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Source Code address of the VoIP Open-Source Project (2) --- [all documents related to VoIP]

The VoIP-a reference guide to all things VoIP This wiki covers everything related to VoIP, software, hardware, service providers, reviews, deployments, standards, Tips tricks and everything else related to voice over IP networks, IP telephony and Internet telephony.''Welcome to voip-info.org! Please e let me know at s

The VoIP-a reference guide to all things VoIP

News This section is for news, ie news reports, press releases, product release announcements etc. Research: peer-to-peer Internet telephony using SIP PDF Iconv application module for character conversion. Version 0.9.2 of ldapget application module released. bugfix. Over 5 million VoIP subscribers worldwide-dmeurope story Interviews with BKW, twisted and David Mandelstam Interview with drumkilla, the manager of the stable branc

VoIP eavesdropping: reinforces network security to prevent VoIP risks

Every organization that is considering deploying a VoIP Phone System has heard the same terrible warning: "routing voice calls over the data network will expose the call content to eavesdroppers ".Although in fact, any phone call is at risk of being eavesdropped to some extent, is the VoIP call system itself at a high risk? In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of

How to make good use of VoIP: Some things implemented through VoIP

Too many VoIP service providers want to sell you their "full solution", from the phone number on your desk, from different sites to the WAN and public exchange Telephone Network (PSTN). However, as I have seen, Unless users and suppliers have full experience and thoroughly checked every detail, the so-called "full set of VoIP systems" will certainly make some mistakes. Enterprises that have trouble with

Technical Principles of VoIP for VoIP

In the current network communication, the Email service is no longer the preferred communication method. More instant messaging and voice services are emerging on the network. Now let's talk about the technical principles of VoIP for IP phones.Basic transmission process The traditional VoIP telephone network transmits voice in a circuit exchange mode. The required transmission bandwidth is 64 kbit/s. The so

VoIP Q & A -- test the function of VoIP

How can I test the VoIP function with an existing PBX or key-press system? There are multiple ways to use the existing PBX system or key-press system to test the VoIP function. How to test the function depends on your purpose. If there are two sites connected with PBX connection lines, but you want to use VoIP so that you can send calls between internal network

Establish a complete security plan as a VoIP service

operating systems, such as Windows or Unix. Therefore, it should be noted that there will always be a tension between the VoIP application vendor and the operating system vendor, the former does not want others to touch the system they have carefully debugged, the latter will continuously release patches. If unprotected VoIP packets are mistakenly connected to the Internet, it will not only pose a huge ris

Five key points of VoIP in enterprise applications (1)

In the near future, VoIP will become the main way for most enterprises to communicate. For CIOs, you must first understand the five key points of VoIP in enterprise applications. The comments of commercial technology practitioners on any emerging technology are divided into two parts. They will nod their heads and say, "Good, ......". IP-based Voice technology (VoIP

Networking and Application of VoIP technology (1)

through small VoIP gateways. These terminals comply with the H.323/SIP protocol system. 2.2 voice signaling for VoIP networks The VoIP network includes multiple types of voice signals, such as H.323, SIP, MGCP, and MeGaCo/H.248, which have a competitive relationship. H.323: Developed by the ITU-T, it defines protocols and procedures for multimedia communication

Performance testing of VOIP applications carried by wireless Mesh Networks

With the rapid development of various wireless data networks, the market has already put forward demanding requirements for various technologies. Only technologies that meet user needs can survive well. The Mobile Self-Organizing Network (MANET) originating in the military field has received crazy attention from various research organizations since the end of the last century, because it is easy to deploy, self-managed, and does not rely on infrastructure and other features to meet the needs of

Processor selection in the VoIP Solution

, design flexibility, Development Plan, and time to market for products with known performance levels and synthetic speech quality. Comparison of VoIP device processors based on key decision criteria Different methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. The product and market priorities must be taken into consideration in the decisions made. The microcontroller-based platform provides a familiar an

VoIP performance evaluation and monitoring methods

practical propaganda and continuous nonsense. Everyone adapts to this situation. Therefore, how do you differentiate various products without worrying about whether these products can meet your needs? Regardless of how the vendor promotes how it is different, there is a feasible way to divide most solutions into two main categories. These classes may include some interesting variants, but most methods are suitable for them (with some exceptions, I will discuss it later ). Two main technical met

Analysis of Two consumption-level VoIP solutions

mail, incoming call display, call waiting, call transfer, and third-party calls. In addition, because VoIP uses digital networks and Internet technologies, some functions that traditional telephone services cannot implement can be provided. For example, Vonage provides virtual area numbers and virtual phone numbers, allowing customers to obtain phone numbers irrelevant to their location. Customers can carry their phone adapters with them, or use othe

Basic principles of VoIP and common equipment

1995 Israel VocalTec Company launched the Internet phone, not only is the beginning of VoIP network telephony, also opened the telecommunications IP prologue. People will not only be able to enjoy the cheaper and even completely free call and multimedia value-added services, the service content and the face of the telecommunications industry has also changed drastically. The beginning of the network phone is in the form of software, and only limited

Six tips for deploying VoIP at Merrill Lynch

. Deploy the application as soon as possible Kapoor plans to stabilize the VoIP environment before deploying a computer telephone integrated CTI) application. However, due to the delay in the CTI application, his project failed to achieve the productivity improvement promised at startup. In retrospect, if he deploys the CTI application earlier, it can meet the customer's expectations in the VoIP deployment.

Popular VoIP phones

VoIP is a blockbuster in the communication market. Why? Because the price of VoIP is very low, it is very convenient to use, because this network-based technology is very expensive and has many advantages. Do you want to know more about VoIP phones? Go to the following link. Since its first launch in 1995, VoIP has bec

Small security measures block VoIP Security Vulnerabilities

VoIP has many security risks and faces many security threats, but this does not mean that the security of VoIP is irretrievable. In fact, with the frequent occurrence of security events, many VoIP manufacturers are also accumulating experience in practice and using some measures to guarantee the security of VoIP to a g

How to protect against the security threats caused by VoIP

It runs as follows: Gullible users receive an e-mail (or a phone call), are told that his credit card information is being stolen, and then let him quickly dial a phone number. This phone will have computer-made voice prompts, let him enter credit card number and other authentication information and so on. Security Policy for VoIP Have you ever heard of the latest VoIP fishing trick-vishing's notoriety?

Analysis: The critical weakness of VoIP in the cradle of Security Crisis

So far, we have not seen large-scale attack events in the already used VoIP system, but this does not prove that VoIP itself is very safe, the reason is that the current scale of the VoIP system is not large enough and has not attracted the widespread attention of hackers. we can imagine that once the explosive growth of VoIP

Practical application and basic principle of VoIP monitoring system

Absrtact: In recent years, with the development of technology VoIP gradually replaces the traditional long-distance business of the corresponding demand for VoIP business monitoring is also applied. At present, more equipment is often through the router firewall and other modified but to meet the OC192 wire speed requirements of the equipment is often very high for the entire network of comprehensive monit

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