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Desc Description of all tables in the Python build database

after the database design is complete, it is often necessary to keep a desc description of all tables in the database in a wiki or other document, in particular the meaning and purpose of each field. It is not advisable to manually generate the

MySQL DESC commands

Source: 1. DESC tablename;For example, mysql> DESC jos_modules;+ ------------------ + --------------------- + ------ + ----- + --------------------- + ---------------- +| FIELD

Application of flashback table tablename to before drop-restore drop table

In Oracle10g, If you accidentally drop a table, Can you restore it? The answer is yes. In Oracle10g, when you run the drop table tablename command, the table will not be deleted, instead, the table is stored in the recycle bin (the concept of the

MySQL desc (DESCRIBE) command instance to explain _php tips

The MySQL desc command is used to view the table structure, which is the shorthand form for the describe command. MySQL desc command syntax: DESC TableName What information does the command display on the table? The specific include:

High-traffic comment system database Stored Procedure Architecture

Website comment information is the most resource-consuming part. Optimizing comment data is crucial for large websites. No SETANSI_NULLSONGOSETQUOTED_IDENTIFIERONGOCREATETABLE [dbo]. [CommentsTables] ([ID] [int] IDENTITY (1, 1) NOTNULL, [Key]

HBase Java programming example

HBase Java programming Package elementary; Import java. io. IOException; Import java. text. SimpleDateFormat; Import java. util. ArrayList; Import java. util. Date; Import java. util. List; Import java. util.

PHP PDO MySQL database operation class

Original: PHP PDO MySQL Database operation classFindAll (Array( ' Field ' = 'id,albumname,albumimage, Mainactor,directors,tags,info,area, keywords,wflag,year,mod_version,totalduration ', ' where ' = =$where, ' order ' = ' flag desc,hit_count desc ',

DataGrid Quick Pagination method based on access

The access|datagrid| paging DataGrid is a very powerful Web server-side control that allows you to dynamically sort, edit, and page pages of data in a table in addition to the ability to format the data in a table in a variety of ways. Frees

SQL Summary 4

CREATE TABLE tab2 as (SELECT * from TAB1)The storage engine for this practice table also uses the server's default storage engine instead of the source table's storage engine, which copies the contents of the table together.CREATE talbe tab2

Database development-use DMV and DMF to analyze database performance

to optimize the database recently, you must first know where the problem is to be optimized and use the SQL server2005 analysis script. I also used several of them. they are all from the east to the west. reason why the server is waiting select

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