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IIS7.0 improvements: core improvements

After recognizing IIS, we all look forward to the emergence of IIS7.0. Windows Server OS integrates Web service software: Internet Information Services, 2003 is integrated with 6.0, and 2008 is integrated with 7.0. The following is the description of IIS7.0 in the 2008 publicity document: IIS7.0 Improvement Dear Microsoft Web Server software, it has been revised several times to Windows Server 2008. For the first time, IIS7.0 was completely made public and completely component-you can only ins

Feature improvements for Office 2013

Here are some improvements to Office2013 and hope it will help you. As the official Office suite for Windows 8, Office 15 is consistent in style, functional and operational toward better support for Tablet PCs and touch devices. Microsoft has previously demonstrated that the arm version of Windows 8 will be built with Office 15 components, still in the form of desktop version software. Microsoft's next-generation Office software Office 15 will releas

Some recent improvements in the fine hundreds of degree

, show the subweb link, user-friendly, reduce users to enter the main site after the need to click again.    7, Baidu Home is no longer a single page, the news hot spots, navigation, Baidu listen to the heart, shopping ads and other aggregate content.    8, search the relevant official site, showing the official customer service call after Baidu Security certification.    9, search the address bar appears personal search history.    Baidu's rec

Linux Data write operation improvements

The write function of the data in the IO operation of Linux int nwrite = write (int fd,void* buf, int len) represents a data packet written to Len byte length to the FD file descriptor, but this does not guarantee that Len data is actually written to the kernel buffer. For example, when the kernel socket buffer is insufficient, less than Len bytes, it will write only a portion of it, returning nwrite represents the actual number of bytes written: Because this read-write method guarantees that th

JAVA9 new Features--syntax improvements: try Statements

1. Examples of UseBefore Java8, we were used to dealing with the closing of resources:In Java 8, you can implement automatic shutdown of resources, but all resources that must be closed after execution must be initialized in a try clause, or the compilation does not pass. As shown in the following example:In Java 9, it is easier to write a try with a resource statement, and we can use a resource that has already been initialized in a try clause, when the resource is final:Still Silicon Valley in

An overview of Web control improvements for 2.0

control as an example to make a comprehensive discussion of the Web control improvement techniques in 2.0.    second, improve Table 1 describes most of the significant improvements that 2.0 has made in customizing Web control development. In this series of articles, I'll take a discussion of these features. Table 2.0 Web controls improve functionality. Improved Describe The new base class

Windows 7 remote connection settings for Windows 7 performance improvements

In the daily life, the computer uses many to inevitably encounter some thorny problem to need to seek the help, but often can help your friend or the computer master, always at the other end of the network. Therefore, remote control is gradually widely used, through Remote Desktop Connection, can control the other computer or be controlled by others. So, what is Remote Desktop Connection? What is the remote connection in the Win7 system? Remote Desktop Connection is a mode of remote operating c

Uncover Sql2014 new features-tempdb performance improvements

: The CSS team of SQL Server claims that this functionality may be implemented in subsequent patches in the SQL 2012 release.When SQL Server is facing significant memory pressure, lazy write also brushes the data page into the disk.Non-temporary objects in tempdb still need to be actively written. (Friends of interest can test themselves)Conclusion: the development of relational database so far, the individual think that the idea is difficult to make a big breakthrough, The details of the produc

MySQL comma split field row and column conversion test improvements

{Get the data closest to the first comma, i.e. Substring_index (Substring_index (a.msize, ', ',, ', ',-1)i = i +1}id = ID +1}Summarize:The disadvantage of this approach is that we need a separate table with sequential numbers (here is incre_table). and the maximum value of a continuous series must be greater than the number of values that match the split.For example, if a row of msize has 100 comma-separated values, then our incre_table needs to have at least 100 contiguous rows.Of course

MySQL-5.7.7 default settings improvements for the copy feature

collection of all transactions that are recorded in Binlog.When the session-level value of this variable is used, he represents the value written to the transaction cache. Session.gtid_executed is equal to the value of Uuid:number only if Gtid_next is uuid:number and at least one DML statement has been executed but not committed. When Gtid_next is set to another value is, session. Gtid_executed contains an empty string. In MySQL5.7.7, if you use this session-level variable, a warning is trigger

Vimium Efficiency improvements in chrome

Tags:. com label SRC location practice image technology share amp INF Any way to improve the efficiency Even if it's slim Are worth being recorded and practiced. In VimiumOptimized shortcut keys in ChromeFor example, I have obsessive-compulsive disorder, I want to turn off a few uselessClose tabs:ChromeCtrl+f4It's been a long time, and it's a good twist.VimiumXThere may be less than one second of ascensionBut with the comfort, the mood is good, the efficiency is naturally highToggl

Go 1.7 toolchain Improvements

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. This was a progress report on the Go toolchain improvements during the 1.7 development cycle. All measurements were taken using a Thinkpad x220, Core i5-2520m, running Ubuntu 14.04 Linux. Faster compilation Since Go 1.5, when the compiler itself is translated from C to Go, compile times is slower than they used to be. Everyone knows it, nobody is happy about it, and we '

Ubuntu10.10's five most anticipated improvements

MaverickMeerkat (fox country), Ubuntu version to be released in May, the Linux community has been expecting it to bring about some major changes and improvements. I carefully studied the blueprint for this version and selected the five main projects that Linux end users are most interested in. It is also the five most expected improvements of Ubuntu10.10. (Edit Note: before the release of Ubuntu10.04, some

Improvements in THINKPHP2.0 to 3.0 _ PHP Tutorial

THINKPHP2.0 to 3.0. THINKPHP2.0 to 3.0 what are the improvements in this article mainly introduces THINKPHP2.0 to 3.0 what are the improvements, I personally summarized 6 small points, need friends can refer to the next 1. thinkphp's improvements from THINKPHP2.0 to 3.0 This article mainly introduces the improvements

New improvements after in-memory OLTP relay CTP3 in SQL Server 2016

Label:New improvements after in-memory OLTP relay CTP3 in SQL Server 2016Translated from: whats-new-for-in-memory-oltp-in-sql-server-2016-since-ctp3/SQL Server 2016 is making a series of enhancements to the In-memory OLTP feature, which makes it easier to use and better performing.In the previous article, I've summarized the new features of SQL Server 2016 and later versions of CTP3.S

New Features and improvements in JAVA 8

All new features and improvements of Java 8 include ): Language Improvement: JEP 126: Lambda expressions virtual extension methods JEP 138: Build a system based on Autoconf JEP 160: Lambda representation of Method Handles JEP 161: simple configuration file JEP 162: Prepare for modularization JEP 164: Use CPU commands to improve AES encryption performance JEP 174: Nashorn engine, allowing JavaScript code to be embedded in Java programs

The top 9 improvements and features of Java 9, programmers can first understand the next

The top 9 improvements and features of Java 9, programmers may wish to understand the 2017-08-04 10:13 programming/Operating System/Client Java 9 is coming soon. Are you ready for new features that will come with the new version? In this paper, the author of the important ecosystem of Java changes, including the new module system, language and grammar changes, etc., to carry out a comprehensive introduction.   Java 9 as the release date approach

Changes and improvements in PHP6 compared with PHP5 _ PHP Tutorial-php Tutorial

Changes and improvements in PHP6 compared with PHP5. PHP6 has been around for some years. although it is still commonly used in PHP5, PHP6 is still a trend in the future. So what are the changes and improvements of PHP6 for PHP5? PHP 6 has been around for some years. Although PHP 5 is widely used, however, PHP 6 is still a trend in the future. So what changes have PHP 6 made for PHP 5 and what

THINKPHP2.0 to 3.0 What are the improvements _php tutorials

THINKPHP2.0 to 3.0 What are the improvements? This article mainly describes the THINKPHP2.0 to 3.0 what improvements, the individual summed up 6 small points, the need for friends can refer to the next 1.thinkphp in our entry file notation, it may be the last to add a app::run (); 3.0 is completely unused, you will find otherwise will appear two times call 2.debug we developed in 2.0 we generally write

New in 10.2.2:c++ and Debugger improvements

In RAD Studio 10.2.2, we ' ve made a number of great quality improvements for the C + + toolchain and for the debugger for bot H C + + and Delphi.Debugger Linux:many fixes when evaluating, especially when passing records or arrays Android:android debugging was broken for Android 8.0 (globally, not just for us.) As of Android 8.1 debugging works again, and we have made tweaks to ensure it works smoothly Ios:several bugfixes to does wit

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