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DP little dish count Tower

ShutaTime Limit: 1000/1000 MS (Java/others) memory limit: 32768/32768 K (Java/others) total submission (s): 22693 accepted submission (s): 13679When Problem description describes the DP algorithm, a classic example is the data tower problem, which is described as follows:There is a number tower as shown below. It is required to go from the top layer to the bottom layer. If each step can only go to adjacent nodes, what is the maximum sum of the numbers

Free DP dish pie

, so in the first second, he could only receive pies from one of the three positions, namely, 4, 5, and 6. How many pies can Gameboy receive at most? (Assuming his backpack can accommodate an infinite number of pies) There are multiple groups of input data. The first behavior of each group of data is a positive integer N (0 Each group of input data corresponds to a row of output. Output an integer m, indicating that GameBoy can be connected to a maximum of M pies. Tip: the input data volume

! HDU Max Sum Plus plus-dp-(group DP?) Maximum sub-sequence and)

, although it seems that there is no case of the J element being selected when the state transitions. As for this question, why not use the normal packet DP State transfer: 1). Select A[j] To join an existing paragraph, 3). Select A[j] To start a new paragraph, that is because each paragraph here must be continuous, and if so, but discontinuous, discontinuous is not the new Is the paragraph coming out again?Transfer:

hdu1003 Max Sum&max Sum plus plus "base DP"

DP is a common problem in the competition, but also my weakness orz, more to practice. See Ganga's DP topic exercise the first is Max sum plus Plus, so I took the hdu1003 max sum I've done before and did it again.HDU 1003 Max SumTitle Link: Description: A sequence of

HDU Max Sum plus Plus (DP scrolling array)

Test instructions The maximum value of the selected number by selecting the disjoint m segment from an array of n numbersThe upgraded version of Max Sum is not just a sequential selection but a M-segment idea or a similar DPState and state transition equations it is not very difficult to think in the question of Max Sum, Dp[i] represents a section of max sum ending in number I, because there is also a state of how many segments here so that

HDU-1024 Max Sum plus Plus (dp+ scrolling array optimization)

beforeState transition equation: Dp[i][j]=max (dp[i][j-1]+num[j],pre[j-1]+num[j]) Find out what I'm doing, soThe final state transfer equation:dp[j]=max (Dp[j-1]+num[j],pre[j-1]+num[j])1#include 2#include 3 using namespacestd;4 5 Const intn=1000010;6 Const intinf=0x3f3f3f3f;7 intNum[n],pre[n],dp[n];8 9 intMain () {Ten

HDU Max Sum plus plus DP

=GetChar ();} while(ch>='0'ch'9') {x=x*Ten+ch-'0'; ch=GetChar ();} returnx*F;} InlinevoidPintx) {Num=0;if(!x) {Putchar ('0');p UTS ("");return;} while(x>0) ch[++num]=x%Ten, x/=Ten; while(Num) Putchar (ch[num--]+ -); Puts ("");}intdp[maxn+Ten];intmmax[maxn+Ten];inta[maxn+Ten];intMain () {intn,m; intI,j,mmmax; while(SCANF ("%d%d", m,n)! =EOF) { for(i=1; i) {scanf ("%d",A[i]); Mmax[i]=0; Dp[i]=0; } dp

HDU 1024:max Sum plus Plus (DP)

maximal summation described above in one line.Sample Input1 3 1 2 6-1 4-2 3-2 3Sample Output6 8HintHuge Input, scanf and dynamic programming is recommended. Test Instructions: Divides a string of numbers into M-series, seeking the maximum possible sum. 1#include 2#include 3#include 4#include 5 using namespacestd;6 #defineN 10000057 #defineINF-10000000008 intNum[n],dp[n],mmax[n];9 /*Ten status Dp[i][j] One

Max Sum Plus plus-hdu1024 (DP)

Problem Descriptionnow I Think you have got a AC in IGNATIUS.L ' s "Max Sum" problem. To is a brave acmer, we always challenge ourselves to more difficult problems. Now you is faced with a more difficult problem.Given a consecutive number sequence S1+ t2+ t3+ t4... Sx, ... SN(1≤x≤n≤1,000,000, -32768≤sx≤32767). We define a function sum (i, j) = SI+ ... + SJ(1≤i≤j≤n).Now given a integer m (M > 0), your task is to find m pairs of I and J which make sum (i1J1) + SUM (i2J2) + SUM (i3J3) + ... + sum (

HDU Max Sum plus Plus (DP)

Max Sum plus PlusTime limit:2000/1000 MS (java/others) Memory limit:65536/32768 K (java/others)Total submission (s): 20107 Accepted Submission (s): 6638Problem Descriptionnow I Think you have got a AC in IGNATIUS.L ' s "Max Sum" problem. To is a brave acmer, we always challenge ourselves to more difficult problems. Now you is faced with a more difficult problem.Given a consecutive number sequence S1, S2, S3, S4... Sx, ... SN(1≤x≤n≤1,000,000, -32768≤

Hdoj Max Sum plus plus "DP"

Input1 3 1) 2 32 6-1 4-2) 3-2 3Sample Output68HintHuge input, scanf and dynamic programming is recommended.AuthorJgshining (Aurora Dazzle)Test instructions: Find M continuous subsequence in the given n number, so that the sum of each sub-sequence is maximal.Problem Solving LinksCode (not too understand, when to understand the time to fill in a detailed explanation):#include #include #include Const intM =1e6+5;#define LL __int64using namespace STD; LL Pre[m], num[m];inlinell Max (ll A, ll B) {re

HDU1024 Max Sum plus Plus (DP)

Status: D (I,J) it represents the number of the former J Division number I and includes the first J best results. G (I,j) represents the first J Division number I best results when segment, G (M,N) results are required. Big Data. A scrolling array is required. Note: This type of int is sufficient, open long long may be tle.After using the scrolling array, G[j] represents the optimal result divided into the I segment, and the last g[n] is the result#include D[j]:max (G[j-1],d[j]); J number is div

Bzoj 2878 ([noi2012]-Lost amusement park Tree dp+ outbound rings plus + future prospects Dp+vector Erase)

+ 3/8 + 5/8 + 4/8 + 4/8 + 8/4 = 6.00"Scoring method" is not part of the subject, your program output only and the answer to the gap of not more than 0.01 when the ability to obtain the test of the full score, otherwise do not score."Data size and convention" for 100% of data, 1 Test pilot number N m remark1 n=10 m = n-1 Guarantee Diagram is chain-like2 n=100 only has node 1 in degrees greater than 23 n=1000/4 n=100000/5 n=100000/6 n=10 m = n/7 Number of nodes in n=100 ring 8 Number of nodes in

uva3942 Dictionary tree plus DP

#include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include using namespace STD;#define INF 0X2FFFFFFF#define LL Long Long#define MAX (A, B) ((a) > (a))? (a):(B)#define MIN (a) #define ID (a) ((A-' a '))Chars[300005];intSzConst intMaxnode =4000* -+ -;intch[maxnode][ -];intVal[maxnode];intdp[300005];voidInsertChar*s) {intn =strlen(s);intU =0; for(inti =0; i intc = ID (s[i]);if(!ch[u][c]) {Val[sz] =0;memset(Ch[sz],0,sizeof(Ch[sz])); CH[U][C] = sz + +; } u =

Hdu1024 Max sum plus (DP]

. Outputoutput the maximal summation described abve in one line. Sample Input 1 3 1 2 32 6 -1 4 -2 3 -2 3 Sample output 68HintHuge input, scanf and dynamic programming is recommended. /*** DP [I] [J] indicates the maximum value that can be obtained by ending with the I number and dividing it into J portions, the transfer equation is ** DP [I] [J] = max (DP

Classic in HDU 1024 Max sum plus DP

Http:// PID = 1, 1024 Max sum plus Time Limit: 2000/1000 MS (Java/others) memory limit: 65536/32768 K (Java/Others)Total submission (s): 11256 accepted submission (s): 3701Problem descriptionnow I think you have got an AC in Ignatius. l's "Max sum" problem. to be a brave acmer, we always challenge ourselves to more difficult problems. now you are faced with a more difficult problem. Given a consecutive number sequence s

HDU 1024 Max sum plus DP

This question is to find the M-segment sub-segments, and require these sub-segments to be added up and the maximum, maximum, and plus versions. However, the meaning of the question is really hard to understand. X and Y are not clear. When I knew the question, I began to solve the problem. This must be a dynamic programming method. The process of dynamic programming is not difficult to write. The key is abstract thinking. The minimum condition here

Inserting a plus (DP) dynamic plan into a string

Title: A string with a length of M inserts n plus signs for minimum and. For example, string str= "123456", n=2, Output 12+34+56 and 102, and Output 2 4, which is the plus position. Here is the idea:The implementation process is mainly the idea of interval DP, wherein the state transfer equation is dp[i][j] = min (

HDU1024--DP -- Max sum plus

. Authorjgshining (Aurora shadow) Recommendwe have carefully selected several similar problems for you: 1074 1025 1081 1080 general purpose: to reduce the complexity, I would like to ask you how to divide the number of M into N consecutive parts, the maximum sum is the definition of DP [I] [J], which indicates that the current number is I and has been divided into the direction where J blocks can be transferred. 1. the number of blocks does not change

Poj 3162 Walking Race (monotonous queue or line segment tree plus tree DP)

Question: give you a tree with N nodes. The edge of the tree is the weight value. You need to find the maximum distance between each node on the tree and other points. Find the longest segment from node 1 to the maximum node N value so that the node with the maximum and minimum values in this segment is less than or equal to M. There are two solutions to the first problem. The first simple method is that the biggest value in the distance between each point and other points must be one of the dis

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