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Linux multicore bound hardware interrupts to different CPUs (IRQ Affinity) turn

Hardware interrupts occur frequently, is a very CPU-intensive thing, in multi-core CPU conditions if there is a way to allocate a large number of hardware interrupts to different CPU (core) processing is clearly a good balance of performance. Now the server is still multi-CPU multi-core, multi-card, multi-disk, if you

Linux multicore bound hardware interrupts to different CPUs

Hardware interrupts occur frequently, is a very CPU-intensive thing, in multi-core CPU conditions if there is a way to allocate a large number of hardware interrupts to different CPU (core) processing is clearly a good balance of performance. Now the server is still multi-CPU multi-core, multi-card, multi-disk, if you

Linux tips: bind Hardware/processes to different CPUs under multiple cores (1)

Hardware interruptions frequently consume CPU resources. If there is a way to allocate a large number of hardware interruptions to different CPUs (cores) under multi-core CPU conditions) processing clearly balances performance well. Currently, multiple CPUs, multiple NICs, and multiple hard disks are not supported on the serv

Different types of NAT have different Penetration Effects

stun" published by the author, I spent a lot of energy explaining that iptables is theoretically classified as hierarchical Nat rather than port restricted cone.Many people (including when I first studied the STUN Protocol) have doubts about this, that is, for STUN Protocol itself, port restricted cone andAlthough the ing mechanism is a little different, they all have port-restricted attributes. At first glance, the two areNAT traversal features are

Dell server hardware information monitoring, automatic generation of server asset information

In the server hardware monitoring, the current industry is mainly based on the following two kinds: 1, the server comes with tools, such as HP's Hpacucli,dell OMSA, etc. 2. Intelligent Platform Management interface (IPMI, full name intelligent Platform Management Interface) Based on the above two kinds, through the Nagios, Zabbix or self-research operation and ma

Server hardware Knowledge Popular article (need to configure the server's friends can refer to) 1th 7 page _ Server Other

also hosted the management function. In general, the server board will be integrated with a variety of sensors, used to detect a variety of hardware devices on the server, at the same time with the corresponding management software, you can remotely detect the server, so that the network administrator on the

Server maintenance experience: how to upgrade hardware

of the server. In fact, different network services have different requirements for server configuration. For example, the Web server and Proxy Server require a large amount of memory, but they do not have a high requirement on ha

ISA Server 2004 Hardware firewall device

it is recommended that you purchase hardware devices. These hardware firewalls are pre-installed with the enhanced Windows Server 2003 and ISA Server 2004 Standard Edition, allowing you to easily deploy directly on the network, and some hardware vendors are adding other com

Analyze hardware bottlenecks that affect streaming media server performance "retransmission"

to read raw dataThe original streaming media files are mainly stored in local hard disk, NAS or SAN storage devices. Regardless of the way data is stored, the ability to read raw data files directly affects the performance of the server. The requirement for read capability is very much related to the number of business types and user requests. Live streaming has the lowest requirement for data read rates,

Apache Server--a virtual web host based on different domain names on different ports

About Apache:Apache HTTP Server is an outstanding representative of open source software projects, providing web browsing services based on standard HTTP network protocols and maintaining over half of the Web service area over the long term. Apache servers can be run on Linux, Unix, Windows and many other operating system platforms.The main features of Apache:1. Open source code;2. Cross-platform application;3. Support various WEB programming language

Haproxy three different types of configuration options

natively, and the second defines that only authorized users are allowed to use the management level feature.Backend Stats_localhostStats enableStats Admin If LOCALHOSTBackend Stats_authStats enableStats Auth Haproxyadmin:passwordStats Admin If TRUE--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Option LogasapNo option LOGASAPEnables or disables the logging of HTTP requests in advance, and cannot be used in the "backend" section.By default, an HTTP request is logg

Example of server hardware failure handling

Server hardware failure refers to various types of errors caused by abnormal server hardware. Due to the complexity of the server structure, you must be careful and careful when checking. The following is illustrated with a LH6000

8 errors that are easiest to make when purchasing SQL Server hardware

Creating a new SQL Server system can be tricky. SQL Server is a product that really focuses on hardware, and its performance has a lot to do with how you configure the server, especially how to configure your server's storage subsystem. With this in mind, we list some of the most likely errors that people make when the

[Implementing the ASP. Net Control as day17] Set attributes include members of different types

We know that columns set attributes in the gridview can contain fields of different types, such as boundfield, checkboxfield, hyperlinkfield... and other fields of different types. If we want the tool column to contain more than buttons and other child controls of different

#运算符, different pointer types, arrays and pointers, pointer operations, heaps, stacks, static extents, read-only, subscript vs pointers

areaStatic intc =0; Global (static) initialization zone P1=Char*) malloc (Ten);//Heap }To find the number of elements in an array:DIM (a) = sizeof (a)/sizeof (*a);Subscript vs Pointer:1. Theoretically, when the pointer moves in a fixed increment in an array, its efficiency is higher than the code generated by the subscript (the multiplication is time-consuming when the index is subscript).2. The performance is better when the pointer increment is 1 and the

How much do you know about Web server hardware configuration?

A few days ago, fish wrote a blog entitled "how do you configure a web server if you have a web server?", which describes the Web server system and software configuration, let's make a simple analysis on the Web server hardware configuration today. This blog will describe so

Synchronizing data for different types of databases

stationd Copy to New librarySELECT * into [dataabase].dbo.stationdFrom OPENQUERY (MYSQL, ' SELECT * from Lcj.stationd ')11 This is a statement that replicates tables between different libraries "dhqxzb,dataabase" Under the same SQL Server, by the way.SELECT * into DHQXZB.dbo.stationd from Dataabase.dbo.stationd---------------------------Split Line----------------------------------noun explanationODBC: Open

MyBatis know how (9) different types of databases

Label:Not all databases are so complex that they require the use of expensive database management systems and enterprise-class hardware. Some databases are actually very small enough to run on an old-fashioned PC. All databases are not the same. They have their own different needs and different challenges. Ibatis can help you use almost any type of relational dat

Android mobile guard-Parse json and message mechanisms to send different types of messages, androidjson

Android mobile guard-Parse json and message mechanisms to send different types of messages, androidjson URL: http://www.cnblogs.com/wuyudong/p/5900800.html.1. parse json data Json parsing code is simple JSONObject jsonObject = new JSONObject (json); // debug, solve the problem String versionName = jsonObject. getString ("versionName"); mVersionDes = jsonObject. getString ("versionDes"); String versionCode =

MySQL command-line arguments---These parameters are different from those parameters after mysqldump (there is a link at the beginning of the article): 2 types of parameters do not have the same meaning

Label:mysql command-line arguments ---These parameters differ from those parameters after mysqldump : 2 Types of parameters have different meaningsOne, MySQL command line parameters usage:mysql [OPTIONS] [Database]//Command mode-?,--Help//Display Help information and exit-I.,--HELP//Display Help information and exit--auto-rehash//Auto-complete function, like Linux inside, press the TAB key out of the same

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