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Delphi and DirectX Delphix (1): Installation test

Test Demo Download: (under Delphi 2007 and 2009 are compiled through)In fact, according to the introduction here (, faster than the download, also do not need to download. DirectX, Microsoft technology for a long time; Starting with Windows Vista, DirectX is already the interface foundation for Microsoft's operating sys

DirectX installation and VS2010 testing based on the programming basis

C + + An important application is game development, and game development will have to talk about DirectX, a lot of knowledge about DirectX I have not this qualification to talk about, just started to learn, the first lesson is the same as most new things environment installation configuration. Learn DirectX game deve

Delphix (1) of Delphi and DirectX: installation and testing

Test demo download: (Compiled in Delphi 2007 and 2009) In fact, according to the introduction here, it is faster than downloading and does not need to be downloaded. DirectX: Microsoft's technology has been around for a long time. Since Windows Vista, DirectX has become the interface basis of Microsoft's operating system. There are four popular method

NPM Command Ionic installation failed Cordova installation failed workaround

Reprint: use Method (three ways any one can solve the problem, we recommend the use of a third, the configuration is dead, the next time the configuration is still in):1. Through the config commandNPM Config Set Registry Info underscore (if configured correctly this command will have string response)2. Command line designationNPM--registry Info underscore3. Edit ~/.NPMRC Add th

[Installation program configuration server failed] SQL Server2000 Installation failed

I remember that the installation of SQL2000 failed occasionally while I was in contact with SQL many years ago. Every time I do this, I am at a loss. As a result, I became afraid of SQL2000, and sql2005 was used immediately. I encountered this problem when installing SQL2000 when I reinstalled the system at the company today. I always failed to start the service

Record one failed Linux installation. Failed Linux Installation

Record one failed Linux installation. Failed Linux Installation This time I installed Ubuntu on the entire computer, and the path to Linux went further and further. I also thanked the society for its improved support for Linux, So that I made up my mind. I would like to express my thanks again. I used to install a du

Error: Installation prerequisite failed: Installation prerequisite failed: SQLINSTANCERTC for more information

Tags: information details alt work HTM com src Internet addressError: Installation prerequisite failed: Installation prerequisite failed: SQLINSTANCERTC for more informationSee Error when installing Sqlexpr_x64.exeSolve:By opening the Skype image, locate the Sqlexpr_x64.exe file and try the

CentOS 7 Installation Webmin boot Firewall failed----Applying firewall Rules:iptables-restore:line 2 failed

recently learning CentOS 7 system Management, using the "CentOS 6.X System Management Practical Treasure" a book------because the online purchase of CentOS 7 book has not been sent to O (' '!) o~(1) First install the Webmin using the Yum method:Webmin cannot be installed by default with Yum because the software is not stored on the official site. Although it was previously to be installed in tar, the RPM installation package was then compiled, so you

Updates about Windows7 update failed, Windows Media Play installation failed ...

things offline.5. I have helped others to do some network marketing planning, at that time a lot of people said that the online things are deceptive, I would like to ask, is the online cheat more or the reality of the more deceptive? Of course is the reality of more, online or real people go to lie?Therefore, network marketing is also an important direction of the future development of it, usually learn Java often with friends said, I must make this linguistics good, because it is very importan

VUE-CLI installation failed failed to download repo vuejs-templates/vuedemo:response code 404 (Not Found)

Restore Problem site:When using VUE init Webpack projectname for the first time, two NPM install-g vue-cli were performed due to operational errors, and then the Webpack template was created using VUE init Vuedemo Vuedemo.VUE-CLI Failed to download repo vuejs-templates/vuedemo:response code 404 (Not Found);Workaround:Perform the following three commands to check the environment:Node-v (lowercase v); If the node version is not displayed, first download

VMware installation Failed "Failed to create the requested registry key Key:installer error:1021"

Today came to the company, the company's computer system all replaced with the Win7 family version, and then want to reinstall VMware, the installation of this error occurred:650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" 9d82d158ccbf6c817088a389bc3eb13533fa4010.jpg "alt=" Wkiol1shcy7tsbnaaacdwrvlpb0111.jpg "/>Workaround:1. Press Win+r to openRegedit650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s3.51c

R installation package encountered a problem (a) loadnamespace () in the "Rjava" when. OnLoad failed Rjava package installation and onboarding

> Library (xlsx) Error:package or namespace load failed for ' xlsx ': Loadnamespace () in the ' Rjava ' when. OnLoad failed, details: call: Fun (Libname, pkgname) error: Java_home cannot be determined from the Registry> library (Rjava) error:package or Namespa Ce load failed for ' Rjava ': Loadnamespace () in the ' Rjava ' when. OnLoad

VS2015 installation package Missing (Networking installation failed) problem resolution

WIN7 x86 test feasible* If you have previously tried to install the installation is not successful, be sure to use the uninstall program to remove the installed parts, otherwise there will be a mess.1. Either loading the ISO with a virtual optical drive, or extracting it to the hard drive, it doesn't matter.2. Start the CMD console with administrator privileges and enter the root directory of the VS2015 installati

Installshield multi-Language installation package and installation serial number verification, and how to solve the problem of Failed to set code page for Language 46

Project type: installshield script MSI Objective: To install multi-language installation packages (English and simplified Chinese) :/Files/zhaobl/Installshield/multi-language installation package .rar Preview: Steps: 1. During installation, enter the serial number Reference: A simple installation package with serial

A Linux environment Apache installation configuration failure error, compiler failed solution, Apache installation upgrade Opsenssl steps __linux

1, ready to install the program: Apr-1.6.2.tar.gz Apr-util-1.6.0.tar.gz Httpd-2.4.27.tar.gz Openssl-1.1.0f.tar.gz Pcre-8.41.tar.gz 2, in turn decompression: TAR-XVF apr-1.6.2.tar.gz TAR-XVF apr-util-1.6.0.tar.gz TAR-XVF TAR-XVF httpd-2.4.27.tar.gz TAR-XVF pcre-8.41.tar.gz 3. Installation OpenSSL TAR-XVF openssl-1.1.0f.tar.gz cd openssl-1.1.0f ./config shared Zlib-dynamic--prefix=/usr/local/openssl Make make inst

Install QQ prompt to extract installation files failed Nginx installation and configuration under Windows

will flash through and need to see two processes in Task Manager Then enter in the browser: http://localhost will enter the Nginx default home page Let's configure the basic information below. Specific view: with detailed configuration The above describes the installation of QQ prompts to extract the installation files

Install ASP. MVC3 installation failed with error code: (0x80070643), "Fatal error during Installation"

You should be using the AspNetMVC3ToolsUpdateSetup.exe installation file when you install it without success.Solution: The AspNetMVC3ToolsUpdateSetup.exe installation file decompression, do not look exe files, can also decompress.This is done after the decompression:Then install the red-labeled three-to-one separately. Install in order. If you do not want to use MVC3 in vs2010, the 3rd step can not be insta

CentOS 6 Iredmail installation Process "Installation Failed" problem

Today old left in trying to learn Iredmail installation process, I was based on CentOS installed, but there are some errors in the installation process, such as the implementation of the installation script appears "installation failed, please check the Terminal output"Such

Installation failure in Windows 8.1 installation VS2005: Failed to install the. NET Framework 3.5 Solution

When you install VS2005 or VS2008 under Windows 8.1, you are prompted to install the. NET Framework 3.5 Online, but everyone knows that the online installation of the pit Dad, no matter how good the network, all show that the Internet can not connectThe workaround is to either load the Windows 8.1 installation image into the virtual CD drive or insert the windows8.1 into the CD drive, open the CMD window as

installation of. NET framework4.0 failed with "fatal error during Installation"

On the Internet a lot of information is said to change what file name and registry What, it is useless, and later found an article, provides the following solutions:Address: the Microsoft. NET Framework 4.0 installation When a fatal error cannot be installed, thank you.Workaround:In other words, renaming the two files below the C drive is OK.C:\Windows\System32\msvcr100_clr0400.dllC:\Windows\SysWOW64\msvcr100_clr0400.dllOn top of these two, you can ha

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