difference between system and exec in perl

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What is Perl? Programming language Perl detailed introduction to _perl

Perl's original designer was Larry Wall (Larry Wall), which was published on December 18, 1987. Perl borrows the features of C, sed, awk, shell scripting, and many other programming languages. Larry Wall Published version 1.0 of the Perl scripting

Basic perl syntax

I. Data Types(Data type): Perl has four data types: Scalar (variable), Scalar Array (Array), Hash Array (Hash), and References (pointer ), it seems to be rare, but it is more than enough to use it. Especially when writing Perl programs, you do not

Common Perl functions 2

Perl Common function set 2 I. Process processing functions1. Process startup FunctionFunction Name evalCall the syntax eval_r (string)The description regards string as a Perl statement execution.After the command is correctly executed, the

How Perl calls external commands and how they differ

The main methods are summarized as follows:1.System ("command");Using this command will open a child process to execute the command in quotation marks, and the parent process will wait for the child process to end and continue executing the

Perl function set

I. Process processing functions 1. Process startup Function Function Name eval Call the syntax eval (string) Describe the stringPerlStatement execution. After the command is correctly executed, the system variable $ @ is an empty string. If an error

Fork and exec in Linux

Anyone who has learned C language knows that the memory of a process in UNIX is divided into three parts:CodeSegment, stack segment, and data segment. Code segments are used to storeProgramThe Running code, the stack segment is used to store the

Step-by-step building IoT system--gnu/linux powerful and free

Gnu/linux Powerful and freeWhat is LinuxLinux is a free and open source Unix-like operating system kernel. There are many different Linux distributions that can be installed on a wide variety of computer hardware devices, from phones, tablets,

Find and xargs Linux file search commands

Conclusion: zhy2111314 is from linuxsir. org sorting: Summary of North South and North South: This article is a detailed description of the find command, valuable is to give a lot of examples for parameters, a large number of examples, so that

How can we explain the relationship between CGI, FastCGI, and php-fpm in general?

In apache, PHP can be called using the php5_module module. In nginx, php-fpm is required. What are the differences between the two call methods? What are their relationships with cgi and fastcgi? In apache, PHP can be called using the php5_module

"Linux process creation, execution, monitoring and termination" __linux

Overview This article mainly describes the process of Linux under the relevant operations, and later will write an article on the Linux thread operation. These two articles and I have to finish an article (IPC communication under Linux) to form a

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