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How does thinkphp pass values between different functions of different Action classes?

How does thinkphp pass values between different functions of different Action classes? I use ThinkPHP to log on to the page. log on to the page and submit the form to action = & quot ;__ APP _/Index/login_do & quot;. then, I wrote the login_do

Python uses "reflection" to implement different URLs pointing to different functions for processing (reflection application One)

1. Brief summaryThe following defines three different modules for testing, with login () and logout () in the account.py module, and index () in the admin.py module. In this case, the access to a URL is simulated by accessing a different URL to

Analyze the key sequence for different functions. However, it is abstracted from it. For the moment, it is unknown that it can be used for other purposes.

// The following is an abstract class. It mainly looks at the fact that only the logic code contains a very specific type such as keys, which is uncomfortable. It may be used as something else.Using system. collections. generic; namespace

Asp. NET Tutorial: web page form multiple buttons to complete different functions

There are times when you need multiple buttons on a form to perform different functions, such as a simple approval function. If you're using WebForm it doesn't need to be discussed, but a form in asp.net MVC can only be submitted to one action,

Are there any different functions for these two SQL statements?

What are the different functions of these two SQL statements? 2 @ mysql_query (& quot; UPDATEusersSETs_abc0WHEREuskuku & quot;); mysql_query (& quot; UPDATEusersSETs_abc0WHEREuskuku & quot;) in the PHP file is an additional @ number, is there any

C Language sets up a function process to implement different functions when calling it ., Function process

C Language sets up a function process to implement different functions when calling it ., Function process // Kailu garji-blog Park Co., http://www.cnblogs.com/kailugaji/. Enter a, B, the first call of process to find the maximum value, the second

jquery in $.load (), $.get (), $.post (), $.ajax (), $.getjson () with different functions

This five is a way to get pages or data.are based on the AJAX protocol.$.get (Url,[data],[callback])// Description: loading data from the server, request is get. URL is request addressData is a list of the requestsCallback is the callback function

The different functions of html:align in table

Align properties:1. When the table label is set:align= "center" border= "1">.... Table >Specifies that the table label is relative to the other element's position and is deprecated. You can use the Float property of CSS instead2. TR

Solve the problem of multiple function execution when you click html button to switch and bind different functions _ javascript skills

This article mainly introduces how to solve the problem of how to execute multiple functions when the html button is switched to bind different functions and then clicked. If you need a friend, you can refer to the reason for rejection when deleting

thinkphp how to pass values between different functions of different action classes

thinkphp how to pass values between different functions in different action classes I use thinkphp to do the login page. The landing page submits the form to action= "__app__/index/login_do", then I wrote the Login_do function in the Indexaction

Ask these two SQL statements, what are the different functions?

What are the different functions of these two SQL statements? 2 sentences in PHP file @mysql_query ("UPDATE users SET s_abc=0 WHERE us= ' Kuku '"); mysql_query ("UPDATE users SET s_abc=0 WHERE us= ' Kuku '"); Just one more @, can you tell me

Python code blocks for different functions

• functions as parametersImport Mathdef add (x,y,f):return f (x) + f (Y)Print Add (25,36,MATH.SQRT)•map () function Map () is a Python built-in high-order function that receives a function f and a list, and then, by putting the function f on each

Solve the problem of multiple functions executed when the html button is switched to bind different functions and then clicked

To delete a post or lock a post, you must enter the reason for rejection, share a window, and bind a button to a different event:Title = 'delete a post (blocked or not displayed )';Copy codeThe Code is as follows:$ ('# Btn_ OK', '# div_deny_reason').

Python interface and C language have different functions (1)

Under normal circumstances, the python interface of OpenCV is basically the same as the C language interface. however, some functions and struct may be different when python interfaces are difficult to implement. the following is a detailed

How to implement different functions in a project into different log files [log4net]

The Config configuration file is as follows: XML version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8" ?> Configuration > Configsections > Section Name = "Log4net" Type = "Log4net. config. log4netconfigurationsectionhandler,

Javascript Note: differences between different functions in Javascript

See todayJavascriptA summary of the experience is as follows: InJavascriptDefine a function in two ways: The first is:Function FTN (){} The other is: Var FTN = function (){}. The two statements are equivalent. But before

The two statements have different functions for the same stored procedure.

type 1: Conn. open (); sqlcommand cmd = new sqlcommand (" addnews ", Conn); cmd. commandtype = commandtype. storedprocedure; cmd. parameters. add (New sqlparameter ("@ ID", sqldbtype. int, 4); cmd. parameters. add (New sqlparameter ("@

Solve the HTML button switch binding different functions after the click to perform multiple function problems _javascript tips

Delete Posts and lock posts need to fill out the reason for rejection, sharing a window, and buttons, buttons to bind different events: title = ' Delete post (screen, do not show) '; Copy Code code as follows: $ (' #btn_ok ', ' #div_deny_

On the different functions of black box test and white box test in Software Testing _ White box test

With the maturity of the software market, people's expectation of the function of software is more and more high, China's software enterprises have become more and more aware of the importance of software testing, and gradually increase the software

Java multi-interface application skills

  Java has a clear rule when designing interfaces and class rules. Java does not support multi-inheritance of classes (implementations), but supports multi-inheritance of interfaces (definitions. I do not know the original intention of this design,

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