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A variety of ways to hide superuser in a system

How to create a hidden super user in the graphical interface The graphical interface is suitable for local or open 3389 Terminal Services on the broiler. The author I mentioned above said that the method is very good, but more complex, but also to

Hide superuser create full contact (zz)

What do I want to do after successful intrusion? Oh! How much do you keep your eyes open and leave a backdoor or something? Backdoor Trojan programs are easy to be detected and killed. It is safer to create a hidden Super User. After studying and

Create a hidden superuser

1. Assume that we log on to a zombie with terminal services as a Super User administrator. First, create an account under the command line or account manager: hacker $, here I create this account under the command line Net user hacker $1234/Add

Disable ipv6 in linux

Ipv6 is designed to address ipv4 address insufficiency. Many IDC vendors are now using ipv6, but sometimes we do not need ipv6. How can we disable it? . Modify the corresponding Nic of/etc/sysconfig/network and append the following: The

FreeBSD disable root login ssh and give normal user login rights

Transfer from http://www.linux521.com/2009/system/200904/2021.htmlHttp://www.myhack58.com/Article/48/67/2011/30575.htm1. Disable Root Direct login2. To give normal user permissionsAddUserJoin the wheel group directly orIn the FreeBSD system, the

How to disable the SUN server in Solaris

In Solaris, how to disable the SUN server-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information is as follows. 1. Become a Super User or assume an equivalent role. A role contains commands that grant permissions and have certain

WordPress on the Custom landing page and disable the own landing page

After using WordPress to create a theme, do not want his own landing page and address.1. Create a new user page to take over the action related to the loginCreate a new page-login.php in the theme root directory, get the user action by action, and

Pgsql database backup and restore examples

Backup and restore are most important when you are transporting a database. Today, we tested backup and restore using Pg_dumpall. Backup Restore method: Pg_dump and Pg_restore, first carefully explain these two commands Back up the database,

Pgsql backup pg_dump and restore Pg_restore

A sample that can jump directly to the last face to view Really did not think, has been the user of PostgreSQL, suddenly need a library transplant has become the first trick! Originally it was quite different from the MySQL command line

Anatomy of the Security Account Manager (SAM) Structure

Anatomy Security Account Manager (SAM) structure Source: www.opengram.com category: hacker literature date: 6:28:30 today/total views: 1/386 Author: refdomEmail: refdom@263.netHomepage: www.opengram.com2002/4/29 I. SummaryIi. About samIii. Structure

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