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How to obtain information from the DirectX diagnostic tool dialog box

Recently I have made some annoying things. Basically, I want to obtain data similar to that in the DirectX diagnostic tool dialog box. Here, I tried my best to find it on the Internet. This is generally the case when we are not familiar with this aspect. I found a bunch of messy information. For example, to obtain system information, you can use getverionex to obtain memory information. You can use function

Oracle Automatic Diagnostic archives (ADR), automatic diagnostic workflows, and ADRCI tools

Oracle Automatic Diagnostic archives (ADR), automatic diagnostic workflows, and ADRCI tools. Automatic diagnosis workflow: With a memory tracking tool that is always on, the database component can capture diagnostic data when a serious error occurs for the first time. The system automatically maintains a special archive named "Automatic

DirectX 9.0c Game Development Journal of RPG Programming self-learning log nine--drawing with DirectX graphics (drawing with DirectX graphic) (4th) (B)

set ZF to a higher value in your project, if you want to draw objects that are more than 1000.0 units long.After you have constructed the projection matrix, you use the Idirect3ddevice9::settransform function to set the projection transformation matrix, and this time set the state parameter to D3dts_projection:g_pd3ddevice =pre-initialized device Objectd3dxmatrix matproj; Create theprojection Transformation Matrixd3dxmatrixperspectivefovlh (MATPROJ,D3DX_PI/4, 1.0f, 1000.0f,); Set the Projection

DirectX 9.0c Game Development notes of RPG programming self-learning log eight--drawing with DirectX graphics (drawing with DirectX graphic) (4th) (A)

of these sections are finally finished. Perhaps the reader is not very clear, especially the meaning of the specific parameters of the function. In fact, you can refer to the SDK documentation, or refer to the second edition of Dragon Book. In addition, the method used here to set the vertex is not used in my updated version of the code, but with the second version of the Dragon book more advanced, more flexible way, so see not very understand also has no relationship.DirectX 9.0c Game Developm

DirectX 9.0c Game Development Journal of RPG Programming Self-learning log 15:drawing with DirectX Graphics (drawing with DirectX graphic) (第8-9 section)

This article by Harry _ Spider-Man original, reproduced please indicate the source! If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]This time we continue to tell Jim Adams old brother's RPG Programming book Second edition of Chapter 8th: Using Fonts (use fonts), and section 9th: Billboards (Billboard). The two sections are not much, so put it in one issue.Original translation:=============================================================================== 2.8 Using Fonts ( use fonts )

How Windows 10 looks at the DirectX version of the DirectX version

Win10 not only brings new edge brand new browser, Natalie Assistant functions, Win10 also built in the latest DirectX 12, can bring a better gaming experience. DirectX 12 is a very important API update that improves drive efficiency and gives developers more control over it. Win10 bring DX12? What do you think of Win10 with the DirectX version? The following is a

Visual C # DirectX Development Series A first-knowledge of DirectX

1. How to view the version of the native DirectX:Click "Start"-"Run", enter "DxDiag" in "Run", the DirectX Diagnostic Tool window pops up, on the home page, there is a lot of system information, the bottom one is the DirectX version.2. Add a reference to the DirectX Class Library:Create a new WinForm form application a

DirectX 9.0c Game Development Journal of RPG programming self-learning Diary of the Ten--drawing with DirectX Graphics (drawing with DirectX graphic) (4th) (C)

Direct3D to update the entire display (because the function can show only a portion at a time), as shown in the following code:g_pd3ddevice =pre-initialized device objectif (FAILED (g_pd3ddevice->present (null,null, NULL, NULL))) { // Error occurred}That's it! In order to create more realistic scenes, you use a number of different vertex caches to draw a variety of mid-range objects in your world. Another way to improve the authenticity of your graphics is to use texture mapping.============

Beginning DirectX 10 game programming (Chapter 01 DirectX Introduction)

DirectX is a game API on Windows. A few years ago, game developers struggled with hardware incompatibility, making it difficult for everyone to play the same game. Later, Microsoft launched DirectX. It provides a single and clean API for game developers to achieve compatibility with different types of hardware. Due to the release of DirectX, the number of games o

DirectX Study Notes (1)-What are DirectX and directx3d?

What are DirectX and directx3d? DirectX has two different meanings: 1. DirectX SDK (also known as "DirectX Development Kit") or DirectX API (DirectX applicationProgramProgrammable Interface), which is an application interface pr

An article about DirectX 10

Microsoft's DirectX 10 represents the greatest progress in 3D APIs since the advent of programmable shader. With a variety of re-engineering, DirectX 10 presents a series of very eye-catching new features, including highly optimized runtime, powerful geometry shader, texture array, and so on, these features will bring PC real-time 3D graphics into a new world. A Brief History of

DirectX -- Filter property page call, directx -- filter

DirectX -- Filter property page call, directx -- filterIEnumFilters * pEnum;HRESULT hr;If (pigb){Hr = pigb-> EnumFilters ( pEnum );If (FAILED (hr )){Return;}IBaseFilter * pFilter = NULL;While (pEnum-> Next (1, pFilter, NULL) = S_ OK){// Check for required interfaceIUnknown * pUnk; // query the Filter interface. There is only one?HRESULT hrQuery = pFilter-> QueryInterface (IID_IVideoWindow, (void **) pUnk

DirectX video playback ------ manual connection, directx ------

DirectX video playback ------ manual connection, directx ------ IGraphBuilder *pigb = NULL;IMediaControl *pimc = NULL;IMediaEventEx *pimex = NULL;IVideoWindow *pivw = NULL;IMediaSeeking *pims = NULL; ICaptureGraphBuilder2 * g_pCaptureBuilder = NULL; IBaseFilter * pF = 0; void CTestFilterDlg: OnButton4 () {// TODO: Add your control notification handler code hereCoInitialize (NULL); HRESULThr = CoCr

"Go" gcc warnings at all levels #pragma gcc diagnostic ignored "-wunused-parameter"--good

Original URL: GCC warnings at each level Overrides Variable (code) level from top to bottom: Specify a variable warning int a __attribute__ ((unused)); Specifies that the variable is unused. Even if the variable is not used, a warning output is ignored at compile time. File-level: diagnostics (Ignore/warn) in source code file Syntax: #pragma GCC diagnostic [error|warning|ignored] "-

Was diagnostic tool

a possible problem. If yes, ffdc will write a record (ffdc accident record) to the file, which contains the stack trace and the environment in which exceptions occur, and a short dump (optional) for the component Status of the server that generates this exception ). You can check the ffdc accident records later to learn more about the situation. Information captured by ffdc can help diagnose multiple problems (theoretically, it can diagnose any problems closely related to a specific exception )

Delphi and DirectX Learning topics

Delphix of Delphi and DirectX: tdib.x Delphi and DirectX Delphix (): Tdib. Drawadditive (); Delphi and DirectX Delphix (): Tdib. Drawdarken (); Delphi and DirectX (Delphix): Tdib. Draw3x3matrix (); Delphi and DirectX Delphix (): Tdib. Drawmono (); Delphi and

How do Win8 View the DirectX version?

DirectX is a multimedia programming interface created by Microsoft, which mainly strengthens 3d graphics and sound effects, and is very important for game support. The following small series for you to introduce the next win8/8.1 how to see the DirectX version, interested Friends, may wish to understand.   win8/win8.1 View DirectX version method (Small knowledge

DirectX 8.0

DirectX 8.0 overview released on: 1/11/2001 | updated on: 6/21/2004 Philip Taylor Welcome to driving DirectX. In this month's topic, we will begin to explore Microsoft DirectX 8.0. First, we will summarize all the highlights of this new version for developers. You can find the download link for the DirectX 8.0 runtime

How to view the DirectX version under the Win7 system

What do you think of the WIN8.1DIRECTX version? The following is a demonstration of how to view the DirectX version of win8.1, a multimedia programming interface created by Microsoft, which is widely used in Microsoft Windows, Microsoft XBOX, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Microsoft Xbox One video game development, and can only support these platforms. The latest version is DirectX 12, created on the latest Windows

OpenGL 3 & DirectX 11: The war is over: the day when the drawing API is fighting?

(Image Source: Source:OpenGL 3 DirectX 11: The war is over CurrentlyDirectXAndOpenGLIn an age that has been quite popular, we gradually seem to have forgotten the grievances of the two. On the famous hardware websiteTom's HardwareIn this column, the author leads us to review the ups and downs in the "Drawing API war" and the future prospects of OpenGL 3 and DirectX 11. It is a good article

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