determine amount or number of mathematically

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Principle of PCA algorithm (very clear explanation)

PCA (Principal Component analysis) is a commonly used method for analyzing data. PCA transforms the original data into a set of linearly independent representations of each dimension by linear transformation, which can be used to extract the main

The nature of linear algebra

The nature of linear algebraWen/FengThe linear algebra course, whether you start from the determinant or directly from the matrix, is riddled with inexplicable beginnings.For example, in the national General Engineering Department of teaching the

Analysis of algorithm complexity

SummaryThis paper discusses an important problem in the field of algorithm analysis--the basic content of time complexity analysis. This paper will first clarify the significance of time complexity, and then discuss its mathematical definition and

TCP unilateral acceleration thought of independent double (N) Congestion window

Do you want TCP to work in a pipelined way?Perhaps you have heard of Mptcp, perhaps you have heard the peer download is how the world for me and I am the world's people.If I could split a TCP stream into multiple TCP streams, in theory the transfer

NG Lesson 11th: Design of machine learning systems (machines learning system designs)

11.1 What to do first11.2 Error AnalysisError measurement for class 11.3 skew11.4 The tradeoff between recall and precision11.5 Machine-Learning data11.1 what to do firstThe next video will talk about the design of the machine learning system. These

Experience summary of ETL

ETL ConsiderationsAs a data warehouse system, ETL is the key link. Said Big, ETL is a data integration solution, said small, is to pour data tools. Recall the work over the years, the processing of data migration, conversion is really a lot of work.

Software College of Zhejiang University three-dimensional animation and interactive technology examination concept finishing

First Lecture1. Augmented Reality technology AR:--three-dimensional animation, stereoscopic vision and image processing are fused;-Modeling, rendering, position calibration, image fusion;2. OpenGL is a programming interface for creating real-time 3D

Time complexity of commonly used data structures

Transferred from:!comments Data Structure Add Find Delete Getbyindex   Array (t[]) O (N) O (N) O (N) O (1)

Summary of five common algorithm design methods for "reprint" algorithm design

Reprinted from summary of the five common algorithms design methods for algorithm designI. "Divide and Conquer law"In computer science, divide-and-conquer method is a very important algorithm.

Linear algebra should learn this way

On the Internet to see an article, looked after the feeling quite deep. He tells the nature of linear algebra, and intuitively describes linear spaces, vectors, and matrices. The linear algebra course, whether you start from the determinant or

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