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88 Glossary that gives you a full understanding of digital camera

exposed.45. Redeye ProtectionWhen a portrait is taken with a flashlight, the eyes of the person who has taken the photo have a red dot due to the reflection of the fundus vessels of the person who has taken the photo. However, the current mainstream digital cameras generally have the redeye protection function, but if it is not turned on, it will still not work.46. Anti-manual earthquake functionThere are two typ

How to use a digital camera as a camera)

Preface Many of my friends thought this was okay before they bought a digital camera? You can even watch audio animation. You can use it as a camera. It must be easy to use as a camera! However, when you try to connect the camera with a USB cable, the DC vendor will be scol

Digital Camera Professional terminology solutions

Reprinted from: cameras are getting closer, and people are starting to learn more about digital cameras. Believe that every user has this feeling, buy digital camera, the face of the propaganda material on that many of the professional terminology, not much is their own understanding, and more time

Digital Camera terminology

When purchasing a digital camera, I believe many people will feel overwhelmed by the complicated parameters of the digital camera. Due to the rapid development of digital imaging technology, even those who often pay attention to this industry are often confused about some ne

Developing image Acquisition application using digital Camera SDK

As a common consumer commodity, digital camera its basic principle is to use CCD optical coupling device to convert the light signal into electrical signals, after a/D conversion, data compression and so on through the serial port or USB port in the PC-side application control of the picture (mostly JPEG format) to the PC's hard drive. The current PC-side applications are provided by the

Two methods for taking infrared photos with a Sony 707 or 717 digital camera

receiving infrared rays, but they only receive different ranges. But is it possible to receive enough infrared rays. Here is a simple test method. The home TV remote control is used for testing. The home TV remote control usually emits infrared rays. Generally, when we press a button, the remote control emits an infrared signal, which is invisible to the human eye. We use a digital camera to align with the

Digital camera card photos mistakenly deleted how to resume the tutorial

once the photos are deleted, there is almost no way for ordinary players to retrieve lost files.To recover the photos on the camera memory card, the detailed steps are as follows:1, download and install the "Le Isia digital Photo Recovery" software.Http:// Connect your camera memory card to your computer using a card rea

Ubuntu 14.04 install the digital camera control applet Entangle 0.6.0

Entangle is a free and open source software that allows users to use computers to control digital camera photos. The latest available version Entangle 0.6.0 has been released. View the official repair and change list for version fixes and feature changes. -------------------------------------- Split line -------------------------------------- Download, instal

Introduction to Industrial camera types

I. Introduction of industrial camera typeThe CCD was invented by Bell Laboratories in the late 60. Started as a new kind of PC storage circuit, soon CCD has many other potential applications, including signal and image (silicon photosensitivity) processing.CCD is a thin silicon wafer processing a series of different functions, on each silicon wafer on the distribution of several identical IC, such as the production of functional components, the select

Analysis and sharing of Canon 600D camera types

To the photographic enthusiasts for detailed analysis to share the Canon 600D this type of camera. Analytical sharing: Canon 600D is an APS format SLR digital camera. Well, the above information is a small series of photography enthusiasts brought to the detailed Canon 600D this type of camera to share the ful

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