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How to make a phone call with an ipad? How to use the ipad video phone (1/2)

1. FaceTime can be used for video telephony via a wireless network. Use a frontal camera for face-to-face conversation, or use a back camera to share people or things around you. To use FaceTime, you need to connect the ipad 2 to the wireless network. The contact you are calling must also have an IOS device or computer that can use FaceTime and is networked. Second Step

Can I upgrade ios8.2 to iPad 2/3/4? Upgrade ios8.2 card for iPad 2/3/4 or not?

Can I upgrade ios8.2 to iPad 2/3/4?The ios8.2 system supports the upgrade of ios8.2 for ipad 2 for iPad 3 for iPad miniiPad 4. The details are as follows:IPad 4IPad 4 (generation model A1458) WIFI (iPad3, 4)

As a result of last week's conference, iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2 were released

The fan quota of the iPad mini seems to have maintained its product loyalty to a certain extent, because hundreds of thousands of iPad Mini 3 consumers have previously used other iPad Mini products. Of course, all of the above figures have integrated the sales of iPad products on slice's IoT platform.In fact, as early

How can I view the serial number of iPad Air2? IPad air 2 serial number viewing tutorial

1) view the serial number in the iPad Air 2 boxThe serial number is displayed on the back of the new iPad Air 2 package, as shown in the following figure.2) in iPad Air 2Click "settings"> "general"> "about

2 Most popular ipad graphics software and pens for designers

The IPad Pro release, designers can also work overtime on the subway, although not as strong as the Wacom board, but to meet the needs of the daily drawing is enough. Here are 2 of the most popular ipad graphics software and 2 pens for students in need.   Master of Painting (Procreate–sketch, Paint, Create) This popu

Kindle 2 and iPad are not zero-sum games

Two colleagues asked me if I was interested in kindle within a month, and I suddenly realized that this was a question worth studying. A certain award of the company needs to buy a gift for reimbursement, so I did not care about the just-released iPad. Yesterday I bought a Kindle 2. Steve Jobs made Amazon a "giant on the shoulders", meaning that Apple's iPad is o

BlackBerry PlayBook or inability to withstand iPad 2

The popular BlackBerry fans and the tablet PlayBook favored by RIM have recently encountered a "deep dive" dilemma: the launch soon announced the recall of thousands of hosts, because users had trouble working on the screen while loading protocols, this step is a required program for user registration and cannot be completed, which means that the PlayBook in hand is useless. At present, RIM is stepping up its replacement of these devices, hoping to rekindle users' confidence in its resistance to

Stanford Open Class: ipad and iphone App development (iOS5) Learning Note 2

storyboard is not clearNeither model nor view has a controller reference, and view communicates with the controller only through the action (that is, the callback method)Several knowledge points of objective-c contactNSObject, Java-like object, the base class for all classesNSString, the String class, is an important basic class | @ "" Constant stringNsmutablearray, array data structureNSLogUibutton,uilable and other interface controls@property @synthesizeGetter SetterLazy Instanciation in Get

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