disc usage so high

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Graphic tutorial on how to burn a data disc by Nero

As the price of the DVD recorder keeps decreasing, you may choose a DVD recorder when saving the machine. But for those who used the burner for the first time, they were not familiar with the burning process. In addition to the putt recorder, the

How to create a universal Windows XP installation disc

In the past, we used Win98/me operating system image files created using ghost to provide unobstructed access to other computers, which greatly reduced the time required to reinstall the operating system on multiple computers. However, after

Causes and solutions for high usage of temporary ORACLE tablespace

The reason for the high usage of temporary tablespace in ORACLE and the solution in the daily study of the database found that the default temporary tablespace temp usage in the company's production database reached 30 GB, and the usage reached 100%;

How can I purchase a disk host or bar code data collector? What should I pay attention? For example, Kingdee, pharmaceutical, supermarket, book, and clothing

How do I select a disk host? Barcode data collector?   The inventory host is also called mobile smart terminal, barcode data collector, inventory gun, PDA, etc. With the widespread popularization of bar code technology and the development of

Usage tips based on hard drive Working Principles

BT and thunder do not hurt the hard drive, you will know after reading Reference someone's words first. Someone thinks Bt and thunder hurt the hard disk: Why does frequent read/write damage the hard disk? The lifetime of the head is limited.

Common Hardware glossary! Absolutely authoritative! (Go !) Iv. Optical Drive Glossary

Iv. Optical Drive Glossary    CLV technology: (Constant-Linear-Velocity) Constant line speed reading method. The technology used in an optical drive that is less than 12 times faster. It is used to change the speed of the rotating disc at any time

Computer CPU temperature is too high how to do?

Believe that a lot of computer users are too high CPU temperature problems, then, many netizens will ask, in the end, how much CPU temperature is normal. And a lot of tutorials on the Internet, the desktop computer CPU is too high to solve the

How to solve the problem of high computer CPU temperature

Most computer users have encountered the problem of excessive CPU temperature, in the end, how much of the CPU temperature is normal? Today small make up for everyone to clean up the desktop computer and laptop CPU temperature too high solution,

How can software grasp the hearts of users? -- We recommend three free small apps that are both cool and cool, so that we can enjoy the secrets together.

1. Annular dock I once saw the Apple operating system's dock and installed several software that simulated it in windows, but it didn't take long before I uninstalled it. Although they are cool and pretty, they are not very comfortable to use. They

Capacitor type and usage, basic knowledge

Capacitor type and usage, basic knowledge Capacitor is one of the most widely used electronic components in electronic equipment. It is widely used in the fields of direct separation, coupling, bypass, filtering, tuning loop, energy conversion,

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