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Red, yellow, blue three-color ball each 8, take out 9, request each color ball at least one, ask how many different ways?

The corresponding parent function is: The coefficients for which 9 corresponding combinations are taken, i.e. Two Chinese ellipsis is shift+^ (Chinese), or three decimal points (either in English or Mandarin). The problem is not difficult, the error point is as follows: 1. How many methods do you ask? is not the number of permutations, then it is not necessary to multiply the inverse of factorial, i.e. x^n/n! is wrong. 2. The 2nd is the problem of calculation, unfolding is unrealistic, such as

Red webpage color matching recommendation and text color matching

Red is the top choice in web design, and red is divided into a variety of red, such as red, red ...... How should we match these different "red" products? Which colors can make it more

On three kinds of "imitation color" patterns in GIF indexed color images

express the original image. So, is it necessary to use more color to produce a better transition effect? Not necessarily, we can select different color-copying options in the Settings box, and you will see the following effect. It was obvious that the color transition had softened. Note the number of colors in th

Photoshop to pull out the color of the image classic dark red texture color

Pull out the color of the image classic dark red texture color The tutorial is a classic technique for image revision. The author in the beautification of the picture is not only the color palette, but also includes pictures of the picture changes, such as the tutorial in the characters around the petals and so on, en

Web Design Color Application Example: Red system analysis

In the application of the color of the Web page, according to the content of the theme of the demand, the pure use of red mainly colors of the site is relatively small, mostly for auxiliary color, eye-color, to foil, eye-catching effect. They are usually mixed with other colors. In this paper, the application examples

Men and women are two completely different kinds of people.

men and women are two completely different kinds of people. Woman's character man can not guess, man's character woman also difficult to understand. Therefore, as a woman to understand men, first of all to understand the character of men, so as to know the man, can affect their feelings. for women, it is important to understand the character of a man, no matter how difficult and frustrating you encounter in

A case study of the application of Web design color matching: Red Department explanation

The color of the red feeling warm, strong and outgoing character, is a kind of irritating to the people of the colors. Red is easy to arouse the attention of people, but also easy to make people excited, excited, nervous, impulsive, or an easy cause of human visual fatigue color. In many colors,

Single color in web design: Passionate red

wide use, even a little bit will play a big role. Take a look at the two movie posters below. They're positioned in two completely different audiences, but they all use red to grab our attention. "Burn after Reading" (the design is a respect for the Saul Bass) uses a large red background and large bright-colored fonts. It looks optimistic. "The Dark Knight (B

Linux System file Color: Default color representation for different types of files

------------------display Mode 1----------------------White: Indicates normal fileBlue: Indicates directoryGreen: Represents an executable fileRed: Indicates compressed fileLight blue: Link fileFlashing red: There is a problem with the linked fileYellow: Indicates device file, including block, Char, FIFOGray: Indicates other filesUse Dircolors-p to see the default color settings, including various colors an

118, through solid to define the color of different borders, you can only define a border color

The following is the right border of the set button and the color of the bottom border is red and the frame size is 3DP, such as:Create a new Buttonstyle.xml file in drawable with the following contents:XML version= "1.0" encoding= "UTF-8"?> layer-listxmlns:android= "Http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"> Hyphen Color Value -Item> Shape>

Codeforces Round 273 (Div 2) D DP-roll array red-green towers two color blocks for top-jagged floors The total number of colors of each layer is the same as that of the item bank-CF

D. Red-green Towers time limit/test 2 seconds memory limit per test 256 megabytes input standard input output standard Output There are r red and G green blocks for construction of the Red-green tower. Red-green Tower can be built following next Rules:red-green tower is consisting of some number of levels; Let the

Good photo post-processing let your lotus different red

Use good photos to handle the lotus, make your photos different. The following is a contrast diagram. Before processing: The traditional green red color, the color is bright but the meaning is less. After processing: ink color background, the delicate lotus in the whole

Different conversion formulas of RGB Color Space

During image processing, we generally use RGB space, but in some special cases, we also use other color spaces. This article mainly introduces some common color space concepts and conversion formulas. The essence of color is a light wave. It exists because there are three entities: Light, observed object, and observer. The human eye uses

How to display text of different colors in a TextView, textview color text

How to display text of different colors in a TextView, textview color text In the weipinhui app, we can see that some text controls in it can display texts of different colors. This effect looks pretty good. First: In fact, a TextView control is used to display the text. The text content is implemented in html format. The Code is as follows: Text. setText

What the different color files in Linux mean

The meaning of the Linux file color blue represents the directory green represents the executable file red indicates the compressed file light blue indicates that the link file gray indicates that the other file is flashing red indicates that the linked file has a problem. yellow indicates device file Blue File----------DirectoryWhite documents----------General d

Set the rows in the DataGrid that meet the criteria to a different background color (WinForm).

each cell. Columntextcolumn.checkcellcolor + = new Cellcoloreventhandler (setcolorvalues); TABLESTYLE.GRIDCOLUMNSTYLES.ADD (Columntextcolumn); } DataGrid1.TableStyles.Clear (); DATAGRID1.TABLESTYLES.ADD (TableStyle); DataGrid1.DataSource = _dataset.tables["Customers"]; } public void Setcolorvalues (object sender, Datagridcellcoloreventargs e) { Sets the related row to a different background color,

DevExpress implementing cells to display different styles (color, font, alignment, size, etc.) based on criteria

1. The DevExpress Control Library is popular because it encapsulates many common things into attributes. Some simple configurations can be used to show some of the previous effects that require large chunks of code to be implemented. Here is a implementation of the "second column of data in table 000010 and table 000015 between the row label red, of course, you can also set the font color non-cell backgroun

DDLog-printing information of different colors and ddlog-color printing

DDLog-printing information of different colors and ddlog-color printing (1) download and install 1. Install the plug-in XcodeColors Github link: https://github.com/robbiehanson/XcodeColors Open the XcodeColors project and compile it. It will install XcodeColors. xcplugin on your computer. The specific path is :~ /Library/Application Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/Plug-ins/XcodeColors. xcplugin (you can take

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