difference between object and object reference in java

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"Reprint" JAVA object reference, and object assignment

Let's first clarify the difference between the object and the reference, for illustrative purposes, we define a simple class: Public class Person { int age ;}With this template, you can use it to create objects:Person person=person ();Usually the

Java garbage collection JVM concept-Java object size and reference type

Document directory (1) do not explicitly call system. GC () (2) minimize the use of temporary objects (3) it is best to explicitly set the object to null when it is not used. (4) Try to use stringbuffer instead of string to accumulate the

Talking about static methods and static properties and Java object References and JVM automatic memory management from the perspective of JVM memory management

Try to talk about static methods and static properties from the point of view of the JVM's memory management principles, please correct me where it is wrong. (joezheng123.javaeye.com/blog/264695)The JVM's memory is divided into two parts: Stack and

Pointers in Java, references, and object clone

One advantage of Java is that it removes the pointer concept, but many programmers often ignore the difference between objects and references in programming. This article will try to clarify this concept. In addition, Java cannot solve the problem

Java object-oriented Features Summary, java object-oriented

Java object-oriented Features Summary, java object-oriented   Object-oriented features in Java (Good summary) [Thinking Before class]1. What is an object? What is a class? What is a

Java Strong reference Soft reference weak reference virtual reference

Https://www.cnblogs.com/yw-ah/p/5830458.htmlJava four types of references include strong references, soft references, weak references, and virtual references.Strong references:The garbage collector will never recycle as long as the reference

The distinction between Java and C + + in the basic concept of surface object

First, IntroductionAs we all know, C + + and Java are today's two mainstream object-oriented language, for the pros and cons of the two languages, everyone has their own different views, the more consistent view is that C + + is a compiled

Java concurrency Programming (ii) object invariant and secure publication object

First, invarianceAnother way to meet synchronization requirements is to use immutable objects (immutable object).So far, we've covered a lot of issues related to atomicity and visibility, such as getting failure data. Loss of update operations or

Java object-oriented face question

List of interview questions:First, Javase common face questions1, Static and final difference? When you use the final keyword to decorate a variable,Is the reference immutable, or does the referenced object not change?2. What is the difference

The difference between reflection mechanism and Class.forName, instance object, Class (attribute), instance object GetClass () in Java (GO)

First, the reflection mechanism of JavaEach Java program must be compiled, loaded, connected, and initialized prior to execution, with the following three phases such as:whichI, load refers to the compiled Java class file (that is, the. class file)

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