difference between chop and chomp

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Introduction to the use of Chomp in Perl (CHOP and chomp function differences) _perl

Example: Copy Code code as follows: #!/bin/perl Print "Please input a string and a number by order!\n"; $the _string=<>; $the _numb=<>; Print "The result is \ n"; Print "$the _string" x "$the _numb"; Results:The

Ruby Learning Notes (2) the difference between-chomp,chop

Not yet a systematic study of Ruby, recently looking at the Metasploit framework of the exploit will involve the Ruby script, it would be very hard to check the data once again to make some notes.There are built-in functions for chop and chomp in

The difference between chomp and chop in Perl _perl

Chomp is used to remove line breaks. Copy Code code as follows: #!/usr/bin/perl $c = "ABCDE"; Chomp ($c); print "$c \ n"; [Root@ak]# Perl a.pl Abcde Chop is used to delete the last character. Copy Code

Common use of string processing functions in Ruby _ruby special case

1. Returns the length of the string Copy Code code as follows: Str.length => Integer 2. Determine if the string contains another string Copy Code code as follows: Str.include? Other_str => True or False

Perl's classic usage sharing _perl

Open the file with the open () function The common ways to open files are: Copy Code code as follows: Open (FH, "Or die "couldn ' t open $filename for reading: $!"; The open () function usually comes with two arguments, the

Ruby strings, symbols, numbers, dates

String The two classes, String and Symbol, provide the ability to represent text and work with text. The two classes are very different. String representation A string is generally wrapped in a set of quotation marks: "That's a string."Single

Basic perl syntax

I. Data Types(Data type): Perl has four data types: Scalar (variable), Scalar Array (Array), Hash Array (Hash), and References (pointer ), it seems to be rare, but it is more than enough to use it. Especially when writing Perl programs, you do not

Perl function set

I. Process processing functions 1. Process startup Function Function Name eval Call the syntax eval (string) Describe the stringPerlStatement execution. After the command is correctly executed, the system variable $ @ is an empty string. If an error

Getting Started with Perl (i) basic types and operators for Perl

Before studying the basics of Perl, we would like to have a chance to see the following Perl introduction. Baidu Encyclopedia First, basic types of Perl The basic type of per is divided into two types: numeric type and string type. Numeric types can

Common Perl functions 2

Perl Common function set 2 I. Process processing functions1. Process startup FunctionFunction Name evalCall the syntax eval_r (string)The description regards string as a Perl statement execution.After the command is correctly executed, the

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