different types of database servers

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In cluster architecture, is it necessary for servers to perform their respective duties? Database servers, memory servers, image servers, etc.

Project Background: the ratio of reading to writing is about. the number of users is more than one million, and the concurrency is about 4000 (high or low, high to 10 K, and low to 1 K) the performance of several servers is almost the same, and load

Competition of WEB servers: Evaluation of six schools

Summary Sometimes Apache is everywhere, and everyone is running Apache, and even the dogs including Apache are running their own Apache. But even so, there are still many other types of Web servers to choose from. This article provides a

SQL Server 2000 detailed steps for Database Synchronization [two servers]

Why should I synchronize the SQL Server 2000 database? Where should I use it? Principles of Database Synchronization configuration in SQL Server 2000 Step by step from 0 to configure SQL Server 2000 Database Synchronization, very fine

SQL Server 2000 database synchronization detailed steps [Two servers]_mssql

Why do you want to synchronize your SQL Server 2000 database? The rationale for SQL Server 2000 database synchronization configuration Starting from 0 Step by step Configure SQL Server 2000 database synchronization, very thin

(Excerpt) _ Database Design entry classic: Building a quickly executed database model _ 8.1 requirements for different database models

Tip: Although a person is very smart, only correct operations on the database can make it run normally. Many of the content in this chapter is often mentioned and discussed and even analyzed in the previous chapters of this book. This chapter will

Take targeted measures to ensure the security of Unix servers

Servers constitute the most basic elements in the network infrastructure and are also the most critical part of network security. Although Unix servers are well known for their security and reliability, they do not mean they are impeccable. In

Architecture and differences between mobile games, web games, and client game servers

Gameres asset protection network released, Wen/Wei yixiao There is essentially no difference between a browser game and a client game server. The difference is the game type.Type 1: weak interaction servers such as cards and parkourDue to weak

New standard: select servers based on databases

Databases are actually the foundation of every electronic trading, finance, and Enterprise Resource Planning system. With the continuous development of database technology in commercial applications, the scale of database applications has become

Knowledge of how server load balancing is implemented between servers

Four common methods for server load balancing in enterprisesIn order to improve the performance and workload of the server, enterprises usually use the technology of DNS server, network address translation and so on to realize multi-server load

Several common Web servers

The difference between Apache and Tomcat, several common web/application serversApache is a Web server environment program enabled he can use as a Web server but only support static web pages such as (asp,php,cgi,jsp) Dynamic Web page is notIf you

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