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Browsing programs with tags

When editing programs, there is often a need to jump to another location, for example, to see how a function is defined. to help, VIM uses a tags file that lists each word you are likely to want, and their locations (file path and line number ).

The role of different weight tags in html in the SEO

When we are in the layout page, emphasis on the page of a keyword will often use an emphasis on HTML tags, such as h tags, strong tags, em tags, and so on, search engines for these tags are also more important, different HTML weight tags, have

Example analysis using tags to improve the Google site included

Compared to Baidu's collection of slow, and Google presents a contrary attitude, the general new station even if not to do outside the chain, Google will be indexed within three days, even a home page is the same. But there are some webmaster said

Display Mode of html tags (Block-level tags, intra-row tags, intra-row block tags) and Label display mode

Display Mode of html tags (Block-level tags, intra-row tags, intra-row block tags) and Label display mode During the lecture today, we talked about the tag display mode in html, which is roughly divided into block-level labels and intra-Row labels.

RFID tags can be divided into low frequency (LF), high frequency (HF), and ultra high frequency (UHF)

For an RFID system, the concept of Frequency Band refers Frequency Range of tag signals sent, received, and read by the reader through an antenna . In terms of application concept, the operating frequency of the RF tag, that is, the operating

The tags in emacs org mode are all reference

The best way to correlate cross-information is to label it. The org mode of Emacs is very powerful in supporting tags.Each title can contain a list of tags at the end. Labels consist of letters, numbers, ' _ ' and ' @ '. There must be a colon before

PHP implementation of closing HTML tags, PHP complement HTML tags _php tutorial

PHP implementation of closed HTML tags, PHP complement HTML tags The example in this article describes the HTML tags that PHP implements to close. Share to everyone for your reference, as follows: Most of the time, when we make a fuss about

Mvc4+easyui-based Web development Framework Experience Summary (1)-Display selection records using the jquery Tags Input plugin

Recently spent a lot of time in refactoring and further refining my web development framework, and strive to in the user experience and interface design, and WinForm development framework to maintain consistency, while on the web, I mainly use

ios--Click Sectionheader to jump, different sectionheader tags are different

Recently asked the first few sectionheader to jump interface, different sectionheader have the same title, as shown in the figure:Shanghai Expo that piece is Sectionheader click to jump, and there are two sections each section content is different,

One of the innovations in HTML 5: Semantic Tags section element tags.

Excerpt: "The Innovation of HTML 5--Semantic label (i)"One of the innovations in HTML 5: Semantic Tags section element tags.Before HTML 5 came out, we used div to represent page chapters, but none of this was div meaningful. (Even if we use the CSS

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