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Android Chinese API collection (6) + developer guide collection (1) (chm format)

Here Preface The Android Chinese translation group is a non-profit open-source organization. More than 300 people have registered for the group. For more information about the translation group, see here. Welcome to join more friends, send an email to the to apply to join. We recommend that you download the Collection Client program with the automatic update function: the final version of the A

Android developer Guide (6) -- AIDL

Preface This chapter is the developer Guide (Dev Guide)/Developing/Tools/aidl, version Android2.3 r1, translated from "Mobile cloud _ Wenbin", welcome to its blog: " ", thanks again for "Mobile cloud _ Wenbin "! We look forward to your participation in translation of Android related information, contact me OriginalHttp://

Android Real-computer test, video phone enable developer mode

First, the Lego mobile phone to enable developer mode1. Enter settings for mobile phone, press 5 times, enter developer modeThe results appear as follows:2. Enable developer mode, and to enable USB debugging3. Deploy or debug Android references in VS, use a real-machine test

Samsung S3 939/9300 Android 4.3 How to open developer mode

Remember that the previous version of the developer options directly, and after the upgrade this option can not find, finally, found, good pit dad:Find "About Device" in "Settings", tap,The last line of "build number", Mad Point five or six, about the 34th time, there will be a small line of white hint: There are n steps to open the developer mode, in short, has

Android Developer Decorator Mode

1.Package test;Interface Dongwu {void Eat ();}2.Package test;public class Gou implements dongwu{public void Eat () {TODO auto-generated Method StubSystem.out.println ("I am a Puppy");}}3.Package test;public class Mao implements dongwu{@Overridepublic void Eat () {TODO auto-generated Method StubSystem.out.println ("I Am a kitten");}}4.Package test;public class Adongwu implements dongwu{Private Dongwu Dongwu;Public Adongwu (Dongwu Dongwu) {TODO auto-generated Constructor stubThis.dongwu = Dongwu;}

Java/android Design Patterns Learning notes (6)---adapter mode

, the interface is incompatible; You want to create a reusable class that works with some classes that are not much related to each other, including some that might be introduced in the future; A unified output interface is required, and the type of the input terminal is unpredictable. Depending on the situation, the adapter pattern is flexibly applied to the actual development.Summing up, the advantages of the Adapter model are basically clear: Better reusabilityThe system

"Android Developer Blog" Android N Developer Preview 2, out today! (APRIL 2016)

significantly improves the performance of Draw-call frequent applications. Vulkan reduces CPU overhead, making some composite benchmark programs up to 10 times times more draw-call than OpenGL es on a single core. A good API design with a single thread allows multiple cores to run efficiently in parallel, significantly improving the performance of Draw-call frequent applications. With Android N and Vulkan, you can try running

Ti_ble Software Developer Guide 6--l2cap (Notes) __ Reading notes

Texas Instruments CC2540/41Bluetooth®low EnergySoftware Developer ' s Guidev1.3.2Document number:swru271f "Low power consumption Bluetooth Development Authority Guide"Robin Heydon, Chen Zanfeng, Sheila translationMachinery Industry Press2014.6 ti_ble Software development notes 6-l2cap Ti_ble Software Development Notes 6-L2CAP background L2CAP channel L2CAP packe

Goose Factory 6 years in-service architect tells you how to become an iOS Daniel developer "Advanced article"

the outsourcing, unicorn start-up companies or large companies, can independently4, learn new technology to avoid ambitious or blind superstition big factory, forwarding or the special impression note can not improve their own, to the actual scene, the most important thing is to be able to land!Here is a small series with some iOS development of learning materials and interview questions, as for other information video I will not all, need to add my new group to collect 711413569Goose Factory

Liferay developer Mode

Mode. - Modification-based caching of web resources is disabled. - Velocity Templates for themes and journal articles are not cached, so changes will be applied immediately. Individual file loading of your styling and behaviors, combined with disabled caching for Web Resources and velocity templates, let's you see your changes more quickly when operating in developer

C # WeChat Development Series-1.0 enable developer mode,

. Please be careful when entering and selecting. The default encryption/Decryption mode is plain text. To select the compatible mode and security mode, you must configure the relevant encryption/decryption code in advance, for more information, see the message body signature and encryption/Decryption section (public message encryption/Decryption development docum

10074 Enable developer mode for VS2015RC

1. About VS2015RCThere are two versions, all of which contain the Windows SDK.Community Edition: Free to develop Windows UAP apps, iOS and Android apps. You can access a Microsoft account by signing up for a 180-day license by registering the Product menu in Help. It is said that the official version is permanently free.Enterprise Edition: The MSDN account charges the most powerful features. You can login to a Microsoft account for a maximum of 14 day

Go Developer Tutorial: How to post an Android app to the Google Play (Android Market) official marketplace

Original URL: a professional app developer site, there is no tutorial on how to post Android apps to Google Play, which is not allowed, and now we can share this article with more Android developers by leveraging the developer's contribution.Recommended Tutorials: How Apple developers publish apps to the Apple App Store tu

0. [WP Developer experience Andriod Development] install and configure Android Studio from scratch and write the first Android App, andriodandroid

0. [WP Developer experience Andriod Development] install and configure Android Studio from scratch and write the first Android App, andriodandroid0. required installation files I have been working on WP for a few years. Recently I am a little interested in Android. I will try Andr

Samsung Note3 mobile Phone How to turn on USB debugging mode (Developer option)?

If you want to turn on the hidden developer options and USB debugging options, follow these steps:1. Under the Standby page, click "Application". 2. Click "Set". 3. Click "General" and click "About Equipment". 4. Slide the mobile screen up and click on the "build number" seven times until the prompt "developer mode is enabled". 5. Click on the "

Samsung S3 neo+ i9308i How to activate the developer option? USB Debug Mode Open Tutorial

1. Before opening we need to activate the developer option, we click "Application" on the phone.2. Enter the application and click "Set".3. Then in the open setting we click on "General", and then slide up the screen, select "About the device" click the following figure. 4. Then we will see that there is a "build number", we only click on the continuous 7 times, will prompt "developer

Samsung J3 mobile phone activation developer option (open USB mode)? (J3109)

Note: Samsung mobile phone to open the USB mode can not be closed, if you want to close only to restore the factory set up, or you can not shut down of course, to restore the factory settings must be back up the data, so that the data is lost after the original data can be restored OH. 1. Under the Standby page, click "Application". 2. Click the "Set" option and click on it to open the entry effect as shown below. 3. Then

Android M Developer Preview, androiddeveloper

Android M Developer Preview, androiddeveloperAPI Overview The M Developer Preview gives you an advance look at the upcoming release for the Android platform, which offers new features for users and app developers. This document provides an introduction to the most notable APIs. The release of the coming

15 must-know Android developer options

Android developer options, it seems very simple things, in fact, a lot of students do not know enough about it, Google is well-intentioned for us to design so many small switches have its role, today also took a bit of time, over the all over 30 switches, There are 15 options that help you compare your daily Android development.It should be noted that different R

12 Best Android Developer E-Book strong recommendations

ability to solve a variety of difficult problems.So you can build high-quality Android apps. As translators are experienced Android development engineers, the authors carefully summarize the 50 classic issues that will be encountered in Android application development,These issues relate to layouts, animations, views, tools, lists, adapters, utility libraries, i

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