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PCB parameter calculation artifact-Saturn PCB design toolkit download and Installation Guide

Label: des HTTP ar strong data SP Div 2014 CPCB design, especially high-frequency and high-speed design, will inevitably involve the calculation and setting of PCB-related parameters, such as via overcurrent capacity, via parasitic capacitance, impedance, etc, the current carrying capacity of the wire, crosstalk between two coupling signal lines, wavelength and o

Use alicloud design to convert an image into a PCB [make your own PCB logo]

Objective: To add a logo to an enterprise design or personal work Tool used: alicloud desinger 6.6 Photoshop Background: The black and white images required in the operation are not black and white images that appear. But the file storage method is only black or white. You can edit the image file to open it. The image storage depth is 1 bit. Procedure: 1. Use PS to convert an image into a black/white BMP Image 1.1 Load 1.2 image> mode> greyscal 1.3

PCB Optimization Design (reprint)

PCB Optimization Design (i.)2011-04-25 11:55:36| Category: PCB design SMT technology is now very mature and widely used in electronic products, therefore, electronic product designers need to understand the SMT technology common Sense and manufacturability design (DFM) requi

PCB design experience

to the flying line. No problems have occurred so far. In the second example, a friend loves fever and DIY a power amplifier, but the output always has a sound of communication. I suggest him cut the ground loop and solve the problem. Afterwards, this guy checked dozens of "hi-fi host" PCB diagrams and confirmed that none of them used a ground loop in the simulation. 6. design principles and anti-interferen

Basic PCB design knowledge

, which are actually part of PCB wiring. During normal connection, we insert the golden finger on one PCB into the appropriate slot (usually called expansion slot) on the other PCB ). In a computer, such as a display card, sound card, or other similar interfaces, they are all connected to the motherboard through a golden finger.The green or brown color on the

High-Speed PCB design knowledge Q &

due to the Resistance Capacitance or Ferrite Bead added by EMI. Therefore, it is best to solve or reduce EMI problems by arranging cabling and PCB laminated techniques, such as high-speed signal passing through the inner layer. At last, the resistance and capacitance or Ferrite Bead method is used to reduce the damage to the signal. 2. In high-speed design, how can we solve the problem of signal integrity?

Preliminary understanding of circuit design, IC design and PCB design

Circuit Design: This is a very big concept, from the voltage intensity can be divided into strong electric circuit design and Weak Current Circuit Design; from the design tool can be divided into manual drawing and electronic auxiliary design, the circuit types can be divide

[Daily circuit diagram] 7, the design of a PCB process and details • Summary--to the layman's classmates or just into the students a macro view of the General circuit board design process of the article

ObjectiveThe last two days using AD14 software designed a Bluetooth anti-loss circuit board (PCB) drawings, the middle of some details in this document, to facilitate the next design of the PCB reference. Also hope to give the layman's classmates or just into the students a macro view of the General circuit board design

PCB optimization Design (ii) reprint

PCB Optimization Design (II.)2011-04-25 11:41:05| Category: PCB design SMT technology is now very mature and widely used in electronic products, therefore, electronic product designers need to understand the SMT technology common Sense and manufacturability design (DFM) requ

PCB design process

PCBDesign Process Reprinted from: First, make preparations. This includes preparing the component library and schematic. In progress PCB Before design, prepare the schematic diagram. SCH Component Library and PCB Component Library. Component Library can be used Peotel It is difficult to find a suitable li

Brief PCB design and routine of alicloud designer 10

Author: Instructor Lu,Hua Qing vision embedded college lecturer. 4. Brief PCB design To compile the schematic diagram or the entire project, this step is to generate a network table and prepare for the work. Open it in project and project options. 4.1 DRC rules In terms of electrical rules, I searched for some annotations on the Internet for reference:Violations associated with buses various types of bus el

PCB wiring design methods and requirements

In this article, we will discuss the PCB cabling design methods and requirements. The layout design of components and the direction of electrical connections may produce different results, and the results may vary greatly, therefore, the structure of printed circuit board components should be correctly designed and the correct

The golden rule of PCB design that never changes

Although semiconductor integration is becoming increasingly high, many applications also have ready-to-use on-chip systems, while many powerful and out-of-the-box boards are becoming more accessible, but many use cases of electronic products still require the use of custom PCBs. In one-off development, even a common PCB can play a very important role. The PCB is the physical platform for the

The golden principle of PCB design will never change

Despite the increasing integration of semiconductors, many applications also have ready-to-use on-chip systems. At the same time, many powerful and out-of-the-box development boards are increasingly accessible, however, in many use cases, the application of electronic products still needs to use custom PCB. In one-time development, even a general PCB can play a very important role.

PCB design materials: benefits are the last thing we know.

參考资料 通过以下的关键词直接从网络上Google或Baidu就能非常easy的找到以下的资料,这里仅仅是以參考文献的方式做一个整理以及简单的说明。 刘雅芳,张俊辉. 抗干扰角度分析六层板的布线技巧. 天津光电通信技术有限公司技术中心.介绍了六层板的布线技巧,非常有用,画多层板的强烈推荐。 AN1258, "Op Amp Precision Design: PCB Layout Techniques", Microchip.我就是看着这个做运放的PCB的布局布线的,看了非常多遍。 John Ardizzoni. Apractical Guide to High-Speed Printed-Cricuit-Board Layout. Analog Dialogue.快速

PCB design process

verify Sometimes, the network relationship of the painted board is different from that of the schematic diagram due to misoperations or negligence. In this case, it is necessary to check the network. Therefore, after the painting, you cannot rush to hand it over to the plate manufacturer. You should first check it before proceeding with the subsequent work. How Should PCB design and mechanism

The testability concept of PCB Design

The testability concept of PCB DesignThe testability of the product design (De sign for testability. OFT) Product manufacturability is also the main content from the production point of view is also one of the design process. It refers to the design of the product performance can be considered difficult to detect, that

High-Speed PCB design based on signal integrity analysis

Address: Introduction Signal integrity refers to the signal quality in the circuit system. If the signal can be sent from the source end to the receiving end without losing sight within the required time, it is called that the signal is complete. With the rapid development of semiconductor technology, the output speed of IC switches is improved, and the signal integrity problems (including signal overshoot and underloading, ringing, reflection, crosstalk, an

Alicloud designer getting started with 5-pcb Design 1

After the schematic design, the drawing board is required. a pcb file is required. There are several ways to generate a PCB file: 1. directly use File> New> PCB in the toolbar to create a PCB, as shown in figure 2. Another better method is to use the

Allegro PCB design experience

Allegro PCB design experience 1. When components are encapsulated, what is the pin number defined for a pad without an electrical connection?Answer: when placing a pad, select Mechanical. 2. How to add tears in allegro?A: You must first open all the cabling layers and execute the command route-> gloss-> parameters .., in the displayed dialog box, click pad and T connection fillet, click the square on th

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