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Create a cross-platform mobile app using Cordova+visual Studio

1 IntroductionThis section is about visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova, which is currently only released in preview. Visual Studio for Apache Cordova helps the. NET programmers who are familiar with Visual Studio users to be able to use the

Go to Microsoft Visual Studio team system and Microsoft Visual sourcesafe

Release date: 11/18/2005 | Updated on: 11/18/2005 Microsoft Corporation Applicable:Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 team Foundation ServerMicrosoft Visual sourcesafe 2005 Abstract:This overview helps developers decide whether to choose Microsoft

Warriors of the Visual Studio, assemble! (Visual Studio Warriors, assemble it!) ) Original July 12, 2009 19:40:00 Tags: compilation/mic

warriors of the Visual Studio, assemble! (The Warriors of Visual studio, assemble it.) )Original July 12, 2009 19:40:00 Tags: compilation/Microsoft/express/file/assembly/command Warriors of the Visual Studio, assemble! If

How to extend the Visual Studio editor

In the era of Visual Studio 2010, there are many ways to extend Visual Studio, and developers can choose to customize extensions for macros, add-in, MEF, and VSPackages. But the macros were castrated in Visual Studio 2012, Add-in was also erased in

Visual Studio compilation error set (GO)

1, error c4430:missing type Specifier-int assumed. Note:c++ does not support Default-intAdd/wd4430 to the additional options in the project Properties->configration Properties->c/c++->command Line page2.Error msb3073:the Command regsvr32/s/C

To be happy: Visual Studio. NET Custom Wizards

Visual visual Studio. NET supports a number of built in project types and wizards that generate skeleton projects and Sol Utions depending on the type of application the developer intend to build. These are project templates are an excellent way to

Debug after crash using minidumps and Visual Studio. NET

Keyword: Minidumps, windows, Seh, VisualC,. net Summary This article describes how minidumps works, how to generate them when your program crashes, and

11 powerful Visual Studio debugging tips, Visual Studio

11 powerful Visual Studio debugging tips, Visual Studio Debugging is an important part of the software development cycle. It is challenging and confusing. In general, debugging is inevitable for a slightly larger program. In recent years, the

Visual Studio tips: Create a code template with your own logo

After many blog posts, we all know how to use code segments. Using code segments can easily generate some common code formats, which is indeed very convenient for our development. During team development or in some cases, we often want to use the

Visual Studio plug-in development

Definition of plug-inThe so-called plug-in, is based on the platform interface developed third-party programs. The first time to hear this noun is not understand, listen to the explanation is not very clear, then we give an example, such as a RV,

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