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Linux under Dir,dirent,stat and other structural body detailed

Excerpt from: http://www.liweifan.com/2012/05/13/linux-system-function-files-operation/Recently in the Linux file operation related chapters, encountered a few structure, was engaged in dizzy, today is free, carefully studied a bit, benefited.First

linux--Basic article--dir dirent Stat

The dir struct under Linux is defined as1 struct__dirstream2 {3 void*__fd;4 Char*__data;5 int__entry_data;6 Char*__ptr;7 int__entry_ptr;8 size_t __allocation;9 size_t __size;Ten __libc_lock_define (, __lock) One };

Linux under struct dirent,dir,struct stat use example

Linux under struct dirent,dir,struct stat use exampleIn the following example, read the folder in the directory, file, and output some property values, specific related structure definition, can refer

Stat ~~~ Powerful tool for accessing File status

Name Stat, fstat, lstat-Get File statusSynopsis # Include # Include # Include Int Stat (const char *Path, Struct stat *Buf);Int fstat (int FD, Struct stat *Buf);Int lstat (const char *Path, Struct stat *Buf); Feature test macro requirements for

Linux STAT command parameters and usage

Function Description: displays inode content.Syntax: stat [file or directory]Note: stat displays inode content in text format. The LS command and many parameters provide some useful file information. Another unfamiliar command, stat, provides more

Python operation file Some examples summary

The operations in Python for files, folders (file action functions) need to involve OS modules and Shutil modules. Import OS required before operation; Returns the current directory, excluding the filename: OS.GETCWD (); Returns all files and

Memcached notes-(i) Installation & General error & Monitoring

In 08, when contacted Memcached, it also sniffed at its client products, after all, manual code does not have a variety of ORM Native XML configuration convenient. Still, memcached is now an integral part of the server architecture. RELATED

C language to write the LS command in Linux

[Reprint address: http://keren.blog.51cto.com/720558/144896]The LS command in Linux is primarily responsible for displaying the following information about the file: The inode value of the file, the permission information, the user and the group to

Linux c simulated ls commands

Copy codeThe Code is as follows :/* Simulate the ls command to implement the parameter-tariRl. Some code is repeated and can be improved. You can add Parameters Based on the program. The program idea is clear and easy to expand. */ # Include #

Linux c simulated ls commands

This article provides a detailed analysis of how to implement the c-simulated ls command in linux. For more information, seeCopy codeThe Code is as follows: /*Simulate the ls command to implement the parameter-tariRl. Some code is repeated and can

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