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[Project 1 & #183; live broadcast]☞2. Pull live streams and broadcast Projects

[Project 1 live broadcast]☞2. Pull live streams and broadcast ProjectsI. Introduction to video technology 1. Video is structured data. Data is transmitted during live broadcasting, which is a small unit of video. Video = image + audio The original image data in the video is usually compressed in H.264 encoding format

Windows Phone cloud application development practices (2) Windows Live SDK

ArticleDirectory What is Windows Live SDK? Hands-on practice-cloud album of SkyDrive Windows Phone cloud application development practices (2) Windows Live SDK what is Windows Live SDK? The Windows Live id sdk contains Windows

Perfect for publishing Sina, NetEase, BLOGCN, Blogbus, cnblogs blogs with Windows Live writer 2

Found a lot of friends to WLW log configuration is not very familiar, here I summed up a bit, for everyone to refer to, crap not much, here only write the key part, other steps directly on the Niang. 1. Sina Blog It can be said that Windows Live Writer's support for Sina blog is very perfect, as long as you set the user name and password, click Next, will detect directly, do not set the log type or anything. 2

Preparation for developing the Windows Live writer highlight plug-in (2)

Why? Windows Live writer is a very good job of writing logs, especially when processing Word file images.ProgramRelatedArticleThe Code cannot be highlighted or folded. This small plug-in was created after integrating the ideas of adults, making up for the failure of highlighting in wridows live writerCode. Now, the entire production process is posted and shared with you to develop more and better plug-ins.

One-step learning of Silverlight 2 series (25): Live Search for integrated instances

Overview The release of Silverlight 2 Beta 1 brings us a lot of surprises from Runtime and Tools, such as supporting the framework languages Visual Basic, Visual C #, IronRuby, Ironpython, A series of new features such as JSON, Web Service, WCF, and Sockets support. The article "one-step learning Silverlight 2 series" takes you to Silverlight 2 development quickl

Swift uses the Ijkplayer framework to play live video 2 (RTSP video stream playback)

I introduced the configuration and use of the Ijkplayer framework. The Ijkplayer default compilation configuration was used, that is, the streamlined configuration. This compiled package is relatively small and supports most video formats. Live video, such as the RTMP or HTTP protocol, can be played. But sometimes we need to support more types of video (such as live video on the RTSP protocol), then we nee

Windows Live Messenger beta and Internet Explorer 7 beta 2

Windows Live Messenger beta automatic invitation: Http://! Define f5f41_1_d4c! 380. Entry Green version Internet Explorer 7 beta 2: Http:// Simple translation steps: 1. Download ie7beta2, such as B /f3b88a15-2c80-4898-85fb-db7975f2e0da/IE7BETA2-WindowsXP-x86-enu.ex

"Free Live Class" Appcan Basic Course Fourth speaking interface Layout 2

Little Friends,Start the work! Appcan Webcast Class Fourth, this issue continues to explain the interface layout, please lock the time, watch our program ~"Grid system of Interface layout"Registration Address: time:March 10 19:00Course Objectives: to strengthen the understanding of the elastic box and flow layout, understand, familiar with the application of grid system in the development of the method.Course Features:Case-Type Teachingap

My Learning Notes Live Chat (2)

("username"). onkeydown = function (e) {E = e | | Eventif (E.keycode = = = 13) {Chat.usernamesubmit ();}};Submit information by "enter"document.getElementById ("Content"). onkeydown = function (e) {E = e | | Eventif (E.keycode = = = 13) {Chat.submit ();}};})();Recently posted two runs, after all, no picture no truth:Run first, the server will be prompted to listen on Port 3000.Open Http://www.localhost:3000/Enter the name to enter the chat interfaceThen open a http://www.localhost:3000/to simul

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