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WIN10 System Dev Control registration

1. Normal Registration methodTo the Dxperience_10.2.8_crack folder, select the Register.bat file, right-click Run as Administrator, and complete the registration after executionNote: Win7 The following version of operating system permissions control

From win10 to win8, win10 to win8

From win10 to win8, win10 to win8 0. Damaged system hard disk Restoration Use ghost11.2 to back up drive C. Drive C is equipped with win8 64 (non-uefi mode) and ubuntu is installed in another partition. After restoration, the hard disk cannot be

Use DNW tool in Ubuntu: no/dev/secbulk0 found

DNW motives used in Ubuntu:First, did not use the Ubuntu DNW, wants to try. Second, because of changing the win10 system, afraid of win10 in the DNW Drive, think in Ubuntu without disabling digital signature what is more worry. (It turns out that it'

How to install the two-system detailed steps: Take Win10+centos as an example

I integrated the online many dual-system methods, at the same time on a variety of online version of the problem has been summed up, pictures from the Internet, allow me to steal a lazy, haha ...Assuming the WIN10 system is installed on the computer,

Win10 installing composer with Composer-setup and using composer to install YII2 latest version

1: Download Ca-bundle.crt and CACERT.PEM (see Navigation Bar--file)Put these two files in the PHP directoryAdd the path to the above two files in the 2:php.iniCurl.cainfo=c:/xampp/php/ca-bundle.crtOpenssl.cafile=c:/xampp/php/ca-bundle.crtWrite to

Maven JDK Win10

C:\users\dd>mvn-vapache maven 3.3.3 (7994120775791599e205a5524ec3e0dfe41d4a06; 2015-04-22t19:57:37+08:00) maven Home:d:\dev\java\mvn\bin\. Java version:1.8.0_51, vendor:oracle corporationjava home:d:\dev\java\jdk\8\jredefault locale:zh_cn, platform

Win10+go+beego Building User Management System

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Win10+go+beego Building User Management System After two days of study from scratch, go program user CRUD System finally build success, very good yo. Go Environment

WIN10 installation Configuration IIS + MySQL + Nginx + php7.1.7 method

This article to share is in the WIN10 system, installation configuration IIS + MySQL5.7.19 + nginx1.12.1 + php7.1.7 Detailed tutorials, very practical, the need for small partners can refer to the following Environment: VMWare Workstation

Install and configure IIS + MySQL + nginx + php7.1.7 and win10nginx in Win10

Install and configure IIS + MySQL + nginx + php7.1.7 and win10nginx in Win10 Environment: VMWare Workstation Player12 Windows 10 Pro x64 1. Install the system Vmware uses the fast install method to quickly complete the installation without any

Configure Cuckoo sandbox with Linux subsystem on WIN10

Original link: to this author's article, it is really convenient and quick to configure the environment. Here's a note on how to configure

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