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Direct3D 12 Delicacy (v.): SDK update

(reprint please indicate the source) Another one months, Microsoft in Build2015 published a lot of news about Win10, and in the support of the N card DX12 saw my garbage graphics card (gt640m LE) Incredibly in the scope of support, happily directly to the physical machine installed WIN10, upgraded the SDK, VS2015 into the RC version. But disappointed is the graphics card support is only d3d12 level11.0, can not use level12.0, do not know will update

DX notes --- Direct3D basics, dx notes --- direct3d

that CPU write AM uses "write combining", and GPU can access AM directly through the AGP or PCI-E Bus All D3D resources are created in these three types of memory. When creating resources, we can specify the following storage flag,D3DPOOL_DEFAULT, D3DPOOL_MANAGED, D3DPOOL_SYSTEMMEM, and D3DPOOL_SCRATCH D3DPOOL_DEFAULT: default value. This type of memory pool indicates that Direct3D places Resources in the storage zone that is most suitable for this

"Translate" Import changes from Direct3D one to Direct3D 12

Translator: Lin GongSource: the binary life of wood and woodReprint please specify the author and source, thank you!This is one of the Direct3D 12 documents published by Microsoft, this translation is left as a learning record memo, the level is limited, mistakes are unavoidable, but also look haihan.  The original link is (v=vs.85). aspxSignificant changes in

DirectX 11 Game Programming Learning Note 7:6th Chapter drawing in Direct3D (drawn in Direct3D) (Focus review + Errata)

This article by Harry _ Spider-Man original, reproduced please indicate the source! Have a question Welcome to contact [email protected]Note: I give the electronic version is more than 700 pages, and the physical book is more than 800 pages, so when I mention the relevant concepts, I will use the chapter number instead of the page number. The same situation is appropriate for the second edition of "Dragon book".Address of previous issue:DX 11 Game Programming Learning Notes 6This chapter should

Deep Dive: direct3d Cai junsheng All Rights Reserved

/************************************ Author: Cai junsheng* Source:************************************/Deep Dive into direct3dDeep Dive: direct3d Cai junsheng All Rights Reserved· Chapter 3 basic 3D knowledge· 1. 1. What is 3D?· 1. 2 3D related concepts· 1. 3 DirectX Introduction· 1. 4 3D elements in direct3d· 1. 5 direct3d surface

Direct3D Basic concepts and model finishing

Transferred from: organized from article:Http:// (v=vs.85). aspx#direct3d_system_integrationConcepts include Idirect3d, Adapter, Device, swap chain (surface background cache, foreground cache, depth, and template cache), resources (resource type _d3dresourcetype, format _d3dformat, The

OpenCL programming guide for interoperability with Direct3D and opencl programming guide

OpenCL programming guide for interoperability with Direct3D and opencl programming guide This article describes the interoperability between OpenCL and D3D 10.1. initialize OpenCL context for Direct3D interoperability OpenCL sharing is enabled by pragma cl_khr_d3d10_sharing: # Pragma opencl extension cl_khr_d3d10_sharing: enable When D3D sharing is enabled, many OpenCL functions will be extended, and some p

DirectX 9 graphics the definitive guide to direct3d Chapter 2

Long er has nothing to say about this csdn. The translation was gone this afternoon. Fortunately, I have saved some of the papers. Now we can only provide that part to everyone. I hope you will not be surprised. I originally put the screenshot of the Code in the book in this translation, but the picture goes down again, so long still uses the post of my own code. IDirect3D9 *Direct3DCreate9( UINT SDKVersion ); The value of sdkversion must be d3d_sdk_version. This function is easy to use. We on

Direct3d 11 tutorial 5: 3D transformation_direct3d 11 tutorial 5: 3D Transformation

;UpdateSubresource( g_pConstantBuffer, 0, NULL, cb2, 0, 0 ); // // Render the second cube // g_pImmediateContext->DrawIndexed( 36, 0, 0 );   Deep Buffer This tutorial also provides an important addition, that is, the depth buffer. Without it, the smaller orbital cube will still be drawn at the top of the larger Central cube when surrounding the back of the latter. The depth buffer allows direct3d to track the depth of each pixel drawn to t

Direct basic learning (2) the simplest direct3d

as d3dcolor_xrgbZ value to store in the depth buffer. ranges from 0.0f to 1.0fStencel holds the value to store in the stencel buffer, when the stencel buffer is not in use, the value is 0// Some terms do not know how to translate! Displaying the sceneAfter the screen is cleared, you can start plotting. Use the present function in direct3d to do this. It is executed when it is cached to the current page.The focus here is to plot in the cache and then

Direct3D 11 Fourth Section 3D Spaces

constant buffers in the shader. Also, because the matrices are arranged differently in memory in C + + and HLSL, we have to transpose them before updating them. We have the matrices, and now We must write them to the constant buffer when rendering so, the GPU C An read them. To update the buffer, we can use the Id3d11devicecontext::updatesubresource () API and pass it a pointer to the matrices St ORed in the same order as the shader ' s con

Window Direct3D Game Development Primer--bomb Games

the window class name. lpwindowname: Type LPCTSTR, the window caption is displayed in the title bar. dwstyle: The style created by the window. See "Notes-Window Style type" for specific window stylesx: Position x in the upper left corner of the windowy: Position y in the upper left corner of the windownwidth: Window sizenheight: Window sizehwndparent: Parent window HandlehMenu: Menu handlehinstance: Window instanceLpparam: Parameters that need to be passedThe window handle is created and you

One of DX notes --- direct3d Basics

access am directly through the AGP or PCI-E Bus All d3d resources are created in these three types of memory. When creating resources, we can specify the following storage flag,D3dpool_default, d3dpool_managed, d3dpool_systemmem, and d3dpool_scratch D3dpool_default: default value. This type of memory pool indicates that direct3d places Resources in the storage zone that is most suitable for this type of resource. This storage area may be a video me

3D Programming: The Direct3D Graphics Pipeline

Direct3D 11 Graphics pipeline PCs typically have two processors: CPUs and GPU, and you need to write code for each processor. These two parts have completely different schemas and instruction sets. In graphics programming, you need to write software for all two processors, use common languages for CPU applications, such as C + +, and HLSL for GPU. DirectX is the bridge between systems. Most of the articles on graphic programming focus on the CPU or t

Direct3d 10 System (IV)

Direct3d 10 System (IV) 5 core API and RuntimeWe set the API and runtime to two independent parts, but the complete Part: core API/runtime and the color language/status management system. We will introduce several important parts of the new runtime and the changes compared with the current system. The core API and runtime act as a thin abstraction layer on the hardware system and play the role of Low-overhead. The transformation of programmable pipeli

Valve opens the Direct3D to OpenGL translation layer, allowing developers to migrate games to Linux (six best Linux distributions for gamers)

Valve opens up Direct3D to OpenGL's translation layer, allowing developers to migrate games to Linux:Https:// Steambox Host System Steamos is based on Debian Linux and can be downloaded and installed for free:Http:// for Linux Games list: can install steam playing games like Dota2 and Left4Dead2:http://store.steampowered.c

Direct3D Vertex Coordinate transformation

start with: Vertex coordinate transformation when Direct3D learn the basics of getting started, here will detail its principles: The process of rendering three-dimensional objects in Direct3D is divided into two stages: "1" tl (transforming and Lighting), i.e. coordinate transformation and illumination; "2" grating processing stage. One, tl assembly line: The following figure: 1, world transformation an

The direct3d transformation Pipeline

Introduction This White Paper provides a technical explanation for direct3d application developers on how to set the parameters of the direct3d transformation pipeline by the direct manipulation of direct3d matrices. Overview Direct3d uses three transformations to change your 3D model coordinates into pixel coordinates

Direct3d 9.0 SDK documentation (Chinese Version)

I have always wanted to translate d3d documents to learn and provide convenience to other friends, but I have never had time to do this, today, I occasionally found on the internet that someone has done this well enough. I will post the link to my friends who want to learn d3d. The following things will help you, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the hard work of the author of this document. Intelligent fish 2006.12.18 The following is the copyright statement of the people. I copi

Direct3D Tutorial 2:rendering a Triangle_direct3d 11 tutorial 2: Rendering a triangle

ProfileIn the previous tutorial, we built a minimal Direct3D 11 application that was used to output a single color on a window. In this tutorial, we will extend the application to render a single-color triangle on the screen. We'll associate the triangle with the process of setting up the data mechanism.The output of this tutorial is to render a triangle in the center of the window.Resource Directory(SDK root) \samples\c++\direct3d11\tutorials\tutoria

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