sort common DB2 scripts -- Tablespace resizing Alter tablespace BAS_DW_ENT ADD (Device '/dev/vx/rdsk/n01datadg3/dwentlv_100g_01_01' 3276800) on dbpartitionnum (1) ADD (Device '/dev/vx/rdsk/n02datadg3/dwentlv_100g_02_02' 3276800) on dbpartitionnum (2)

DB2 Command Daquan

Check archiving processing View Log Archive status DB2 "Select Date (CAST (start_time as TIMESTAMP)) as DATE, COUNT (*) as Number_of_logs_per_day, (Count (*) *23.4375) as AMOUNT_LOGS_DAY_MB, Dbpartitionnum as Dbpart From Sysibmadm. Db_history WHERE

Definition and usage of DB2 with

with definition and usage-------Part of the content is reproduced and processed by finishing---------------------1.with Understanding and basic usage the WITH statement, in addition to those who first heard of the WITH statement, most people think

Introduction and use of DB2 Alter Table

DB2 Alter Table introduction and use of normal Table modification and creation, you need to consider the following two situations: 1. when data is stored in a table, you can only modify the Data Type of the column to a compatible data type, or keep

Lotus Domino and relational database (LEI,DESC,JDBC connection) __ Database

Domino and relational database interaction is a common aspect of day-to-day project development that every Domino developer has written, and this article makes a simple summary of this.One, the tool article1. Use Lei (Lotus Enterprise Integrator)Lei'

DB2 index syntax

The syntax of the DB2 index is the basic knowledge of the DB2 database. The following describes the syntax of the DB2 index in detail, hoping to help you learn the syntax of the DB2 index. CREATE INDEXThe create index statement is used to CREATE an

One of the db2 database migration to mssql records

A system was originally run on DB2 and now has the requirement to support mssql. The first day of the tossing process is as follows:1. Find the powerdesigner table design file, generate the mssql script, and import it to the mssql database. (Scripts

DB2 Table Data Migration DB2 command DB2 download DB2 database Getting Started teaching

The system uses a remote database. Location in USA, connection speed is particularly slow. DBA does not give guidance to the database I had to write a database table migration method. But only one sheet at a time is slowly guiding. Write with PHP

Use sqlhelp. CS to connect to DB2

In the project, use C # To connect to DB2, and always use the class sqlhelp. If you know that this class can boast a database, you only need to make slight modifications to the config configuration, but it has never been used. Today, we just need

DB2 specifications-log & lt; Continuous updates & gt;, db2 log

DB2 specifications-log , db2 log 8:40:23 on Tuesday morning 1. the overall specification keywords are capitalized, {} overall fast [] Option 1.2 note operator priority 1.3 Note link character 1.4 Delete duplicate row keyword distinct show 1.5 use

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