difference between nil and null

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The difference between ios-nil,nil,null

I. Brief description1.nil is used to assign values to objects (any object in objective-c is of type ID)2.NULL assigns any pointer, null and nil are not interchangeable3.nil for Class pointer assignment (in OBJECTIVE-C the class is an object and is

IOS about nil and nil and the difference between null and <null>

The problem is this.Nsdictionary *sample = [nsjsonserialization jsonobjectwithdata:received options:nsjsonreadingmutableleaves Error: &*messageinfo = [Sample objectforkey:@ "message"];Sample is a dictionary, Messsageinfo is obtained from the

[Swift, OC] Talk about the difference between nil, nil, NULL, Nsnull

We all know that nil, nil, NULL, nsnull are all empty but what is the difference, I believe that we have little attention. Today we're going to talk a little bit about the difference between these few empty1. NilNil generally refers to the empty

The difference between nil, nil, NULL, Nsnull

NIL: A null pointer to an object that assigns a null value to the objective C ID object.Nil: A null pointer to a class that represents a null value for the class.NULL: A null pointer to another type (for example, base type, C type) to assign a null

The difference between nil, nil, null and nsnull in OBJECTIVE-C

Nil: A null pointer to an Objective-c object.(#define NIL ((ID) 0))Nil represents a Objective-c object with a pointer to an emptyNil: A null pointer to an OBJECTIVE-C class.The first capital of nil and nil is a bit different, nil defines a pointer

The difference between classes and objects in iOS and Nil,nil,null

I. Classes and objectsConcepts of classes and objects:1. A class is a highly abstract class that defines the static properties (attributes) and dynamic properties (methods) that this class of objects should have.2. An object is an instance of a

Nil, Nil, NULL, and NSNull in Objective C. nilnsnull

Nil, Nil, NULL, and NSNull in Objective C. nilnsnull Kenyo's original statement is: the estimation of IOS development is a headache for Objective-C's memory management mechanism. Accidentally, the program will leak memory, and I am no exception, A

The difference between Nil, NULL, Nil, and Nsnull in iOS

1.nil >defines the ID of a null instance. Defines an instance that is empty, pointing to an empty pointer to an object in OC. > Sample code: NSString *somestring = nil; Nsurl *someurl = nil; ID someobject = nil; if (Anotherobject = = nil)//do

The difference between nil, nil, null and Nsnull

1.nil pointer to an object is empty the definition in objc.h is as follows:#ifndef nil# if __has_feature (cxx_nullptr) # define nil nullptr# else# define nil __darwin_null# endif#endifObject in objective-c for ID typeNSString *name = nil; Nsurl

On the difference between nil and null and nsnull and related issues

1, nil and null from the literal meaning to understand the simpler, nil is an object, and null is a value, I understand that nil is to set the object to NULL, and NULL is the basic type is set to empty, the personal feel a bit like the attribute,

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