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The simplest and most short JavaScript Method for Determining ie browsers

Regardless of the version, ie is always incompatible with web standards. ForCodeFor workers, it is naturally miserable. In order to consider the compatibility of IE, whether it is CSS or JS, it is often necessary to treat ie specially, which makes

Seven methods for determining the image format in PHP _ PHP Tutorial

A summary of seven methods for PHP to determine the image format. The code for determining the format of a file image using php is as follows :? Php?imgurlwww.jb51.netimageslogo.gif; Method 1 echo $ extstrrchr ($ imgurl,.); echohr; method php is

MyMathLib series (determining factor calculation 4 -- Vector part)

MyMathLib series (determining factor calculation 4 -- Vector part) 1) Remove a vector group and convert it into a step matrix. This is the basic algorithm for finding a large linear irrelevant group of a vector group. This method has been provided

CSS in the PT, PX, EM, ex, in and other such length units detailed description

In CSS style sheets, we often see such units of length such as PT, Px,em,ex,in, and so on. What do they mean, what's the difference?In CSS style sheets, the length units are divided into two types: Relative length units, such as PX, EM, etc.

The difference between the unit of CSS length-the difference between pt,px and cm

In CSS stylesheets, we often see the length units such as PT, Px,em,ex, in, and so on. What do they mean, what's the difference? I wrote another HTML example to test cm. In a CSS stylesheet, the length units are divided into two types: Relative

CSS length unit reference

In the CSS style sheet, we often see such length units as PT, PX, em, ex, in. What do they mean and what are the differences? In the CSS style sheet, the length unit is divided into two types: Unit of relative length, such as PX and em

Mouse picking for elements in direct3d

Today, I saw another good article posted on my blog and learned it... Mouse picking for elements in direct3d   By the greatest sword, the second Space Index: 1. What is pickup and what can it do? 2. Steps and Implementation of the pick-up operation

Mouse picking for elements in direct3d

Http:// is a more primitive article, where can I find a chance,However, I found that I am not suitable for thinking in the 3D world. I still need to study 2D image processing well.

Discussion on the message packet format on the Yunfeng blog

FW: Comment on the seemingly reasonable network packet protocol from the Internet There is a small project recently, and it seems that it can be completed quickly at the very

Python deletes list elements in iterators

It is very dangerous to remove list elements in iterators, because iterators refer directly to the data in the listCopy the list to the iterator, and then delete the original list is no problem.Pos=turtle.move () for each_fish in fish[:]: if Each_

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