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C # Problem Solving ideas-"Array bytes undefined", ASP. NET page load order

Haven't written a blog for a long time, say nothing more, directly say the problem.The problem occurs, first this is the old item, and then I am the first to revise. When I solve the various references, database configuration and other similar

Please say three ways to reduce the load time of the page. (Load time refers to the perceived time or actual load time) __ FAQ

1. Reduce HTTP requests (merging files, merging pictures) 2, optimize the picture file, reduce its size, especially the thumbnail, be sure to generate thumbnails by size and then call, do not use the Resize method in the Web page to achieve,

Test page load Time

Website loading speed is the most important factor to determine the level of the site, worthy of special attention of stationmaster. The reason is simple, no one wants to open a Web page and so on long time, in other words, if your site is very slow

Page event (Init,load,prerender) execution order

Brief introductionEach request for a microsoft®asp.net page processed by microsoft®internet Information Services (IIS) is handed over to the ASP. NET HTTP pipeline. The HTTP pipeline consists of a series of managed objects that process the request

Start render,dom ready,page Load

First, Start Render definition start Render, as the name implies, is the time the browser starts rendering, and from the user's point of view it can be defined as the time the user sees the first content on the page. User Experience This time

Start Render, DOM Ready, Page Load

I. Start render Definition Start Render refers to the time when the browser starts rendering. From the user's perspective, it can be defined as the time when the user sees the first content on the page. User Experience This time determines the first

Load page Occlusion Time-consuming Operation task page--Androidprogresslayout_android of third party open source

The androidprogresslayout implementation adds a circular progress bar to the interface. Call the Setprogress () method to show and hide the progress bar In the development of Android, there is often such a need, such as a time-consuming operation,

Ajax display in the load and pop-up layer blocking page implementation Example _ajax related

Objective Believe that every developer should have some understanding, when the user issued an AJAX request, if the long time in the request phase, and did not give users a response, will give users an illusion, resulting in users think our system "

JS using Ajax to load JS, display loading progress, in strict accordance with the sequence of JS loaded into the page

JS using Ajax loading JS, display loading progress, in strict accordance with the sequence of JS loaded into the page,Do mobile phone development, found a problem, some browsers, in the case of slow network speed, JS file is not loaded, subsequent

[Ext JS 4] Load Mask (Load Mask) display and hiding

Preface Load Mask (Mask) effect, that is, before the page is fully displayed, add a transfer effect. For example: Adding such an effect has two advantages: 1. mask the following pages before they are fully displayed to prevent illegal operations. 2.

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