dig cname

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Dig Command (reprint)

Dig command use Daquan (domain name query on Linux)It can be said that the process of translating this document is my re-learning the process of DNS, Dig command can help us learn the principle of DNS, configuration,As well as its query process. The

Linux command dig command to dig out DNS secrets

==="First Meeting"I believe that the use of Nslookup students must be more than the use of dig students, so it is necessary to take some time to introduce you to dig.Dig, and Nslookup functions are similar, are DNS query tools.Dig, in fact, is an

Why cannot cname and MX coexist?

Http://weibo.com/p/1001603804025475695045I. Problem Source   Since our cloudxns system opened customer service QQ, the most asked question was: "Why does your system prompt that Mx and cname cannot coexist, but I don't have such a prompt when I use

The Linux dig command uses

Dig Introduction:Dig is a tool that queries DNS for information such as NS Records, A records, MX records, and so on in Unix-like command-line mode. Because it has been missingDig man page document, this article right when a Dig use the wizard.Dig's

Linux Dig commands

The dig command is primarily used to query host address information from a DNS domain name server.querying DNS information for a single domain nameThe most typical use of the dig command is to query the information of a single host.$ dig

When the cname of a domain name fails to be resolved to a nonexistent domain name or the cname cannot be resolved, what error does the client prompt?

Today, the customer service Meimei asked me if the client nslookup a domain name prompts the following error: 650) this. width = 650; "src =" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M00/11/67/wKioL1LOXWfyw6btAAX_tBS0rYE611.bmp "title =" 111.bmp "alt ="


http://blog.csdn.net/crazw/article/details/8986504Let's talk about some of the basic concepts of DNS:   A Root domainThe so-called ".", in fact, our URL www.baidu.com in the configuration should be www.baidu.com. (one last point), we usually omit

Linux Dig Commands

Dig (Domain information Groper), and Nslookup functions are similar, are DNS query tools1.Dig command FormatDig @dnsserver name QueryType If you set the DNSServer to be a domain name, first use the default up-to-connect DNS server to query

Query domain name resolution using dig command under ECS Linux system

Cloud Server ECS Linux system can use the usual dig command to query the domain name resolution. This article gives a brief description of this.Querying Domain A Records command Format :dig For example, the query domain name www.aliyun.com

Dig Linux Usage

In general, there are two options for querying domain name resolution in Linux, Nslookup or dig, and I think dig more convenient to use.If it is under Debian, you can use the dig command as long as you install the Dnsutils package.The most basic way

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