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How to extend the SharePoint 2010 Discussion Board reply feature

SharePoint 2010 comes with a single, default discussion board, which often fails to meet the needs of users, so it can be used to transform and extend some of the features. The features that are extended include the following: ①, allows the sender

What is software design?

Source: http://www.uml.org.cn/c%2B%2B/200810132.asp So far, I can still remember where I was when I had an epiphany and finally produced the following article. That was the summer of 1986. I served as a temporary consultant at the China Lake Naval

From programmers to software designers

The development of software industry to today, the Division of labor more and more fine. Programmers as a generic appellation have not been able to define the characteristics and classification of various jobs. Because the various responsibilities

《. The preface of net Software technology learning and practice

PrefaceThis is a book with its own characteristics. It's a book about technology, more about learning methods. This is an implementation from the first to the end "to teach people and fish, it's better to teach people and fish. 2003 Summer Vacation

Ease of use of mobile navigation software and map Software

This article was written by a prawn who talked about ophone shielding Google map. In this article, he talked about Google map and AMAP, the speed of opening and enlarging maps, and the speed of locating and searching, when it comes to navigation and

Discussion on selection of Linux Embedded System Development Platform

Discussion on the selection of the Linux Embedded System Development Platform-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. 1. Embedded System and Linux According to an association of

Discussion on How to Learn DSP Software Development

Address: http://www.analogcn.com/Article/wz3/201112/20111207164354.html   1. Find out the source and familiar manual of DSP-related resources Generally, this is mainly from the official website of DSP chip manufacturers. Although the current DSP

Discussion on demand management of software projects

The most notable feature of a software project that distinguishes it from other projects is its invisibility. Unlike hardware purchase and sale and construction projects, it is actually visible. Software projects, for a long time before system

New thoughts on the operation process of Emotional edition (Mood board)

Emotional version of this method in foreign applications has a certain history, it was born in the last century, the non-information age, usually participants were asked to select from the daily newspaper and magazine in line with the "mood or key

Modern software engineering handout 6 user research

[Part of modern software engineering handouts] The process of software development is the process of transmitting, transforming, implementing, twisting or losing "what users need most" in the following chain. What users need most> Expressed by the

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