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Example of DirectoryEntry component application in C #

In C #, The DirectoryEntry component application instance DirectoryEntry class encapsulates nodes or objects in the Active Directory hierarchy. You can use this class to bind to objects or read and update attributes. Figure 1 shows the

Learning: directoryentry: path attributes (winnt, LDAP, IIS)

Obtain or set this Directoryentry. Namespace:System. directoryservicesProgramSet:System. directoryservices(InSystem. directoryservices. dllMedium)  Syntax   C # [Settingsbindableattribute

Use the directoryentry component to view the network and display the list of Domain Users

Summary The system. directoryservices. directoryentry component provides access to active directory. This article takes two simple applets as an example to illustrate how to use this component to view the information of each node in the

Active Directory Get User's groups using LDAP

Use LDAP to find the ADGroupy to which the AD User belongs 1 /// 2 // obtain the SID of the user group 3 /// 4 // Comes From 5 /// 6 public static IEnumerable GetGroupSidsOfUser (string userLoginName, ADOperator

ASP. NET connects LDAP data and extracts relevant data from LDAP (1)

Asp. NET connection to the LDAP databaseThe function of obtaining user information encapsulated in the DAL layerFind user information by user IDPublicdirectoryentry GetUser (string username){String path =

[Personal Work] LDAP has been released successfully

This is why I tried again a year and a half ago. Development Environment: Window XPDevelopment Tool: Visual stutio 2003 (later use visual stutio 2005 to re-upload the code)Opening statement: VB. NETDevelopment Time: January Starting from the source

C # uses Domino's LDAP service to authenticate users

First, Domino's LDAP service is configured to not be anonymous, otherwise it doesn't make sense. Security, Internet Authentication is set to: More name transformations, lower security. In this case, the username can be used in Domino's personal

How to use C # to add, delete, modify, and query users and organizational units in Active Directory)

Http://   First, let's take a look at what is active directory. I don't need to describe it. I can refer to the following URL or search for the Active Directory keyword in the. NET Help document.

About ASP-Windows identity authentication

Last blog I talked about the topic of ASP. NET Forms authentication, this time the blog will mainly introduce the ASP. NET Windows Authentication.Although forms authentication is widely used, it is also convenient to use Windows authentication if

C # access ad with LDAP

// Bteip: Machine name// Bluetech: Organization Name// Domain Name: strpath = "LDAP: // bteip/ou = bluetech, Dc = bluetech, Dc = com, Dc = cn ";Directoryentry de;De = new directoryentry (strpath, "Administrator", "btmainsvr1234"

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