different types of domain names

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Apache Server--a virtual web host based on different domain names on different ports

About Apache:Apache HTTP Server is an outstanding representative of open source software projects, providing web browsing services based on standard HTTP network protocols and maintaining over half of the Web service area over the long term. Apache

Architecture of CN Domain Name Resolution Service

During this time, due to the working relationship, we need to study the working principle of DNS Server Resolution and find this article on CNNIC.Article, Reprinted now Architecture of CN Domain Name Resolution Service

How to manage domain names and databases using cpanel

Cpanel is a web-based Web-based control panel that simplifies many common system administration tasks, such as site creation, database deployment, and management. This guide shows you how to use the Cpanel user account to manage domains and

Domain suffix know how much

First, what is the domain name Domain name is a familiar, easy to remember computer name on the Internet. For example, oray.cn is a domain name. Domain name can be divided into different levels, including the common top-level domain name (GTLD), the

Javascript cross-Domain Access solution Summary

In client-side programming languages, such as JavaScript and ActionScript, the same-origin strategy is an important security concept that has important implications for securing data. The same-origin policy stipulates that scripts across domains are

What is a second-level domain name?-php Tutorial

What is a second-level domain name? I heard that when I applied for a domain name, I gave two domain names, one with www, the other without www, and the other was a second-level domain name without www, I don't know. Is there a third-level domain

Urlcrazy-View available typos domain names

Brief introductionurlcrazy对指定域名生成typos域名及变形域名同时检测生成的域名是否能够访问。urlcrazy主要被用作用做对知名站点url劫持、钓鱼等攻击的预检查,主要目的是为了找到可用的typos域名来实施后续的钓鱼、URL劫持等非定向攻击。Example One[email protected]:/tmp# urlcrazy ziroom.comWhen no parameters are added, Urlcrazy uses the QWERTY

Implementation of browser Cross-domain access solution in JS

Cross-Domain Concepts Across the domain it is known that different addresses, different ports, different levels, and different protocols will form a cross-domain domain. For example: about. Www.111cn.net and www. Your domain name will form a

Implement Virtual Domain Name

  Implement Virtual Domain Name         Complete virtual domain name implementation requires three conditions:1. DNS server wildcard domain name resolution settings; 2. Web

The concept and mechanism of domain name (2)

2.6. Resource records The domain name marks the node, each node has the resource information set, some sets can be empty. The resource information set is associated with the special name of the detached resource set (RR). There is no relationship

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