difference between string and char

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The difference between Sql-char and Varchar,nvarchar

Comparison of data typesChar represents a fixed length, and the longest n-word varchar represents the actual length of the data type, such as: if it is a char type, when you enter a character that is less than the length, then a space is added, but

The difference between Char and signed char, unsigned char

First, start One of the troubling questions today is the difference between Char and signed char, unsigned char. between two or three people 1.ANSI C provides 3 character types, namely Char, signed char, and unsigned char. Instead of just two types

A summary of the differences between Char *s and Char s[]

There are many C procedures, in the communication with the new members of the project found that generally for Char *s1 and Char s2[] know there are misunderstandings (think no difference), resulting in sometimes "difficult to understand" error. A

Wchar_t *, wchar_t, wchat_t array, Char, char *, char array, STD: String, STD: wstring, cstring, and system ("comman

About wchar_t In the C ++ standard, wchar_t is a wide character type. Each wchar_t type occupies 2 bytes and has a 16-bit width. Wchar_t is required for the representation of Chinese characters. Char, we all know, occupies a byte, 8-bit width.

The difference between a byte and char of an Oracle varchar2 or char type

Oracle defines string types VARCHAR2 and char specify the length of the usage as follows:VARCHAR2 ( ) is a number between 1~4000 that represents up to 4000 bytes of storage space.char ( ) is a number between 1~2000 that represents up to 2000 bytes

Deep char *, char * *, Char a[], Char *a[]

1 The nature of the array An array is a collection of multiple elements that are distributed in memory in an address-connected cell, so that you can access elements of different cells by its subscript. 2 pointers. A pointer is also a

char varchar varchar2 difference (RPM)

Char varchar varchar2 the difference http://blog.csdn.net/honglei_zh/article/details/7172538Difference:1. The length of the char is fixed, and the length of the VARCHAR2 is changeable, for example, storing the string "abc", for Char (20), which

Analysis of the difference between char and varchar in MySQL

Original URL: The difference between char and varchar in http://www.jb51.net/article/23575.htmmysql font: [Increase decrease] type: reprinted in MySQL tutorial the difference between char and varchar,  are used to store strings, except that they are

Difference between unsigned char and char

Character values of Type unsigned char have a range from 0 to 0xff hexadecimal. A signed Char has range 0x80 to 0x7f. these ranges translate to 0 to 255 decimal, and-128 to + 127 decimal, respectively. the/J compiler option changes the default from

The difference between a string pointer (char*) and a character array (char [])

Original: http://www.blogbus.com/kavine-logs/29243638.htmlToday in the writing of a few small functions, half-day adjustment, long-term non-use of C + + knowledge is almost forgotten, hurriedly pick up to deal with the upcoming candidates.void Main (

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