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"I can also do CTO programmer career planning" and ". NET software design new thinking-building software like building blocks" new book release Review

Yang Zong, director of the computer book module of the Electronics Industry Publishing House, gave a welcome speech. In the young man's field, he felt a lot happier: Mr Yang and Mr. Hu Demin, Microsoft's senior market manager in China, unveiled the secrets of "I can also be a CTO programmer career plan" and ". NET software design new thinking-building software l

Another kind of thinking-book reviews dmtt

. That's right, so that users don't have to think about it. This is the origin of the name "DMT", which is exactly what we should pursue in terms of availability. Using an example in another Interactive Design masterpiece "about face 2.0", when you ride a bicycle, you will not think about it. If you want to speed up, you will step on it faster. If you want to turn, you will turn the handlebar, you don't think about "how to ride faster" or discuss "Do

Agile thinking-methodology in Architecture Design (5) Simple Design

PatternThere is a measurement pattern in the Analysis Mode book, which originally aims to solve various complicated and measurable attributes in reality. For example, a medical system may have thousands of measurable attributes, such as height, weight, and blood pressure. If they are expressed separately, the complexity of the system will inevitably increase. Therefore, measurement pattern starts from the measurable commonalities of these attributes,

Agile thinking-methodology in Architecture Design (15) further reading

communicate with the design team. At the beginning of the article, the author criticized the misuse of the model. So what is the correct use mode? The author draws on the Reconstruction Method of Martin Fowler. Through practical examples, we will discuss how to reconstruct a common, inflexible, and non-extensible design into a beautiful design model. Therefore,

Agile thinking: Methodology in Architecture Design (4)-team Design

Introduction:Team design is an important practice in Agile Methodology. The team we are talking about here is not a plural person. A group of people is a group and cannot form a team. To become a team, you have to do a lot of work. The reason why we consider architecture design on a team basis is that software development is not a personal task, especially architecture

Web Design for Mobile devices: E-book page Design

Article Description: This thinking about e-book design stems from a recent experience and discussion of usage. Accustomed to the Kindle Physics key flip-screen reading, the Kindle touch of the screen operation is very unaccustomed (contact evoked), or even startled! Do not like E-books, in addition to not be free to write painting, the bigger problem is that e-bo

Some puzzles in design: thinking and replying to web design

it does not require theoretical and rational thinking. Take an example of a design work to illustrate the questions that a potential customer will ask, and what kind of thinking and answers we need to redesign: Above is a vampire hunter's cartoon homepage design, if we are customers, when this work presented to us,

Design Thinking and collaboration Culture

This article is from my translation on infoq Chinese siteArticle, Original address is: Design Thinking refers to creating the future, not just managing the present. It also refers to spending more time creating value rather than obtaining value. Bill Burnet

"C + + Design new thinking" command design pattern

that "a variable number of template parameters" does not exist at all. (c++11 variable length parameter template)Although paddle, the real craftsmen and the constraints of the production tools will not compromise, the author of this book is so.In the book 122 pages, discusses the cost of the forwarding function, mentions "reference folding" in the endnote, the parent of C + + Bjarne Stroustrup submits the

Web Design Thinking-determine the overall style of the site and creative design

the site's overall creativity, (because of this idea to produce this site, or the same content, the introduction of different ideas), the graphic design of the Web page I will be in the back of the layout tips to introduce. What is creativity, and how does it produce ideas? Creativity is fascinating, wonderful, surprising;Creative is to capture the idea, is the creation of the odd strokes ....These are some of the characteristics of creativity, in es

"C + + Design new thinking" command design pattern

that "a variable number of template parameters" does not exist at all. (c++11 variable length parameter template)Although paddle, the real craftsmen and the constraints of the production tools will not compromise, the author of this book is so.In the book 122 pages, discusses the cost of the forwarding function, mentions "reference folding" in the endnote, the parent of C + + Bjarne Stroustrup submits the

I recommend a book to students interested in processor design

realized that it was just a matter of novelty. However, this book, the company, and the author have an inexplicable yearning. After graduation, I borrowed this book from my organization. I don't know why, but I always think that the book has its own "Yan ruyu ". It wasn't until you started to get into touch with the processor

Design Pattern Book Summary

are also very good, logical thinking is very clear, if placed in the College software College, the last relevant postgraduate courses should not be a problem. And the content of the book is not limited to introducing the classic design patterns of Gof, but also emphasizes the integration between them, and introduces some other

Capturing knowledge in the design thinking process and keeping the decision clear

very much like. The goal of the testing phase is to get feedback from the relevant person on the prototype. These feedbacks affect all artifacts built in the previous phase-challenges themselves, stakeholders, and their needs. Of course, these feedback can also give us a deeper insight into how these ideas meet the needs of the stakeholders. 3.2 Influence Guide Chart As described in Goico Atich's Book 2, Impact Mapping is a powerful methodology th

Thinking of database paradigm and design of database

third entity between the two. In this way, the original a many-to-many relationship, now becomes two one-to-many relationship. To properly assign the original two entity's attributes to three entities. The third entity here is essentially a more complex relationship that corresponds to a basic table. Generally speaking, the database design tool does not recognize many-to-many relationships, but it can handle many-to-many relationships.Example 3: In "

Agile thinking: Methodology in Architecture Design (14)-code verification

general, we think that the main responsibility of testers is to identify errors. The problem is that testers spend a lot of time identifying errors that developers should not make. For the newestTesting is undoubtedly a very important part, but if the daily work of testers is flooded with errors that can be avoided, the quality and cost of the software will be lacking. OneThe testing staff of the show should focus on the availability of the software, including whether the requirements are met,

Agile thinking-methodology in Architecture Design (14) code verification

not easy to do this. To ensure the stability of released interfaces, designers must have rich design experience and field experience. One of the meanings of the minimum interface principles mentioned above is that the more published interfaces, the more troubles it will bring in the future. Therefore, when designing architecture and design classes, we should start with designing their interfaces, rather th

Agile thinking-methodology in Architecture Design (3) source from demand

changes, we also need to consider the corresponding architecture, for example, the font is independentProgramPackage Design. From demand to ArchitectureIn the demand stage, we can get some intermediate products that represent the demand research results. For example, CRC cards, basic use case models, user materials, interface prototypes, interface prototype flowcharts, non-functional requirements, and change cases. Our

Read the Design Book (3rd edition) PDF download Full HD Scan Original

important events and organizations in the industry such as Macworld Expo, as well as the Santa Fe Film Art Institute. In addition to this book, she also has dozens of best-selling books and winning books, including the Non-designer's Web book, Robin williamsdesign Workshop, Thelittlemacbook and so on. Some books have been translated into 15 kinds of words, which have a worldwide impact.When I went to schoo

Product Thinking Study (III.)--five levels of product design

Today's reading will happen to have a classmate to share the "user experience elements-user-centric product design" this book. There are five levels of user experience elements in the story:strategic layer, scope layer, structure layer, frame layer, presentation layer。 is also a product design five levels, so the study recorded. First attach these five levels of

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