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RFID technology (I)-introduction, market application and prospects, working principles

The course report for a course in the undergraduate course period ~~ The content includes introduction to RFID, market application and prospects, working principles, risks, security and privacy policies, and a total of 5 points. Because the length is too long, we will divide it into two blog articles. The first part of this article is the introduction, market application and prospects, and working principles. 1. RFIDIntroduction

RFID security technology

Frequent RFID attacks In recent years, there have been frequent RFID attacks at home and abroad. Some hackers have used RFID technology to crack various consumer cards, recharge cards, and then maliciously recharged consumer cards. Some of them have been sentenced. Currently, Iot is driving the development of mobile

RFID technology will change warehousing management mode to improve logistics warehousing services

RFID Technology application: Will change the previous management modeUHF RFID system uses the principle of radar reflection, the reader through the antenna to the electronic label issued a microwave query signal, the electronic label by the reader microwave Energy activation, received the microwave signal after the response and issued with the label data informat

A small view on "RFID security technology discussion"

MIFARE Classic series cards were not cracked. At this time, the author of the question refers to the analysis of the card data.RFID attacks are intended for RFID security vulnerabilities. The author focuses on the data analysis of e-wallet to describe the simulation of RFID attacks. We cannot see the real vulnerabilities in this section of the MIFARE Classic series cards. The real vulnerabilities should be

RFID network authentication/setting technology of Apple patent

17tech03 month 10th according to Engadget news: generally we want to connect the laptop computer to a closed network, probably take a few steps? Small window users may need to be more than a step, MacOS may save a bit, press the finder above the wireless network small sign, from the online list of the selection target, enter the WEP authentication code, press OK, then even if the finished, but, these actions, in fact, can be "forced" a bit on the finish! An Apple patent recently sent by the U.S

What is the basic working principle of RFID technology?

The basic working principle of RFID technology is not complex: After a Tag enters the magnetic field, it receives the RF signal from the interpreter and sends the Passive Tag of the product information stored in the chip based on the energy obtained by the induction current, passive or passive tags), or actively send signals of a certain frequency Active tags, Active tags or Active tags); the interpreter re

Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of "end-to-end encryption technology" and "labeled technology"

In the financial service industry, a controversial topic in the field of security and rule compliance is "encryption technology stores data and the encryption of transmitted data) and the confrontation between marking technology ". Because Rules comply with requirements such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard pci dss) and FFIEC information security inspection requirements include requiremen

Introduction to Ajax technology and advantages and disadvantages

I recently learned about Ajax and consulted some Ajax materials online, mainly about Ajax technology and its advantages and disadvantages. Here, I want to make a small Summary of the information I have collected. Most of the information is from the internet. I will only make a Classification summary here, I hope it will be helpful to my friends who are learning Ajax just like me. First, let's take a look at

4 VPS Host technical principles and advantages and disadvantages (VPS Exclusive Host technology) _ Server Other

understanding, the 4 kinds of VPS host virtualization technology from different aspects of the use of different technical principles, to achieve through virtual technology to achieve the goal of the virtual abstraction layer. The principle is as shown in the following illustration:    4 kinds of VPS host virtual technology Advantages and

Advantages and disadvantages of J2ME technology in the field of mobile phone development

As we all know, in mobile phone development, there are J2ME, BREW, Symbian, Windows Mobile and other development methods, and these development methods, J2ME technology is using a more common technology, the following is a few simple comparisons of these technologies. Advantages of J2ME Technology: L Transplant Strong use of J2ME

MySQL disk replication technology-DRBD: Comparison of advantages and disadvantages, precautions and best practices

MySQL disk replication technology-DRBD: advantages and disadvantages comparison, precautions and Best Practices DRBD is the block-level synchronous replication technology implemented by the kernel module. The synchronization level here can be adjusted because DRBD uses the NIC for block replication. If, using Infiniband for transmission can effectively process hi

Advantages and disadvantages of Remote Image Technology

timestamp for each transaction. In the event of data corruption or accidental deletion, you can specify the status of data recovery to a certain time point, of course, it is not enough to install the remote image software to implement this function. You also need to take other necessary protection measures, for example, the latency replication technology (local data replication is performed in the background log area), and remote data update is perfo

MySQL disk replication technology-drbd: Comparison of advantages and disadvantages, precautions and best practices

DrbdIt is the block-level synchronous replication technology implemented by the kernel module. The synchronization level here can be adjusted. Because drbd uses the network card for block replication. If InfiniBand is used for transmission, high concurrency can be effectively processed. This is a type of replication and storage. It is nothing more like a hot standby machine, rather than a storage ha, it is better to ensure data security. The industria

CSS absolute positioning centering technology advantages and disadvantages chart

Absolute Positioning centering (Absolute centering) technology We often use margin:0 auto to achieve horizontal centering, and always think that margin:auto can not be vertically centered ... In fact, implementing vertical centering requires only declaring the element height and the following CSS: . absolute-center { margin:auto; Position:absolute; top:0; left:0; bottom:0; right:0;} Advantages: 1. Support cross-browser, including Ie8-ie10. 2. No a

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