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Thoughts on the discussion of the email list

Thoughts on the discussion of the email list By Liu weipeng (pongba) C ++'s Luo Yun (Http://blog.csdn.net/pongba) Toplanguage (Http://groups.google.com/group/pongba)   Every forum, every email list, and countless quarrels will occur in its life.

List of famous Emacs users (GO)

List of famous Emacs users (GO) List of famous Emacs users (GO)Original: http://wenshanren.org/?p=386I don't think that using Emacs can improve the level of a programmer, or that several middle-aged celebrities use (or use)

List of famous Emacs users (GO)

List of famous Emacs users (GO) List of well-known Emacs users (RPM) Table of Contents Marijn Haverbeke–eloquent, author of JavaScript and Codemirror Author of Jeffrey friedl–mastering Regular Expressions The authors of Michael

Discussion of PHP Serverpush (push) technology

Transferred from: http://www.cnblogs.com/hnrainll/archive/2013/05/07/3064874.htmlDemand:I want to be a member of the site notification function. Do not want to use the previous Ajax query, heard that there is a push technology. The following article

Hot Technical Discussion: Learning the Web 2.0 steering wheel

Web History is very important. The study of a technology should also be based on history, through its evolution in the history of time, to know the status quo, and even to predict the future. So what is Web 1.0? Do they say, remember the static HTML

A preliminary discussion of Python 3, part 2nd: Advanced Topics

Python 3 is the latest version of Guido van Rossum's powerful universal programming language. Although it breaks backwards compatibility with the 2.x version, it cleans up some grammatical issues. This article is the second in a two-part series that

I love natural language processing [turn]

Recently tried Word2vec, GloVe and the corresponding Python version Gensim Word2vec and Python-glove, the intention is to test on a larger corpus, the natural Wikipedia corpus entered the line of sight. Wikipedia official provides a very good

Discussion of push (push) technology in PHP (reprint)

Discussion on push (push) technology in PHP (reprint) ? ? ? (Reproduced: Http://vistaswx.com/blog/article/php-server-push). ? ? ? Find a lot of information, this information is the feeling of the clearest explanation. Copy it down for later use.?

Discussion on memcached batch deletion Solution

Memcached is an open-source distributed cache system. Many large Web ApplicationsProgramFacebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, Yahoo, and so on are all using memcached to support hundreds of millions of pages each day. By integrating the cache layer with

Chinese version Quora: Know

Knowing is a Chinese traditional characteristic word, know refers to know or knowledge, but is the most commonly used in ancient China in the mood of auxiliary words and prepositions, in the dynasties of classical prose, poetry is very common. We

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