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Linux VPS prohibit root authorization/login/Disable root user method

To modify the idea of root: Add a new user, and then set the user as root, so that we can login ssh to use the new user, this user only we know, this increased the difficulty of guessing, so the security of the VPS host further improved. First, add

Linux VPS Security Configuration: Disable 22 port, root user and configure DenyHosts anti-violence hack

Recently rented a vultr Tokyo computer room VPS, every day will generate a lot of abnormal log logs, suspected of scanning software violence, so Google a bit of server security knowledge.Needless to say, the following procedure is recorded:Note: The

FreeBSD disable root login ssh and give normal user login rights

Transfer from http://www.linux521.com/2009/system/200904/2021.htmlHttp://www.myhack58.com/Article/48/67/2011/30575.htm1. Disable Root Direct login2. To give normal user permissionsAddUserJoin the wheel group directly orIn the FreeBSD system, the

MacBook enable or disable root user

Enable or disable the root user Choose Apple menu (?) > System Preferences, then click Users and groups (or accounts). Tap, and then enter the administrator name and password. Click Login Options. Click "Join" (or "edit"). Click

Ubuntu Linux Enable root user login

Ubuntu Linux has a distinctive feature, that is, when you first use, you cannot log on as root to the system, why this? This will start with the installation of the system. For other Linux systems, the root password is typically set during the

Solve the Problem of root User ftp login and telnet login in Linux

Solve the Problem of root User ftp login and telnet login in Linux-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. 1. Solve the Problem of root User ftp login in Linux Generally, for

Modify the ssh port in Linux and disable remote root logon.

Modify the ssh port in Linux and disable remote root logon. Modify the ssh port and disable remote root login in Linux We all know that the default ssh port number is 22. To change the port number to 9688, You need to edit the/etc/ssh/ssh_config and/

Switching between root and user Users in Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a popular Linux system recently. Because Ubuntu does not start the root user by default, we will introduce how to enter the root user. (1) switching from a user to a root user, whether logging on to Ubuntu in graphic mode or logging on in

Switching between root and user users in Ubuntu

In Ubuntu, switching between root users and user users is a popular Linux system recently, because Ubuntu does not start root users by default. now we will introduce how to enter the root user. (1) switch from the user to the root user, whether

Linux User and User Group Management

Linux is a multi-user and multi-task time-sharing operating system. UserYou must first apply for an account from the system administrator and then enter the system as this account. The user's account helps the system administrator UserTracking and

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