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Linux centosvmware Active mode and passive mode, add monitoring host, add custom template, handle garbled in graphics, auto discovery

/zabbix/fonts,Ls/usr/share/zabbix/fontsLs-l/etc/alternatives/zabbix-web-font/usr/share/fonts/dejavu/dejavusans.ttfAnd the font file is "Zbx_graph_font_name" defined by the soft connection "Graphfont", it is a file, the absolute path is/usr/share/zabbix/fonts/graphfontTo connect the soft connect ' graphfont ' to a connection with Chinese, you canThe Windows font path is "C:\Windows\Fonts\" and"simfang.ttf"is found( In fact, that is the imitation Simplified ), first copy it to the desktop, and th

"Android Studio Discovery Trail Series" VII: Android Project building System-Gradle

Guo XiaoxingWeibo: Guo Xiaoxing's Sina WeiboEmail:[email protected]Blog: project building system for Android Studio is Gradle.What is Gradle? Gradle is based on the Groovy language and is oriented toward Java applications. Automated building tools based on DSL (domain-specific language) syntax. What are the advantages of gradle? Gradle support for multi-

"Android Studio Discovery Road Series": Android Studio project creation

created automatically. Layout Name: The configuration file name of the activity that was created automatically. Title: The name of the activity that was created automatically. Menu Resource Name: The menu file name of the activity that was created automatically. After 4 steps, our project is created, it contains a default module, and we can create a new module with the File->new module.When you create a module, there are 4 options, each of which has the following meanings:

[Original] streaminsight query series (18)-query mode trend discovery

The previous article introduced how to deal with transient and alarm flooding in the query mode. This article will introduce the trend discovery in streaminsight. Test data preparation To facilitate test query, we first prepare a static test data source: VaR Sourcedata = New [] { New {Sourceid = "" , Value = 22 , Status = 1 , Timestamp = datetime. parse ( "10/23/2009 4:12:00" )}, New {Sourc

"Android Studio Discovery Road Series" VI: Android Studio Add dependency

directly from the menu) Select the project you exported in Eclipse, expand the directory, click the Build.gradle file, and then OK In the following pop-up dialog, you will be asked to select the Gradle configuration and select Use Gradle wrapper. (Note: You can also customize the gradle of your own machine) If you do not have a grade build file, you can also import a normal Android project into Andro

Port __opendds for Opendds Communication Rtps_discovery Peer Discovery mode

rtps_discovery Discovery mode communication Port Take (domainid=0) as an example Broadcast addresses and ports Unicast addresses and ports SPDP Port address, can be set by interopmulticastoverride, such as interopmulticastoverride=, and later, unicast addressCan be set by spdplocaladdress. SEDP

"Android Studio Discovery Road Series" Eight: Gradle Project building System (II): Gradle for Android scripting syntax

directoryCompile Filetree (dir:' Libs ', include: [' *.jar ']) Compile' ' //Compile the Shimmerandroid module in the Extras directoryCompile Project (': Extras:shimmerandroid ')}A few notes on the above documents: Apply plugin is the latest gradle version of the wording, the previous wording is the Apply plugin: ' Android '. Buildtoolsversion This requires you to install the version locally, man

Android Studio Discovery Road Series II: Android Studio Software Installation

Guo XiaoxingWeibo: Guo Xiaoxing's Sina WeiboEmail:[email protected]Blog: Android StudioBecause a lot of people do not even on the Android website, here is the Android Studio Chinese group, their update service is very good.Android Studio DownloadTwo install

Android Studio Discovery Trail Series: Android Studio shortcut keys

variables. For example, to assign a variable to a SQL in parentheses Ctrl+alt+t can wrap code inside a piece, such as Try/catch Alt+up and Alt+down can be moved quickly between methods Alt+enter can get some intention Action, for example, change "= =" to "Equals ()" Ctrl+shift+alt+n to quickly open symbols Ctrl+shift+space can give smart hints in many cases ALT+F3 can quickly find ctrl+/and ctrl+shift+/can annotate code Ctrl+alt+b can jump to the implementation of an abstract me

"Android Studio Discovery Road Series": Gradle Project Building System (iv): Android Studio project multi-channel packaging:

signingconfigs.release Applicationvariants.all {variant-variant.outputs. each{OUTPUT, def outputFile = Output.outputfileif(OutputFile! =NULL ('. apk ')) {//output APK name is called boohee_v1.0_2015-01-15_wandoujia.apkdef fileName ="Boohee_v${defaultconfig.versionname}_${releasetime ()}_${variant.productflavors[0].name}.apk"Output.outputfile =NewFile (Outputfile.parent, FileName)}}}}//Friend Alliance multi-channel packagingproductflavors {Wandoujia {}_360{} Baidu {} Xia

Use of the Android network service discovery (NSD) Protocol

Use of the Android network service discovery (NSD) Protocol Android's Network Service Discovery Protocol (NSD) can be used to discover an application on a nearby device in a small network. This is very helpful for some social networks and multiplayer games. Android NSD can be used in four ways: 1.Register a network ser

Android Wifidirect Learning (ii)--service Discovery

Service Discovery IntroductionIn Android Wifidirect Learning (a), a simple description of how to use Wifidirect for search-connect-transfer.The problem with this is that you will be searching all the nearby network devices that are in the Wifidirect search state, and these devices are not necessarily the one you want to connect to.The Android Wifidirect API provi

"Media Apps: Android platform Vitamio player Discovery Road Series": Vitamio opening

Guo JiaEmail: [Email protected]Blog:"Media Apps: Android platform Vitamio player Discovery Trail Series" Chapter Index"Media Apps: Android platform Vitamio player Discovery Road Series": Vitamio openingA brief introduction to VitamioFor the development

Android app solves slow memory jitter and memory leaks (discovery and positioning)

for positioning ·Allocation Tracker: Use this tool to track the allocation of memory, as mentioned earlier.Heap Tool: View the current memory snapshot to facilitate a comparative analysis of which objects may be leaking.You can now navigate to a piece of code that has a memory leak or jitter.If it is a memory leak resolution, it is straightforward to empty the leaking object at the appropriate time.But if only the memory jitter, scored two cases, because the memory jitter is created in a short

Android Discovery Aidl for interprocess communication

Objective:The previous summary of sharing data between programs, you can use ContentProvider can also use sharedpreference, then how to share memory between processes? There is no sharing of memory between processes in the Android system, so there are mechanisms that need to be provided for data communication between different processes.To enable other applications to access the services provided by the application, the

Import your own Write jar file in Android Project Discovery cannot be packaged into the APK file

Today, when I write a project, I import a jar file that I wrote, and I can't find the jar file error when I debug it:08-06 21:42:10.744:e/androidruntime (2578): java.lang.RuntimeException:Unable to instantiate activity componentinfo{ Com.example.iotlife/com.example.iotlife.mainactivity}: Java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:Didn ' t find class " Com.example.iotlife.MainActivity "on Path:dexpathlist[[zip file"/data/app/com.example.iotlife-1.apk "], Nativelibrarydirectories=[/data/app-lib/com.example.

Android Discovery based on Okhttp build your own Web request <Retrofit+Okhttp> (v)

parameters urlencoded call paramsmap);} request @Multipart, @Part use Public Interface Iapi { @Multipart @POST ("Login") call ) string password);}7.) Cache-control Cache Control Public Interface Iapi { @Headers ("cache-control:max-age=640000") @GET ("users")/// no parameter GET request call getusers ();}8.) Request to use1. Return to Iapi /** * Initialize API * /privatevoid Initiapi () { = Retrofit.create (Iapi. Class); } /** * Ret

Android design mode (14)-adapter mode and android Design Mode

Android design mode (14)-adapter mode and android Design Mode Tragedy interview questions: Briefly Talk About the adapter mode in Android; Which adapters does the Adapter have? Draw the

Android design mode-builder mode and android design mode --

Android design mode-builder mode and android design mode -- Looking back at what I wrote, the code written on Android custom controls has a high applicability, but does not seem to have any technical content. So when learning the

[Original-tutorial-serialization] "android big talk design mode"-design mode Creation Mode Chapter 5: builder Mode

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