difference between series 1 and 3 apple watch

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What is the difference between the Apple watch standard version and the sports version? which is better for you?

sapphire, with IPhone6 mobile phone home Key's Touch ID protects the glass material. Sapphire is considered to be the hardest transparent material besides diamonds, and it is very good to prevent and scratch.   Sports version Sport   The Movement version Sport uses the anodized aluminum shell, this material is bigger than the standard alloy hardness 60%, It is also the Apple three intelligent watch model

How many versions of Apple watch? What's the difference?

How many versions of Apple watch? What's the difference?There are 3 versions, namely: Apple Watch (stainless steel case, sapphire crystal, ceramic caseback) Apple

The combination of the ring-letter SDK and Apple Watch (3)

: (wkinterfacetable *) Table RowIndex: ( Nsinteger) RowIndex;in WkinterfacecontrollerThe code example in the previous step has given the wkinterfacetable how to use it, see Demo for specific code.5, each individual page has been written, now want to let them move up.WatchKit provides three types of page navigation.The first kind UINavigationController of control of a similar stack of navigation, the corresponding interface-(void) Pushcontrollerwithname: (NSString *) name context: (ID) context;

Apple-watch Development 1

Communicating between the IOS app and the Watch ExtensionThere is four scenarios, where an app and a extension might wish to communicate: Watch extension to suspended/terminated IOS app-use +[wkinterfacedevice openparentapplication:reply:] If you NE Ed to ' Wake up ' your IOS app. If you simply need to leave data in a place for your IOS apps to find it later and then you should write it into the shared

Two integers, n and m, take a few random numbers from the series 1, 2, 3 ...... n to make it m, Series 3... n

Two integers, n and m, take a few random numbers from the series 1, 2, 3 ...... n to make it m, Series 3... n /* Enter two numbers m and n, from the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 ,..... n: select

Xamarin IOS series tutorial 1: Install black apple and xamarinios

Xamarin IOS series tutorial 1: Install black apple and xamarinios After some ideological struggles and struggles, we finally chose to use Xamarin to develop cross-platform mobile applications. You can search for other blog posts for the benefits and advantages, because the family is poor and has a crush on it, I don't want to buy an

How does iphone6 plus get into DFU mode? Apple 6 fast into the DFU mode method (1/3)

Before the tutorial begins, we need to understand the two key keys to entering DFU-the power and home keys, which are located at the top of the iphone and below the screen, as shown below. Normal restoration of Law I. 1, turn your iphone off. 2, at the same time press and hold the switch machine keys and home keys. 3, when you see the white

There is a fractional sequence: 2/1, 3/2, 5/3, 8/5, 13/8, 21/13... find the sum of the first 20 items of this series

# Include }/* The numerator behind the score is equal to the numerator plus the denominator of the previous score, and the denominator of the subsequent score is equal to the numerator with the previous score */ There is a fractional sequence: 2/1, 3/2, 5/3, 8/5, 13/8, 21/13... find the sum of the first 20 items of this se

[Spark Asia Pacific Research Institute Series] the path to spark practice-Chapter 1 building a spark cluster (Step 3) (1)

. Modify environment variables: Go to the configuration file as shown in: Press "I" to enter the insert mode and add the scala environment compiling information, as shown in: From the configuration file, we can see that we have set "scala_home" and set the scala bin directory to path. Press the "ESC" key to return to normal mode, save and exit the configuration file: Run the following command to modify the configuration file: 4. display the installed Scala version on the terminal,

Difference between a + 1 and & amp; A + 1 in int A [3]; -- C

Int A [3]; The address of a is the same as that of . A + 1 = a + 1 * sizeof (INT); Skip is the size of an array element A + 1 = a + 3 * sizeof (INT); the Skip value indicates the size of the entire array. # Include Difference

Matlab programming and application series-Chapter 1 matrix operations (3)

. (Example 3.21) logical operationIn the command window, enter the following content to generate the matrices A and B:gt;gt; A=[1 2 3 4 5;5 3 4 8 5;6 8 7 6 9;2 6 8 2 1;2 7 9 3 9];gt;gt; B=[5 3 4 8 5;6 8 7 6 9;2 6 8 2 1;2 7 9 3 9

Emacs series tutorials (3): editing (1)

Emacs series tutorials (1): basic usage Learning Emacs series tutorial (2): navigation The last time I talked about how to move the cursor in Emacs, this will introduce how to edit text in Emacs.The core function of any text editing software is to edit text, and Emacs is no exception. Although it also has many other powerful skills, it is inseparable from tex

Big Data DDoS detection--ddos attack is essentially time series data, t+1 time data characteristics and T time strong correlation, so using hmm or CRF to do detection is inevitable! And a sentence of the word segmentation algorithm CRF no difference!

reduces the traffic between the detection nodes, and improves the system operating efficiency. 3. Design and implement the prototype system of DDoS detection experiment based on machine learning, including the single point detection module based on HMM and the distributed cooperative detection mechanism based on adaptive learning. In the context of LAN, this paper simulates and detects DDoS attacks with the above experimental prototype system, and ve

TCP/IP protocol details volume 1 Study Notes series 3-IP Routing

TCP/IP protocol details volume 1 Study Notes series 3-IP Routing Chapter 9 IP routing This chapter describes the basis of the TCP/IP protocol cluster. IP routing ensures that the correct transmission path can be found for the datagram. If it cannot be found, the sender will be notified of a failure to issue the message. The information used in the route finding p

"iOS interview Series-1" The meaning and difference of @property after assign,copy,retain,weak,strong in iOS (mandatory-must be mastered in detail)

variable does not need to be strongly referenced, use assign and weak can, for example some delegate, otherwise use strongThe base type can only use Assign,assigin for non-OC objects, whereas weak must be used for OC objectsblock and weak differences__block can be used in either ARC or MRC mode, can be decorated with objects, and can also be decorated with basic data types.__weak can only be used in Arc mode, can only be decorated with objects (nsstring), and cannot be decorated with basic data

PHP learning series (1) -- string processing functions (3), php function _ PHP Tutorial-php Tutorial

PHP learning series (1) -- string processing functions (3), php functions. PHP learning series (1) -- String Processing function (3), php function 11, crc32 () function to calculate the crc32 polynomial of a string. 32-bit cyclic

Half-line code is used to generate the number of series (1, 2, 3... N), half-line

Half-line code is used to generate the number of series (1, 2, 3... N), half-line Usage @{Sn: key name [= int]} Function: each key name generates 1, 2, 3 ...... [= Int] (optional) value of n series. It is used to initialize

Do the Project series (3): Mini QQ (1)-------enable clients to chat with each other

parameter to complete the cooperation, the method of transmission is through the constructor, some through the attribute injection, the novice friends can compare their own two ways to apply the occasion.2. One of the refactoring is that the code is basically the same when chatting with both the message and the message received, so I refactor it. As for when to refactor, how to refactor, the novice friends can learn a lot of their own.These two points are usually in the project often encountere

LDAP-Series-1-Chapter-3-PHP-LDAP-php tutorial

LDAP-Series-1-Chapter-3-PHP-LDAPIfyouwanttousePHPwithldap.Youhavetoaddtheextensionlib. (ldap. so) GototheinstallfileofPHP. $ cdoptphp-5.4.5extldap $ us LDAP-Series-1-Chapter-3-PHP-LDAP If you want to use PHP with ldap. You have t

Number of series generated (1, 2, 3 ... N) Application Examples

Take the series number @{sn:favorite}, put in the bag docIf the number of series@{doc:we_id}Is null, the maximum value of the primary key we_id field of the Favorite_base table is queried for initialization.@{sn:favorite=@{pk:favorite_id}}Number of seriesInsert the system number and the related content separatelyFavorite_base、Favorite_userIn the tableFull codeFile (blog_add_save.chtml) in the Site/blog dire

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